The foul egg

Interesting, my rate is 17:4:0 :D
My daughter: 0:1:1

Mine is 50:12:5. I basically get vullaby every time with the only other regular appearance larvitar

My son is 1 vullaby; 1 pawn; 2 sandile. So I was able to get the dex entry on mine

I avoiding eggs from stops for all costs. I never had something worth from 2 or 5 km eggs( unless it was some events, like with Riolu). I like 10 km eggs, but they basically dont drop, and risk of getting plenty craps from 2 and 5 isnt worth trying. Only doing 12 and 7 km + sync eggs. Collecting Xls for UL Mandibuzz, im like in half already. Larva XL is good to. Dropping Trubbish from there was fantastic, as Skorupi and other new mons there are rare, and i can farm Vullaby XLs.

What’s your 7km plan? Used to collect them but now I don’t see anything good anymore. Maybe alolan sandslash XL

If nothing else, they are good trading fodder. Been using them to farm candies from trading rare 'mon.

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Excatly this. Most of them are from my international friends. Also Stunfisk XL is never bad.

I’m still starved for Stardust. :expressionless:

I’d say at least 1000 of those are Feebii :expressionless: