The forgotten legends of Relay Defense

Hey whatever happened to Relay Defense? That one game mode where your brigade defended forts against waves of enemies. I remember it coming up a couple of times (at least twice?) before it dropped off the face of the earth.
Its a shame too because it was a pretty fun game mode, up until you got your teeth kicked in by the higher difficulty runs…


I’ve heard of this mode before. Wasn’t it how they added Kaze? Or am I thinking of Rival Domains :thinking:

Well before my time either way. Most of what I heard regarding it wasn’t exactly praise


And hopefully stays that way


Honestly, good riddance. The idea wasn’t bad but the amount of stat inflation that happened was obscene.

Another thing is that your allies changed every few turns but enemies stayed the same. So you needed a brigade packed full of whaled shit to even stand a chance.


You guys are most of what I heard regarding it


I don’t remember when it came out, probably sometime shortly after brigade battles became a thing. It was kind of like a mix of grand conquest and mjolnir strike.
The concept was pretty solid, but they had some major issues with stat inflation at the higher tiers.
Honestly I’d love to see it come back (w/ proper balancing of course). I even liked the mechanic where every 2 turns your team would rotate out for the next set, gives how you order your brigade an interesting twist.


That mode sucked ass and basically everybody hated it, so they got rid of it


Uk what a colonoscopy is?
Yeah that was this mode just in worse


It was tweaked into what is Mjolnir Strike.

Waves of enemies? :ballot_box_with_check:
Defend structures? :ballot_box_with_check:
Promo latest squad mechanic of the time? :ballot_box_with_check:


Thats true, Mjolnirs Strike is supposed to be their attempt to fix it and its done well, but it doesn’t really scratch the same itch. M.S. is too focused on rankings and its more like goal keeping (lose a portal and restart for better score).
Relay was more like tug-o-war. You didn’t need a perfect run to get all the rewards and you had the chance to take back the forts you lost (I think… its been so long I can’t really remember)


All they probably needed to do for Relay was cut the hyper-inflated stats in half, but overall its best left in the graveyard now.


It was supposed to swap in and out with another gamemode(I think it was GC) and people absolutely hated Relay Defense so IS stopped the events for it. MS looks to be an updated and much better version of Relay Defense.

@GamingBro1 It was Grand Conquests that gave out Kaze.


Oh yeah GC, I got that confused with RD for some reason.

Learn something new everyday.


Fair enough, I highly doubt that they’d ever bring it back, too much bad blood for them to risk it. If only they had balanced it properly in the first place, it might still have been in rotation today. Oh well, you win some and you lose some…


When it first came out:



You’re fired.

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it was a pretty fun game mode, up until

…until It felt like it was giving you a colonoscopy with a rusty butter knife

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Might be fun to have one more crack at it with all of the time that we’ve had to build our barracks and amass an army of strong units :feh_arthurthink:


True. A strong tank noontimer like B Edelgard might hold her own for a bit. Assuming they don’t jack the stats back up.


So you needed a brigade packed full of whaled shit to even stand a chance.

You didn’t. It was more about hero choice and positioning than “whaled shit”. PM1 proved it.

Still, it wasn’t a good mode, but imo it was better than MS simply for the fact that there is absolutely nothing to do in MS, it is way too easy. It is so easy that you don’t even have to think, I have no idea why the structures even exist. This mode had the potential to be fun but they completely ruined it.

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