The Cloaked "Chaldean" in LB2

Is it ever revealed who the cloaked servant that killed all the giants headed to village 23 was? Was it Musashi again or someone else?

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Yes it does get revealed later and no it isn’t musashi

It’s almost disappointing that it wasn’t. Musashi popping out of the bushes in every LB could have been an amusing meme.


wait later as in a different lb or did I just completely missed it in lb2?

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Much later like lostbelt 5 later


I’m assuming this is the same mystery person in LB1? Also was this the oddity in void space?

The void space part not sure but yes this cloaked individual does appear in every LB so far


Isn’t the mysterious chaldean in lb1 musashi?

I do have an idea who this cloaked person is, I guess I’m just looking for confirmation without actively seeking spoilers :slight_smile:


No musashi wasn’t the one who claimed to be the Chaldean after driving that one group of yaga bandits off that person is still unaccounted for


Thanks! I was under the assumption that was her because one of the bandits was cut. I guess I will revisit that part of the story

Both times in lb1 and 2 this person simply claimed to be affiliated to Chaldea and that’s it. And yes this’ll be a running theme during the entire story arc

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I have a guess, could you tell me if I hit the mark or missed it?

Is it Dick Wizard?


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I’m sure that was addressed somehow. I came away from LB1 believing the mystery person wasn’t Musashi.

It was the metaphysical, predestined by virtue of his getting ready to unleash it, Goff Punch.

And that’s just while in a stuffy suit.

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Excellent, not my guess but I get it.

Musashi if I remember right even says herself at one point it wasn’t her who did that in lb1

She mentions yes she has cut down yaga but never claimed to be part of Chaldea if memory serves


I thought at first it was Sherlock cause of something about tattered clothes or something. Only person I knew like that was what happens to Sherlock’s clothes earlier.

I just assumed it was Dante and never gave it much thought, guess I have to wait now until LB5 to see who it really was.

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