The future of hit and run

Hit and run is my favourite strat in AR. The Safety Fence gave a huge boost to the viablity of this strat. Now we have Yuri, who will be another amazing addition to this strat. So I made a list of potential partners:


Nailah or B!Nailah

Nailah with Galeforce is a pretty good option. Pairing her with Rafiel is probably a good idea to Galeforce consistently. The idea is to use Glare to reduce the threat range of the enemy team, use Galeforce to retreat and retreat even further with Yuri and Rafiel.


Brave Eirika

Brave Eirika is a great option because she’s the most likely to actually kill things. Be it strong frontliners or near save armors. You can go with Galeforce: Attack an opponent > move back and destroy a structure > move back further thanks to canto 2. Add Yuri to the mix and you’ll have no problem reaching the starting area. Other galeforcing cavalry units work too but I’m going to recommend B!Eirika because she isn’t stopped by guard.



S!Leif works great for this strat. Thanks to the miracle effect, he’s very hard to kill when in the player’s hand. You can pre-charge Njörun’s Zeal with QP, attack the enemy team twice and retreat afterwards with canto 1. He comes with Pulse Smoke which is probably his preferred skill, but Savage Blow could work as well for 14 spread damage.


Yuri (why not 2?)

Did you see this one coming? Dagger units are generally useful for hit and run strats because of Disarm Trap. Yuri is the only one with 4 movement + canto 2, and he’s an infantry unit as well! Pretty crazy if you ask me. One Yuri will attack and retreat, the second one will help him retreat even further, traps will never bother you again! The attacking Yuri should definitely focus on survivability, so give him something like Sturdy Impact.


Legendary Claude

I know… he’s seasonal locked… but when it’s earth season you can have a very good time with L!Claude + Safety Fence. L!Claude has very little to fear when initiating and unlike (most) healers using gravity, deals a pretty good amount of damage. Honorable mentions to B!Camilla though, she also deals a good amount of damage and isn’t seasonal locked, she doesn’t have an enemy phase unlike L!Claude but that’s pretty irrelevant considering we’re discussing hit and run. Anyway, both work fantastic with Yuri.

You can use dancers for hit and run strats, but Yuri is just such a great option because he can disable traps and is a pretty good unit offensively, which will be great for cleaning up the rest of the enemy team. Also the movement shenanigans may come in handy when you’re trying to get to the pots.

I should really focus on schoolwork now, what am I doing xD, don’t reply to this thread~


Can’t believe nobody replied to this?

I dig your list and fully agree. As a user of two Lynja’s, I can see two Yuri’s easily. Canto and gravity have opened ,y eyes to this new safety fence strat, even if I haven’t practiced it yet.

Too bad L Claude can’t use disarm traps, but Yuri may have possibilities. I just need to playtest him some more