The Duo/Harmonized I wanna see

This just hit me and I couldn’t find the thread to stick it. I wanna see red sword Lucina taking the lead, and with Ike and a big mofo shield to defend her with (and bash the enemies) while she does the fighting.

I love the pairing of these two and like many I use them together occasionally in AR. I think it would be a fun twist. If IS was better at storytelling (At least FEH) I’d be even more excited to see what they would come up with for a storyline .

By that same token, Kronya and either Hector or Lilina, since that is another often sighted pair in AR, and might make an interesting Duo/harmonized. Any other big AR pairs we often see I am forgetting about?


SO a Harmonized not duo?


Either or. My point was more about the units. I’ll adjust the titl.

But I personally prefer duo!


LuCiNa AlReAdY hAs A hArMoNiC aLt

But fr that sounds cute
Tbh any harmonic/duo pairing is already adorable from the start so I’ll gladly take that


I PRAY since Marth got the back end of the horse that Lucina will still get a lead someday.


I want to see

Pherae’s Trio: Eliwood (w/ Ninian holding Infantile Roy) Lance Infantry w/ Adaptive Damage

Harmonized Tacticians: Claude (w/PoR or RD Soren) Green Tome Flier w/ Adaptive Damage


Well, for some duo/harmonic pairs I wouldn’t mind seeing… something like Ryoma and Shiro. Something along those lines, see a bit more interaction with characters as the parenting Fates was… shall we say, not recommended. I wouldn’t mind some pairings that tie in with other games like the whole Halloween Ninian & Tiki pair, as that ties in with Lyn’s and Tiki’s conversation in Fire Emblem Warriors. Idk, I’m more of a Duo guy myself than Harmonized but idc either way really.


For duos, I want to see Ike with either Mist, Ranulf, or Elincia. If he gets a harmonic, probably him with Dimitri or someone who’s a mercenary. Or someone else who likes helping people, idk

I’d love to see Ike with Ephraim at one point, but the latter has a duo already. Warriors sequel when so they can have a support convo

As for other duos, hmm… Reinhardt/Olwen (or Kempf for memes), Cordelia/Sumia, Leo/Takumi, Sakura/Elise… there are lots of possibilities


For Duo, I honestly want to see a Odin/Leo duo because I personally think that would be hilarious. For Harmonized, I don’t really know what I want to see


Claude and Soren? Do you want to kill every last one of my orbs???

Same with the Ike and Dimitri mentioned above. So much badass good boi together. 10/10.

Seriously guys. Trying to save orbs here (+ Ike and Dimitri would cause so much hate too, probably, and I love to read online chaos LOL

… huh, who said that!? It wasn’t me. hides the popcorn )


I still dream of the Owain x Odin harmonized. Just imagine the possibilities.


My hand hungers!


for duos my main want is a Ferdinand and Dorothea duo, preferably dancing, for harmonized I think duke aegir and Oliver as a noble duo and Dorothea and leanne/reyson as a singing duo would be awesome


MCorrin and Iago duo because it would be ■■■■■■■ funny.

If we ever do another “young” banner, Julius and Julia could be nice.


Julius and Julia don’t work as a Duo, Seliph and Julia are sadly more likely to be a duo

…I think they meant Julius and Julia as kids before Julius turned the way he is.

I think it’d be an interesting duo to see


Yeah, they said a “young” banner so most likely meant when they were kids


Or Baby 1st Generation Units

Like the Hector and baby Lilina, a chrom and baby Lucina would be kinda awesome

But the scale would be off, just like with Hector + Lilina