(The Disappointing) Balance Adjustments for August 3rd patch

Disclaimer until numbers are shown i will call this adjustments

Balance adjustments:

Chain casters:

  1. Bounce damage reduction reduced (i.e if 100% to 1st enemies it’s 95% damage to the next and 90 to the 3rd enemies if you’re confused by the wording)
  2. Slow duration increased
  3. Attack increased

Wide Range Medic:

  1. Wide range heal amount increased (aka for furthest target heal)
  2. Increase Attack and Resistance (odd choice but whatever)

AOE Caster:
HP and Attack increased

Duelist Guard:
HP and Attack increased

seems like these adjustments affects Chain Casters and Wide Range Medic the most since their class characteristics are the ones hampering them (outside DP cost and skills obviously)

Operators Added to recruitment system: Blaze, Broca, Reed, GreyThroat and Ambriel

also Nian’s Live2D art is going to implemented and Specter’s Paradox simulation will be updated (not sure why because only her Operator Records are replaced)

in case you’re wondering the CN players reaction: the mood is down and they’re disappointed by this “adjustment” note based on Weibo comments alone so conclusion unless the numbers do them justice (very doubtful) i don’t think this will satisfy them because one of their reasoning is they want HG to look at the operator’s problems thoroughly (aka skills needed to looked into as well, DP cost is another problem but that is secondary issue compared to kits imo)

also fun fact apparently CC Pyrite already caused quite a number of players to quit the game (yes i know it’s so damn hard and i’m not surprised i think i blanked out doing CC Pyrite)


Man that disappointing. I guess that make wide range medic a bit more viable-ist? Personally I would like to see more unique mechanic for each of the archetype. Maybe dualist get a trait where they can’t be targeted by anything other than what they are currently fighting, or AOE caster deal bonus splash damage but exclude the enemy that they are targeting.

Yeah, disappointing. AoE casters could really use some combination of lower DP cost, higher ASPD, and lower SP costs on their skills (the SP cost thing was pointed out to me by someone on Youtube). If we’d gotten any two of those I think we’d be in much better shape although all three would be amazing. Larger splash radius would also be amazing. I don’t have much of an opinion on what duelist guards need tho.

HG could also indirectly buff AoE casters (and AoE snipers, and boomstick snipers, and…) by just including bigger enemy rushes in stages which I’m surprised they don’t do more. Make more stages like Mostima’s Paradox Simulation basically. It’s a specific level design choice they’ve made to have relatively small rushes most of the time, and it hurts AoE casters and snipers relative to how good they could be.