The GP Wiki (FEH)

This is actually becoming a thing! :feh_birbpeek:

Post explanations (please be well written) of past GP events so new/returning forum users can understand what happened.

Of course this isn’t a real wiki, but it fits the wiki theme.

A note from Rin (FEH GP Mod):

"Please try to keep the information as unbiased and truthful as possible in the main post. The replies are fair game however."

Extra note from Someone_Person:

This includes the users area.
Although you are allowed to include memes (because they’re an integral part of how some users are known), please always try to be as factual as possible.
Make sure to contact the person you’re writing about so they can approve it.
Unless there’s a specific reason to include something in their section despite their disapproval, the opinion of the user the article talks about takes precedence.

Before you make an edit:

Going to make this an actual wiki.
Please only have one 1 person edit at a time, it can mess up the wiki if more than 1 person edits at a time.
If someone is currently editing, wait for them to finish first.
Please take note that all edits are listed under your username. :feh_birbpeek:
Whenever you make a new wiki post, add it to the top under a detail hider.

After making an edit, if you see a message saying “edit conflict,” please do NOT save your edit. It means that someone else has saved an edit since the time you started, and saving your edit will delete the other one. If it happens, please copy the content you edited and hit cancel. Then, start a new edit and paste in your content in the correct place.

The "Thanks Discobot" Incident (example)

The “Thanks Discobot” incident was a time where many people started putting “thanks @discobot” in every single one of their posts, which caused Discobot to give them likes.
Mod Rin closed the thread without warning to stop the abuse, surprising many people. There was a discussion about mod powers and how these incidents should be handled in the future.
Everything is mostly resolved now. The rule about not breaking the bot now has a precedent, so just know that that rule will now be enforced.

(Editing in thanks @discobot doesn’t give you a like from Discobot) :feh_birbpeek:

Suggestions for change are always appreciated! This is a wiki after all. :feh_birbpeek:

The GP Wiki:



The software that GP uses in order to run the Community is called Discourse. Within the Discourse software, you are allowed to make different sections and different subsections of your forum. Subcategories are considered important by many people in the FEH section since it helps to keep things organized and helps inform people of what to expect before they open the thread. Before anyone makes a post, there is a paragraph telling them about the subcategories and asks them to pick one for their thread. While some larger threads do not have subcategories, this is an exception and not the rule. :feh_birbpeek:

Why running out of Likes is called "Being Loresomed"

Running out of Likes was (and still is) a common thing to happen on GP, despite Impulse doubling the Like limit. Back in the early days of the forum, Loresome was “the” liker on the forum, liking the most out of everyone on the forum. Due to this, he constantly ran out of likes to give. As he was the person most affected by running out of likes, and also did always tell people so (mostly by posting pictures of his like-limit being reached), running out of likes was named “Being Loresomed” after him. That phrase is now used whenever someone is talking about running out of Likes. :birbpeek:

Why threads are always closed at 3,000 posts

Mafia Round 2 was the main cause of this. It was the first GP topic to get such an immense amount of posts, quickly soaring above the previous record holder, the FEH Meme thread. It started to get higher and higher, reaching a ridiculous 5,500 posts. People started noticed that GP was crashing regularly at this stage, and linked it to the giant Mafia thread. Turns out 20 people constantly refreshing a 5,500 post long thread was too much for GP to handle. So, a new rule was set where threads would be closed past 3,000 posts as soon as a mod could do so. Then a new thread would be made for the same topic.
This rule is strictly followed to make sure GP doesn’t crash again. NO thread has gotten past 4,000 posts since. :birbpeek:


GP doesn’t have a real mafia that raids people’s houses and steals their money. :feh_legion:
In many places, Mafia is a game that can be played in many different ways. At it’s core, it’s a game where there’s a large group of people called the Town, who don’t know who everyone else is, and the Mafia, a smaller group of people who all know each other. The Town try to find out who the Mafia are and eliminate them, while the Mafia aim to stay hidden and slowly murder the Town.
The first Mafia game on GP was created by Impulse, in the Lounge, where he thought that people from the different sections of GP could come and play together. But after Day 2, it turned out to be very inactive. Round 1 ended up to be kind of a disappointment.
So, Impulse migrated Mafia to the FEH section of the of the forum which is the most active section of GP. As soon as Round 2.started, the thread was getting a ridiculous amount of posts, people were waking up to 1,000 posts to read after they slept, and it very quickly became a GP meme. People started joking that “Mafia is more important than life”, and that they needed their daily dose of Mafia, or else they would go insane.
The first Day Thread got so big that it crashed GP, which is explained more in depth in a separate thread… People were so attached to Mafia that another thread was made just so people could talk about Mafia while the Day Thread was closed. When Round 2 ended, everyone was clamoring for another game, so Impulse made one.
While Round 3 was finishing up, Impulse soon had life matters to attend to, and he realized that he didn’t have enough spare time to run Mafia games anymore. So he recruited Rin & Someone_Person to be Mafia GMs, and they are currently running Round 4 to learn how to GM Mafia. Hopefully they will create wonderful Mafia games in the future. :birbpeek:

Related Sections:
Why threads are always closed at 3,000 posts

GP Groups and "Cults"

“Cults” on GP aren’t actual cults that indoctrinate people and do terrible things. The term cult is typically used to just mean a group of people that are passionate about a topic, or more specifically, when many people change their profile pictures to a certain topic and the same time. They’re mostly just different trends that typically go away after some time.
Some examples of past groups/cults are: The Tobin Cult and Padorus.


