The Four Caster Supports

Skadi is coming next year! If you were ever to have that Super EX luck/megawhale friend that has all of them, which two would you prefer to see as friend support?

Regardless of the double Skadi/Merlin memes, this assumes you don’t have any of them as I am curious how people look at their raw value. :smiley:

  • Waver and Merlin
  • Waver and Tamamo
  • Waver and Skadi
  • Merlin and Tamamo
  • Merlin and Skadi
  • Tamamo and Skadi

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Feel free to justify your picks if you wish. :+1:

I picked Merlin and Skadi since I can still engage in my Double Merlin memes while also trying out Skadi (and perhaps Double Skadi) at times. Skadi will be pretty fun to play around with given some of my Quick servants.

That being said, #BusterWillNeverDie :fgo_buster:


If I didn’t have any of them I’d prefer Tama and Skadi as most of my best servants are arts or quick.

I plan on whaling for Skadi… but for doubles…

Probably Tamamo and Skadi.

Waver + Merlin is far more useful for me.

I personally value waver over Merlin and skadi is a no brainer cause you need 2 of her to do the memes. Waver skadi for me

I’ve got my own tamamo-chan so I dont really need a support one. I use waver for almost any farming setup and if Skadi is as good as shes hyped up to be I’m gonna try NP looping with my zerkalot

I think merlin and skadi because they are limited and I’m much less likely to ever roll them as F2P.

I went with Merlin and Skadi because I have my own Waver and Tama and I’d rather have access to all four than the ability to double up on one of the ones I’ve already got.

Since we’re assuming we don’t have the supports ourselves, which means no double-X BS, I think it’s fair to say Waver’s at the top. He’s still the universal support king that works with virtually anybody.
Even for harder content, his defense buff + Mash defense buffs can deal with most challenge quests.

Second pick would probably be Merlin, because he’s incredibly busted even on his own. Overall, he’s the strongest for the most difficult quests because of his impressive offensive support, sustain and AoE invul.
However, Tamamo is really high up because she can potentially enable NP looping just with Paracelsus, making her great and farming; and is an incredible addition for stall arts comps when dealing with harder content.

Skadi might be the best when going double, but the value is much, much lower when you’re using a single one.

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Agree with you here. Waver is always universal in terms of utility and that NP charge versatility is above Skadi for me. Not having sufficient kind of servants kinda guts the others a little. I went with Waver and Merlin with this one as having both offensive and defensive options available in demand is a plus for me. While Tamamo’s great, her morph could’ve been something more for the party…

Skadi and Waver because they’re the two big 4 I lack. Course, Skadi hasn’t arrived yet, so we’ll see. If all goes well, I’ll have 3/4 of the big 4. Even so, still need another Skadi for looping memes. So, Waver+Skadi for m


I’ve got my own Tamamo, but I’d like to see more of her on my friend’s support list. There’s like, 2 other people on my friends list with support Tamamos. The rest are all Merlins, Wavers, Hans, 1 blessed CasGil, and non support casters.

I wanna do dumb art meme teams!

Also picking Skadi because I hope to get her and because I have a ton of good quick servants that I want to use with double Skadi

Because of less button pushing, merlin+skadi, especially if its not challenge quest time. If you only want 20% battery, pick merlin. if 50%, skadi has it in only 1 skill.

Since your question is Super EX luck/megawhale friend, I pick Merlin and Tamamo.

The reason is simply because only on those two supports do their NP scale in a non-insignificant way with further NP levels (healing), high NP level SSR is basically whale/EX luck territory especially for non-damaging NPs. (Waver’s NP scales well somewhat but it just never used when I pick him for farming.)

I can count on my small dolphin/Save4Skadi F2P/GSSR-only friends to put up a ton of NP1 Waver and Skadi for farming purposes such that I will never have issue finding them for farming.

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Skadi + Waver.
First for quick meme, second for Universal support.

If I were to pretend I didn’t have any then I’d I pick Tama and Skadi, I don’t see nearly as many Tamamo’s on my support as I do Waver’s or Merlin’s and I imagine with the introduction of Skadi there’ll probably be even less, so finding a max levelled Tama would be of more value to me. And Skadi Because well she’d be the newest and would let me get more use out of my quick servants.

I am divided between Tamamo/Skadi and Waver/Skadi. I have Waver (who I am not currently using because his bond is lvl 10 already so he is on the bench) and Merlin, but not Tamamo and I am not planning on getting Skadi either. Plus, I only use buster servants only when I need to, because I prefer Arts (I like to play it safe and steady), and I find Quick teams to become more interesting. Plus, most ppl in my support llist either go with Waver or Merlin, or even both simultaneously. Very little Tamamos.

Good question, and tough.

Waver is obviously the most universal, with Merlin close behind.

On the other hand, Support lists (including my own) tend to be weighted towards those two. I almost never put Tamamo up because I’m Buster-heavy and don’t need her for my Arts farmers. Haven’t even finished her skills because Cu Alter and Raikou eat all my damned bones. Going to start rotating her in after her buff hits global, I think, if not sooner for when people want to play with Hokusai.

Skadi is definitely going on my Support list. I’ve even saved enough USOs to guarantee her if necessary. The farming shenanigans are too good with Servants like Parvati, Dantes, and Zerkerlot.