The entirety of Three Houses is getting leaked and datamined-

A French store got copies out early and the fanbase tore the game to shreds in like literally an hour. Stay off as many social media sites as possible-



There’s another solution, and that’s just not to care cause it’s not like I’m bothering to play the game until I actually feel like it, which I don’t right now.



Thanks for the warning!

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Oh god no

Thanks for the head’s up! Hope no one accidentally spoiled anything they didn’t want to.

Haaa Frenchs guys…

Damn you frenchies!

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There is more than Kirchou as a french here my friend!


But kirchow

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Yeah, but he was the first one I thought of


It’s 4:50 in France ATM so I don’t think he’ll answer before a bit of time though

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What store?? :eyes:

Hopefully I can get the game earlier


If someone doesnt leak dancer Caspar idk what ima do

I needed some time off the internet, your warning gave me a big reason as to why.

That’s why I don’t use social, also,I’m happy for our French friends that can play the game yet

I’m not worried because I’m very picky about who I follow on social media.
Although frankly, it’s impressive that it took this long for a leak to happen. Other games have had their ROMs leaked weeks or even months before release (see KH3). This time you only need to dodge leaks for only three days if you’re planning on buying release day.

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I’m just hoping I’ll be delivered day one. I don’t care about the rest and i’m not using social media

I have survived until now, than i can do it three more days when i get the game, hopefully. Amazon doesn’t like me if it comes to “Get Games on Release”. Overnight Express should this time do the job.