The Fault in our Stars-How much do Stars really impact the Meta?

Hey DBZ Legends community,

I have noticed I have become extremely Reluctant to Summon on Any Banners Since the SS4 Step Up Banner.
I believe the Fault is in our Stars.

Many within our community believed that the in game adjustment changing the 7* system to the 14* system would cripple the game…that our 14* Pan would annihilate our 2* LF Vegeta’s.
From what I could see this impact did not occur. This was partially due to the fact that some powerful Characters Buhan, SSGod Blu Goku, Golden Frieza were at respectable star levels in the Meta and Powerful Support Characters were released to increase their potency.( Baby, SSGod Black, Transforming Cooler)

However now months after the changes something interesting is happening!
As mentioned above I have been reluctant to Summon and this is Why…

I have a 6* Kid Buu so Should I Chase that New Janemba?
I have a 9* SSGod Vegeta Should I Chase the New God Goku?
I have a 9* Saga Vegeta Should I Chase the New Movie Saga God Vegeta?

There is not enough incentive for me to summon, yes these New units power-creep their older counterparts but I actually believe that their increased Stats via Stars and Z-abilities puts the older units at least at equal footing with the New Characters being Released.
On top of that there are no “freebies” with the banners that are being released which kind of seals the deal if a banner is worth summoning on.

I get the impression that Unless a Super Hype Meta breaking Character is released or the re is another Step up Banner with greater incentives I wont be summoning for future banners either.

Maybe this is a good thing? In the past the Next Banner usuallly had the next most powerful units, Now this is not necessarily the case, Maybe Power-creep will slow down ?

I am interested to see if anyone else has experienced this trend?

What are your thoughts and opinions on the changes they made with the star system?

Finally is it having a positive or Negative effect on the game?

( ie negative- system benefits Whales… positive-Less Summons on Banners means more crystals saved)

FYI with all those Crystals I saved from not summoning on these Banners I spent them Zenkai Awakening my Beerus to Z6 another poor choice haha…I love Beerus so just went for it