The foul egg

That’s probably the most annoying thing in PoGo.
The foul egg. As far as I can remember we always had a chance to get a really bad/boring pokemon in every egg.
2/5km aside, that was e.g. absol in 10s or now qwilfish/corphish and absol in 12 or even Klink in adventure sync 10km eggs. Guess alolan diglett it is in 7s. While I see that approach in general not too bad, it’s a bit too much recently, especially given that I hatched omanyte from a 10km egg this morning!! How bad can it get? Rescue the 10km eggs!

This is why I never rely on hatching eggs.

Well, what can you rely on, except maybe raids, which are restricted to only a few mons a month?
Currently, eggs are the only way to get crocodiles, which is ok, but the tens are still not as rewarding/less so than they used to be.

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Today I just hatched my first Sandile, but I didn’t really care about it. Sooner or later I’ll have it.

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That’s the nice thing about eggs, i do not care so much, but when something nice is hatching I enjoy it. Downside only when I have the fifth long-range egg in a row and trash hatches, e.g. this time with omanyte (which i didn’t even know it was in the pool. Probably kanto event shit)

I’ve had such inconsistent luck with Eggs that I’ve decided to only view them as ways to generate Stardust. Which is why I like the 12km eggs - you can have 12 of them AND you can control when you get them, unlike every other egg type (even the Alolan eggs aren’t under your control). I don’t fight a Team Rocket team leader until I have a spot open for an Egg, and bam! Instant 12km egg.

As such, the only time I consider an egg to be “foul” is when I get the minimum amount of Stardust for it. Boo! BOO!

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Been doing the 12k’s for dust too. Last batch of 12 I hatched was 5 Trubbish l, 5 Larvitar, and Absol and a Vullaby.

But the amount of stardust is, in my eyes, not really reflecting the amount of time and effort you put into them (especially during pandemic winter). But yes, this sweetens the foul egg a little bit.

Have to love the dust from 12k’s, nearly 100k with a starpiece if the numbers are kind.

The content of the eggs of any distance has long since got uninteresting, I’m sure the frequency of the good stuff in 10k has reduced, although whether I just don’t notice as much as I generally hatch maybe 9x12k with 3x10k depending on how stops/rocket battles fall.

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I asked a question some time ago about the worthwhile nature of the 12k vs 10k and @Sir_Gwibbles was kind enough to provide the following (bear in mind this was done before the extra 3 slots was available):

You don’t really need to factor in incubators as long as you’re using the same kind of incubators. Whether you do the math for super incubators or normal incubators you’re hatching at the same rate.

So the total distance you’re looking at is 60 km (least common multiple of 10 and 12)
In 60km you’ll hatch 6 batches of 10km eggs. At 9 eggs in each batch that’s 54 eggs. At 1600-3200 Stardust that’s 86,400 - 172,800 Stardust.
In 60km you’ll hatch 5 batches of 12km eggs. At 9 eggs in each batch that’s 45 eggs. At 3200-6400 Stardust that’s 144,000 - 288,000 Stardust.

No Star Piece was factored into the above. On average you will get more Stardust from batches of 12km eggs so yes you can reduce your spending for more dust. This assumes you don’t spend the dust you saved on Rocket Radars.

I think that the extra effort you put in is rewarded in that you get 6x500 dust getting your radar then 1000 for beating the leader (so that’s say 2 or 3 10k hatches or 40 catches) and of course if you want to be selective (at least to some degree) you can increase your chances of a better shadow if you battle the ground, rock, electric, grass types or whatever else you might personally want. Plus, getting 10k eggs is a slog of getting 2,5,5,2,5,5,2,2,2,5…and finally 10k where @FandangoGhandi rightly says, you can control when the egg drops into your bag.

Personally, I’d say it’s worth it, but I appreciate this works for me and not everyone.


