The dawn of Gilgamesh or work hard to please me, edition three: Yorokobe Shonen, MATS, QP and EMBER hell is neverending, off-topic thread Part 3

IF you want to check out my Hokusai thread:

You cant deal with trolls man. Its better to give up. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Are you going to roll for Saber Astolfo on jp? I see alot of youtubers rolling for him.

Thanking you. I am now enlightened!:ok_hand:

Did that recently too to discuss Babylonia…

Ishtar is great tbh. Gilgamesh is greatest King, but Ishtar is more human even while she’s goddess somehow.

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Here it it, my latest thread: “What Rider class Servant should I invest in from what I have in the Support Slot?” I made it because I utterly, absolutely and completely, positively confused on what Rider to put on my Rider Support Slot that I must absolutely invest on from my current roster. Any help is appreciated on this troubling topic. Thanks in advance

In my opinion, you should invest in: Rider Ishtar and Santa Alter. Too bad you dont have Kintoki, a broken ST rider, I tell you. I think you refer to the skills no?

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You should put Ishtar rider on your support slot, she is the most useful rider out of them. Usually riders are only picked from the support list if they have an MLB Mona Lisa.

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Everything, I refer to everything that makes a servant that can be invested in. Yes, this includes bond CEs too. Thanking you.

Bond CEs are not that impactful, but you should also bring Georgios to bond 10, because his CE is useful for soloing.

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Yeah… The only demerit about Ishtar (Rider) is her (pun intended) demerit lol. I am forced to use that Holy Maiden CE that gives x3 Debuff Immunity.

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Yeah, true that stun demerit is annoying. Marie could also be useful like a last man standing, but her attack is very low. For now focus on Ishtar skill wise. Also when your rooster is wider, Marie is not useful anymore. If you have damage, then you dont need survival.
Also if you need a last man standing choose our Cu lancer, he does the job.

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Yea well…I still forgot what I was going to say here :joy:. So we gucci.

It’s okay. I also forgot who I was going to reply to earlier, so I just moved on and finished re-reading that part :joy:. We gucci.

Ishtar and Eresh are equally awesome. :joy::joy: But Gil is superior, so yeah. Our king of farming, who dies of overwork. :joy::joy:


Work in progress:

That’s why I said I’d do Salem asap to farm there. I meant farming for bond points specifically ehe

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Or Cu Caster for class advantage aha

I used to bully Gil on Mondays. Now I force him to bully himself on Mondays… I am such a great Master :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Clearly, you like to see him suffer.:smirk::smirk:

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