The first spring banner is here!


What do you think about this?


These units aren’t that good, but it’s cool they brought it back!


I ended up getting a free Sheena. Thought this banner was gonna give me a lucky unit like the last 2 banners.

I’m more excited for the TT to finally get Loki and some orbs; as well as the seals.


Ye they have not aged well…


Oh Wow I’m So Happy That I Need To Save For +10 Howi With A Possibility Of OG Getting A Refine Or An Alt In This Months


Yeah, I remember that time I was going for Lucina but got 3 Xanders instead. Memories…
Still need Camilla and Kagero tho. S!Kagero doesn’t want to come home.


I was just doing my free summon and that’s it… And then this big hunk of man decided to invade my barracks by force.


That sucks lmao


I didn’t use any orbs thankfully, so I got a good laugh out of it at least. xD


If He’s +Def,You Can Make Him Hit 60 Def


I actually forgot to look at his IVs… ^^;

Let me check, he’s… +Spd -HP. That’s not too bad, I don’t think?


His stats aren’t good bro. Look lmao


High speed is 31


His middle attack is 38 lmao. Good luck fixing him, you’re gonna need it


He’s beautiful… Majestic. Brings a tear to my eye.

Tears of pain from that 0 damage he would do with his base lance.


Glad its back, still despising the colors being shared between the best on the banner (lucina) and the worst on the banner (xander)


Isnt 38 attack amazing? That would mean he could potentially have 56. Preeety sure that isn’t spring xanders stats


The thing is that 38 is equipped with weapon… He doesn’t reach 30 being slow. @CG0Ghost


Okay so why does it show on that thing with their stats, their stats equipped with the weapon. Very misleading


He selected the option to equip the weapon. By default, it is off.