The Elite TM Moves List Added!

Dataminers posted on Silph Road with the list of moves added to the game’s code that can be accessed via Elite TMs. It’s a pretty long list!

I never thought Niantic would do it, but it looks like we will be able to Elite TM legacy moves! I was very, very wrong about this!

So, what Pokemon are you planning on Elite TMing?


Finally I can get my Flamethrower Magby stat :ok_hand:t2:

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I’ve been wondering: is there any utility to a Stone Edge Blaziken?

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Gonna say not really on the Blaziken…Psyshock Hypno seems more helpful, however not an advantage to any of the other moves it gets (bc confusion does psychic damage).

Any reasoning on why or why not? I mean, I’m using mine to get Quick Attack Delibird. Clearly. I’ve always been curious if that one-hour window or whatever actually benefited anyone beyond trading.

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Isn’t this literally what they announced though?

inb4 all the “what should I use my Elite TM on” threads


I’m super excited, but I can’t decide if I should save mine for my Hydreigon in case it gets a community day or if I should use mine on my Moltres.

Perhaps I should double legacy my shiny Lapras.

Yes…only a madman would do this. I am one such madman.

Shadow Ball/Psystrike Mewtwo could be fun.

Rockslide Omastar. I was just having great luck with a non-legacy Omastar lead in UL right before ancient power was basically deleted from the game, and I really want that guy back.

Later on I have a legacy Lapras with ice shard which was one of my first 10k hatches when the game came out, could use ice beam

This seems like one of the most popular options right next to ice shard/icy wind Dewgong for PvP.

Pay 100000 dust and 100 candies to unlock the second move from him before TMing it into Sacred Sword.

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That’s one of my preferred ones, but I’m struggling to find a real reason. I use it both in Ultra and Great leagues, so double hard decision.

A Counter/Blast Burn/Stone Edge Blaziken could be fun in PvP. It has good coverage and really, really good damage output at the cost of also being really glassy. I would think it could put in work if you’re willing to commit shields to it.

Need that double-legacy to get Rock Throw though…worth it for Reshiram raids?

So, it’s another case of “Yes, however…” to add to the pile of 'em.

Having 100 M2 candy would be fun

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It’s only 20km a pop. Or, 10km if you stuff his felid face full of muffins.

“What is that supposed to be? I am a superpowered clone of one of the most potent creatures in the… is that blueberry?”


Ok wish granted.