The Cost

I think this would be an interesting question for everyone. Since account trading is real given your current lineup, time spend, and emotional attachment what would be the price you would sell your FGO account at?

So I’ll be the first to answer mine would certainly be like 4-5K at least because whoever lands it is set. I haven’t whaled much but I’ve had A-EX luck.

Saber: Okita NP2 not leveled yet, Seigfried NP2, Gozen NP1, Lancelot NP1, Sitting pose NP1
Archer: Arjuna NP1, Emiya NP4, Santa Atila Welfare, Atalante NP1, Chiron NP5
Lancer: Eresh NP1, Parvati NP1, Santa Lily Welfare
Caster: Merlin NP1, Tama NP1, Sanzang NP2, Numerous 4 stars that need leveling
Assassin: Shouten NP1, Best Daughter NP1, MHX NP1, plus numerous 4* that need embers
Rider: Achilles NP1, Astolpho NP2 grailed to 90, reticently got more SR riders finally
Zerks: Raikou NP1, Ibaraki NP4, Herc NP1, Amazones NP1, Beowulf NP2, Fran no leveling Np2

Account selling is against Tos first and foremost. It can be banned.

Second it is pointless for me to sell it, because it wont ever reach the value I have invested in it ( money wise)
Third, if I ever get to a point I have had enough of FGO, I would rather quit and keep my account somewhere safe. In case I ever come back.

I’m not saying to sell it, I’m just asking given the amount of money you’ve sunk into FGO what would the number be. I know for me I’d never sell because I have both Merlin and Tama plus a number of other SSRs which makes it impossible to sell my account.

I wouldnt sell it.

I guess it would be around 500$ if I decided to ever sell it. But that is not a realistic number.

I won’t sell it. My time, my commitment, my love is immeasurable.

Don’t lump something dirty like money with my waifus. Says the whale


I’ve put too much time into FGO to consider selling it. Heck, I’ve even started spending money on FGO just recently, which is something I never felt I would never do when playing a mobile game. The first 950~ days of playing have been f2p, and I’ve had far more luck than I feel I deserve. So no, I can’t really put a price on my account.

Wouldn’t sell it for two reasons:
One: the price of accounts is kept low by the usual Chinese farmers, and people who are interested in the game would buy those because they usually don’t have any of the singularities finished yet, so it is like playing the game from the beginning, but with a leg up due to having multiple SSR servants from the get-go. Because of this, even though I have 19 SSRs (with six of them being NP2), and about 70% of all the SRs currently in the game, my end-game account would have less relative value than a farmed starter account with 5 SSRs on it.

Two: More than money, it’s the time-investment that keeps me from leaving (plus, you know, the fact that I enjoy the game). That is something that you simply cannot put a number on. Sure, if someone offered me an absolutely ridiculous number like, say, one million dollars, I would sell it in a heartbeat, because that kind of money would allow me to completely turn my life around and live in leisure, which has a much greater value than the time I invested into a game, but that is such a far-fetched idea that it’s not even worth thinking about.


No one would buy my account for what it’s worth, and I wouldn’t sell because I enjoy the game.

If I were looking to make a buck, I sure as hell wouldn’t have “invested” in FGO.


Are you planning to sell your account once you’re bored with the game?

My price would be your soul.

…and a box of Pocky.


Same here - wont ever sell it, unless it is something ridiculous that will allow me to just whale everything back and set me up in short term, my account is priceless, or worth millions, if OP insists on price


Yep, no way I’d sell. I mean I doubt anyone would ever pay what an account is actually worth, especially a whale account. Also think of it this way, a lot of players have played this game for years and some have hit the 1000 day mark. If you just played 1 hour a day, that means you’ve put in 1000 hours, even at minimum wage that is about about 7 to 8K just for the time value of money.

Actually I take that back if some crazy dude offered 7 digits for my account because they have money to burn and want that NP5 fujino they can never get , then sure.

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Way too much that any would be willing to pay. Plus considering I’ve used grails 4 star fou and am current with the story I doubt many would want it. Then again I have every servant except for 2 story locked ssr and 2 welfare’s so maybe someone wouldn’t care.

Not like I’d ever sell it. If I stopped playing I’d prob just let the account go with me and besides I’m too invested at this point


The biggest issue I’d have is the irreplaceable stuff like Welfares and rare CEs.

Even if I 100% quit I still wouldn’t sell.

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The only people who would get a profit from selling their accounts are day 1 EX luck, light spender. Because they will hopefully have a bunch of nice np level and skill level from playing for long but not whaled hard enough to make less money selling it than it takes to create it. Basically just keep it unless you are homeless or damn near finna be as a desperate Hail Mary.

Probably my account is worth $30 lol. It is pretty standard for F2P: have all freebies except CasLiz and Santa Alter, less than 10 SSRs, only 2 Kscopes, and some untouched free quests.

But of course I won’t sell it.

I gave mine away for free.

Maybe about 30 unique SSRs, many of them NP2+.

Value is subjective.


I’ve been playing online games since the 90’s, and I’ve never bought or sold an account. Seen too many horror stories about scam artists and sudden bans.

I’m also not too keen on granting a stranger custody of an account that has been linked to my personal and financial data.

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