Yo guys, this is DEMONTR

is it coincidence? I think not!

Surtr on the mithology Nordic , Font wiki

In Norse mythology, Surt [1] is the fire giant guarding Musphelhein. In Ragnarok, according to Norse mythology, Surt will set fire to the nine worlds.

Surtur, Surtr or even Surt (Old Norse “Black” or “That dark one”), is the elder jötunn, leader of the Muspelheim fire giants. Surtur is cited in the poetic Edda, compiled in the thirteenth century from earlier traditional sources, and in Prose Edda, written in the thirteenth century by Snorri Sturluson. On both sources, Surtur is billed as an important figure during the events of Ragnarök, carrying his shining sword, he will go to battle against the Æsir, having a confrontation with the great god Freyr, and then the flames he brings will vanish. swallow the earth. It is the murderer of two of Odin’s brothers, Vili and Ve, and surely must be considered both Odin’s and Asgard’s greatest enemies.

Surtur is not mentioned in much of the pagan mythology that was recovered and written in the Eddas. There are some schools of thought that discuss whether Surtur was indeed the first being, created from primordial fire. This fire would have melted the frost of ice to reveal Audhumla, and to create the primordial being, Ymir. Moreover, over time Surtur’s fire would have been enough to reveal the first of the gods, Buri, Odin’s grandfather, who would become the chief of the Æsir. If this view is correct, then Surtur is the beginning of all life and the end of it as well.

During the cycle of the Nordic pagan myth, Surtur remains on the borders of the Muspelheim kingdom of fire, where he and all his children live. They do not have major conflicts with the gods like the ice giants, and the fire giants try to remain inactive until the time of Ragnarok arrives. During the Ragnarok (a kind of Viking version of Armageddon), Surtur and his fire giants will join the ice giants, as well as the great wolf Fenrir and his older brother Jormundgand, the World Serpent, along with his father. Loki, in a battle against the Aesir and Vanir. Many gods will die, and Surtur will be destined to fight the unarmed god Freyr before Muspelheim’s fire sweeps the earth clean and ready for a new life cycle.

Any coincidence in your game? post !


Doesn’t see Fomortiis anywhere



He’s not even in FEH yet :feh_corrinmug:

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Why must you hurt me so badly Vegito!


That was a nice mythology lesson lol. I have had some coincidences yeah. Like the first thing claude said to me after i summoned him was how him and I were outsiders and should stick together and i was depressed thst day so that cheered me up


(I always get interested but I don’t really start to learn about that …)
Also one thing that I don’t like of our Surtr is his weapon…
If I’m correct Sinmara is a sort of ship built in Hel who had to bring the death army to mortal words for Ragnarok, so should be associated to Hel (however right now I don’t remember )
Also since it brings death and Sinmara is like a broken savage blow who actually bring death like Surtr flames :feh_maethink:

Oh i love norse mythology. I find it hilarious that if they took the stuff more seriously, mystletainn would be called tyrfing, tyrfing would be called balmung and balmung would be called missletainn


Oh, that’s look interesting, I should search about that
But for other aspects IS did a nice job I think

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Em… nope. That’s Naglfar (Lyon’s tome).
Sinmara is Surtr’s wife.


I shall fight him off with my TT score!
Get back, you foul creature!

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Lucky number 7 :))))

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I’d say take yourself to the casinos with that luck but let’s be real we play FEH which is the same thing lol


casinos or FEH, pray for the SUNTR


Aaah, what a shame :feh_ohgod:
I get confused ,so thanks a lot for information

About damn time we got some Surtr appreciation.
I think a lot of people hate him because IS had written him a bit strange (and poorly). Although FEH so far seems to be based on Norse Mythology, not directly taken from it, hence the inconsistencies.

Also I'm pretty sure the only reason Surtr has an axe and not a sword is so Alfonse can have the WTA against him.
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Also a thread about Surtr and nobody @'s me…

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@Kepic_Z_R :eyes:

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Also maybe so he can have WTA against Fjorm :thinking:

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