I see stardust as a factor, but that works only at an acceptable rate with five or more incubators - and the main question is, is 100k stardust extra every third day (given a “normal” walking distance for everyday) worth 700 or so coins? Not for me really, but thanks for the calculation. Still, rant was more about 10km eggs anyway, but a new viewpoint is always appreciated

But the amount of stardust is, in my eyes, not really reflecting the amount of time and effort you put into them (especially during pandemic winter). But yes, this sweetens the foul egg a little bit.

I can appreciate that point of view.

But as I only see Eggs as Stardust generators, the amount of effort that goes into this is actually quite minimal. An additional 1.3km of walking (8 vs 6.7) is all the extra work I have to do, since everything else I need to do I can literally do from the comfort of my living room, or just requires me to NOT spin pokestops or open gifts until I have a Team Rocket Radar and an open egg slot. Neither of which have proven to be particularly difficult.

But do you do the 9(12)-slot thing? And do you therefore buy ten or so incubators at once, so investing 10 dollars or so twice every week?

I agree with the comments that egg hatches are NOT as fun and rewarding as they used to be. Back in Gen1 I aggressively hatched 10ks and greatly enjoyed the spoils. However, the comments might be overlooking eggs as a source of XL candies and regular candies for a few select Mons. I am only hatching 12k and weekly 10ks at the moment and have recently received as many as 7 XL candies and (as I recall) 20+ regular candies per hatch for sought after Mons like Vullaby and Scraggy and Riolu (if I recall correctly). The main reason I am focusing on 12ks is to harvest Shadow Beldums.

Also, I wanted to commend Niantic for adding the 3 extra slots. Now one can avoid the weekly 5km eggs by leaving only a single slot available. It appears the single slot gives priority to the 10km and the 5km ends up on Professor D-head’s breakfast table.


12km, as said, I completely agree, also here some cool scrafty/vullaby XL candy (even though we need A LOT to get sth out of it for pvp…). Was more on the 10km stuff. The weekly 10km >50km are at least ok, but that’s a lot to walk as well (50 plus the 10 to hatch). But what’s the chance of getting a good one out of the normal 10km eggs? So, gible/riolu/timber/Darumaka/litwick/axew? 15 percent?

I’m with you on the content, just determined to make as many positive comments in terms of my viewpoints as negative ones.

Even if you don’t do regular egg batches, if you buy, say, 2 of the 1480 raid pass boxes when your coins mount to that level, you will still have enough super incubators to do 3 runs of 10/12k eggs. You might only be able to do those 3 batches once every 10 weeks or so but with roughly 250k dust it might net you 1m a year.

But do you do the 9(12)-slot thing? And do you therefore buy ten or so incubators at once, so investing 10 dollars or so twice every week?

Oh heck no. I wouldn’t do that even if there wasn’t a Pandemic. I don’t remember the last time I bought Super Incubators - I think it was in a bundle that included an Elite TM of some kind. 15 Super Incubators does 3 full rotations of 12 eggs, and 15 is a normal number for those bundles.

The 12 slot thing is a once a month thing - at most - not an every two weeks thing. It wouldn’t be hard to make it an every two weeks thing, tho - assuming both my math is correct and Super Inclubators stay in the Bundles, at 15 per Bundle - buying 2 bundles would last me 14 weeks (30 Incubators = 90 eggs hatching, 12 every 2 weeks, 7 rounds of Egg hatching for 84 eggs) and if I was getting 200 coins a week (so just 4 days), I’d only be spending $1 every 14 weeks, at most, to hatch all those eggs.

Ah I see. I don’t know when I looked into the bundles, but it usually wasn’t so many incubators in, so I didn’t give that a second thought. Atm it’s 15 super incs for 1480, so that’s ok, although not really great for egg hatching

I’d rather hatch 2k eggs. Knowing there’s a lot of garbage in 12k, ones.

I’ve hatched 24 Vullaby; 11 Pawniard…0 Sandile. Wonder if someone has hatched 50 or 75 of those 2 and never got the third;) I guess I’ll find out how many it takes me