The dawn of Gilgamesh, edition 4: Merlin and free dicks for everyone, its a free real estate. Yorokobe Shounen, let the insanity commence

Here we are with the part 4 of this insanity. As always random topics, derail the thread as much as you can, talk whatever you want. Remember Gilgamesh is a mighty king!!!

You know the drill, go nuts!



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Here ya go! A new thread has begun!


When everything is possible:



And so it begins again…

4th Thread Already? We really do talk quite a lot

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Once more with feeling and all that l, eh? :rofl:

Gilgamesh tells u to step on landmines asmr



I want so see Salem. Are you done with Shimosa?

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Ikr! Who knew 30001 replies was the limit too? Let’s kill this one as well peeps!:crazy_face:

Well, is Gil suicidal?:joy::joy:

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Clearly his kingly duty is to…step on landmines

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That’s just stupid. Landmines kill. Simple logic detects that one avoids stepping on one deliberately l, King or no King… Smeh :rofl:


Well, we need to save him from dying. I mean his caster self (older self) dies from overwork, so I would imagine his teenager self wants to die from landmines??

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Let’s discuss Gorgon NP. Does she actually transform into those tentacles and create portals on the sky behind her to shoot a combined laser?!:thinking::face_with_monocle:

Nah. Chapter 10. I am studying in between as well. Final Exams from 4th.

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Or is that Blood Forrt Andromeda?

Ah, good luck!

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