The dawn of waifus and E-rank luck: Yorokobe Shonen, its just another off topic thread

Hello guys, I made an off topic thread for those of us who like going off thread or love talking about random stuff which is not FGO related. Or the topic changes at the drop of a hat.


Was just reading this on Reddit :joy:

:joy::joy: Memes are eternal.

Look in the Post your Memes thread, I used some from Reddit. If nothing else Reddit is good for Memes.

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How do I upload pics here :joy:



Well, when you press message at the bottom in the left should be an image you press it and lets you put images if you are on the phone.

Soo many spoilers with the LB kings. :joy::joy:

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Was reading some threads on Gilgamesh and how OP he is supposed to be

Skadi when. ;_; (I know when I just really want her, not just from a gameplay perspective.)


Wait till Summer my friend :sweat_smile:

Man, Skadi is a hottie.

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You do know that’s Scathach in a different dress, right :roll_eyes:


I just dont want to set myself for dissappointment so I cut down on my targets.

Yeah, sure. The tsundere version. The better version.

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True. I will throw a few SQ her way :smirk:

One, two multis, if I have the quartz.

I might skip Abby and go for Hokusai. I dont know who to choose.

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Abby for me. There is no reason to choose Hokusai :sweat_smile:

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