The FGO English Thread

You didn’t want it, you didn’t ask for it, but you’re getting it anyways. There’s a French thread, a Spanish thread, a Brazilian thread (even though it should probably be called the Portugese thread considering the name of the language is Portugese), and even a Klingon thread, but now there’s also an English thread. What purpose does this thread serve considering that 99% of Gamepress is in English? Absolutely none, but this thread now exists anyways.


Engrish hard. :fgo_meltbirb:
Maybe use this thread to discuss weird things about English?


I before E except after C

And in cases of AEE as in weight and weigh

The rest are just wEIrd.


Should’ve waited for April fools smh


Me no understud. Yu mayk thredd regardin tha engrish laneguedge? Me totes no bout engrish laneguedge.


Like how a good 40% of the words don’t follow the language’s own rules


Pronunciation in English is also weird. :thinking:
And there’s multiple variants of it in different countries :catroll:



Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.


Are you all sure you rather not speak in Klingon?

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A gavin free-jack pattillo argument?

Wai yu mek inggerish thread, loh? Wa no speak enggrish… Haiya…

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So when is Y a vowel?

Words like “why” and “by”. By definition, a vowel will appear in every word. So basically it’s a vowel in words where there aren’t any other vowels.

You forgot to find a list of homophones to complement the list of (insert word for spelt-the-same-but-different-pronunciation that I can’t think of right now)

Speaking of homophones, Brings to mind that scene of Galaxy Quest

“are those the miners
“yeah, they’re like 3 years old”
miners not minors
“you lost me”


However, two nice things about English are that there’s only one definite article and there’s no word gender.
Comp and Lang articles


When it’s pronounced like “I”, as in Mysty :grin:
Technically my profile name is a contraction of the word mystery, which is what we named our cat, because it is a mystery how she survived on the streets for so long.

Replacing i’s with y’s is a common trick for fantasy authors to make things more mysterious and otherworldly

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Maybe we can use this thread to speak in old English like First Hassan does. :fgo_grampsnani:

Always fun to toss a few words of old English into sentences.


A few thoughts:

I always preferred Spanish’s consistency.

What happened to the ‘t’ in ‘the’ and other words?

Data’s pronunciation is also a strange one. (Culturally dependent on popular films from what I’ve heard.)

‘Queue’ makes no sense to me.

And a trillion others of course.

Yeah, English liked Spanish too, that’s why we stole so many words from it.

Basically, English is what you get when your culture mugged every other culture on the planet and stole their language. Now we have a lexicon full of random words that should never have appeared in the same dictionary, and whatever grammar rules people felt like that day.