Padoru originally came from the Fate series. In one of the Fate games, a character sung a modification of “Jingle Bells” but added “PADORU PADORU” at the end, which is where the meme got started.
A related video:

The FGO section of GP were the first to bring padoru over to GP. They created a mega thread for padorus of all the servants (characters in FGO) that they could, for everyone to use.
Get your favorite Servant's Padoru Costume!

The FEH section began using padoru at the beginning of December, when padoru season is said to officially begin.
Padoru thread but derailed like a lot :fgo_padoru:

Related Topics: GP Groups/Cults

Sandwich Posts

The term Sandwich Post is one commonly used here on GP, and it is used to refer to a post where the writer interrupts their writing to do something else, thus seemingly taking a long time to write a relatively short post. The first instance of this was in the FGO section, where the writer of a post left to make a sandwich and came back, hence the term “Sandwich” Post.

The Loresoming

The Loresoming was an incident where many people on GP could not like posts at all. Their like buttons would just not work. After some investigating was done (such as a survey poll), it was determined that it had something to do with iPhones not being able to like. The root cause is still unknown, even Impulse was stumped.
It began after a small server crash for GP, which may or may not be correlated to the Loresoming. :birbpeek:

The "Thanks Discobot" Incident

The “Thanks Discobot” incident was a time where many people started putting “thanks @discobot” in every single one of their posts, which caused Discobot to give them likes.
FEH Mod Rin closed the thread without warning to stop the abuse, surprising many people. There was a discussion about mod powers and how these incidents should be handled in the future.
Everything is mostly resolved now. The rule about not breaking the bot now has a precedent, so just know that that rule will now be enforced.

(Editing in thanks @discobot doesn’t give you a like from Discobot) :birbpeek:

In progress

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The GP Wiki (yes really)

The GP Wiki started out as a joke by Someone_Person, a forum Regular. Whenever they made a post that explained something to another forum user, they made at least one reference to a wiki. (like adding “this section has been marked as a stub”) They also occasionally made jokes about documenting things on a wiki whenever something important happened. After the Tobin Cult & the PFP-ception incident, they made the same joke, and Shinx asked whether it was real or not. This caused Someone_Person to make the GP Wiki a reality! :birbpeek:


The GP Wiki Continued:


FEH GP Birthdays

Older users who have left:
To pay our respects to those who have left us :feh_elisad:


Names and Aliases:
Biological Information
Race: Human

MisoSoup247 is the creator of many different sprite arts and animations. They created their own thread where they share their creations with the community. :feh_nini:
Despite their name, their thread does not contain a large amount of soup. It’s only a bit :catroll:


Names and Aliases:
Ultimate Dum-Dum

Biological Information
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relatives: Senpai (Manufacturer)
Waifu: Unknown
Hated characters: Too many to name

One of the Dangit Grandpa cultists. Oh yes.


Names and Aliases:
Nino Weeb, Nino Weeb Trash, Vegithoe

Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relatives: Obsidian (Father), Gamingbro1 (brother), Banraku (sister)
Waifu: Nino
Hated characters: Loki and Camilla
Affiliations: GP FEH Club (Discord), Hoes Inc. (Discord) and the Pokemon Alliance

VegitoSSJ2 has immense love for his favourite character, Nino. Expect to see him in every post that mentions anything about Nino as its main topic, be it whether if he likes or comments it. However, he tries to help others out as much as he can regarding builds, and gives moral support to those who are getting pitybroken whilst summoning for their favourite units.

He is also a strong supporter of Love Live, with You Watanabe and Kotori Minami as his favourite characters. Is also lactose intolerant. He studies Pharmaceutical Science and plays the drums.


Names and Aliases:
Torivor, Language Police, Good-Christian Boi.

Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Demon Dragon
Age: 17
Relatives: Sweetie pie (Mom), Lain (Master), Cartamoneta (Rival),
Waifu: Idunn
Sworn Enemies: Loki, Camila,
Trademark Phrase: “Disgusting”

When he was an active user, HeckTor carefully oversaw the community, keeping watch for unwholesome activity. Whenever he caught someone using unfriendly language or smuggling lolis, he would shut them down with his trademark “disgusting.”
He is a very outspoken protestor of sexual content in FEH, and claims to check under his bed every night for Spring Loki.
He is also an apprentice to Master Lain in the ways of the Dark Overlord Ewan. While he still has much to learn, he has been praised by his master for being a “fast learner.”
Unknown to many, he was ironically a member of his mom’s company, Hoes Inc. However, he quit the company after being nicknamed “HeckinHoe.”
HeckTor is an undercover agent for the FBI, and is in an ongoing investigation of known Loli trafficker Cartamoneta. He has not been caught yet, but HeckTor swears to catch him if it’s the last thing he does.
A sure-fire way to tick him off is to mention either Incest Twins or Gay Ike.


Names & Aliases:
BIRB, Someone (with a capital S), Impulse’s Servant, Cult Leader

Biological Information:
Gender: Who knows? :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging: (Yes really, they’ve never said what their gender is.)
Race: Human & Birb (depends on the time) :birbpeek:
Affiliations: Mafia GM, Pokemon Alliance, Birb Army
Relatives: Obsidian (father), Kirchou (sort of big brother)

The creator of the GP Wiki. Most known for their birbs & cults (but they don’t like being referred to as the cult leader). Serves Impulse loyally. Has experience with Mafia outside of GP. If you see a birb emoji in a post, there’s a 80% chance it’s them. Spams emojis in 90% of the posts they make. A big fan of RP, so they do it constantly with ShinxDaSphinx, although others have participated as well.
Forced into cults “against their will”, but it’s actually really RP.
Also uses this emoticon pattern a lot: O.o.o.O.


Names and Aliases:
Too many to list
Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 16
Relatives: Obsidian (father)
Affiliations: The Pokémon Alliance, Souljia & the Gays, Hoes Inc.
The organizer of the Pokemon Alliance and the (now retired) strongest user of the Pokèpuns, GamingBro1 is exactly what the name implies. He’s the “Bro” of the community, here to relax and help others too, while he’s at it. Has a lot to learn, but does his best to help.


  • Is generally clueless to everything, and is always asking questions.

  • Successfully survived the angry emo phase :fgo_ishtaridgaf:


Names and Aliases:
Holdvar, Holdy, Hol, Gay Builder
Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relationships: Obsidian (father), Banraku (restraining order)
Affiliations: Swole Thread, Pokemon Alliance
Status: Dead. Not dead, dead. Dead as in not on the site anymore

The 1* Unit Fanatic and former self-proclaimed "QnA Goblin”. In Holdvar’s own words, however, he says that: “I’ve stopped building 1*s. I’m over it now”. He is probably not over it. Holdvar now spends most of his time making meme-ish builds and collecting daggers to fodder to his Jakob. His current place of residence is the unofficial GP FEH Club, administrated by Kepic Z. R.


  • Holdvar wrote this entry. Or do I say I did? It’s weird to talk in third person
  • He likes running (I’m a monster, I know)
  • His favorite characters are Marth and Jakob
  • He edited his own self-made entry, because it was “cringy” but he probably made it cringier in doing so
  • He refuses to be called nice (Because I’m not :feh_tooobin:)
  • Idk. Have a nice day!


Names and Aliases:
Shinx, Shonx, :pkmn_shinxdasleepy:, The Watcher

Biological Information:
Gender: ???
Race: ???
Relatives: ???

Mafia Regular, forum janitor, and always somewhere in the background. Has the entire FEH, FGO, and Lounge/Contact Us sections on Watching. Probably a rogue AI.


Names and Aliases:
Site Lead (before he stepped down), Birbgod

Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Birb God
Relatives: Obsidian (father), Impulse’s Pupper (dog)

Impulse is was the benevolent ruler of GamePress. If anyone broke the rules, Impulse would descend from the heavens and punish them accordingly.
Also ran Mafia, the game that everyone is addicted to. He’s gotten a pupper recently though, meaning that he won’t be able to run Mafia as much in his spare time. Because of this, he’s looking for some volunteers to run future games of Mafia.
Impulse has stepped down as Site Lead in order to focus on other things in life. We all dearly miss him, but life moves on. :feh_birbpeek:


Names and Aliases:
Ban, the Shapeshifter, Meme Goddess, Bootleg

Biological Information:
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Relatives: Obsidian (father), Klein (future husband), GamingBro1 (brother), VegitoSSJ2 (brother)

Banraku is best known for her obsession with Klein and roleplaying. She also creates Memes and Cursed images for a living.
Her account has been taken over a couple of times, be it Klein, Clarine or the mysterious Shapeshifter.


Names and Aliases:
Dad, Omnidaddy

Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Wolfskin
Relatives: Everyone (sons/daughters)

Hi I’m Dad.


Names and Aliases:
Asshole, Alm-Lover, The 2nd coming of Allin, “He who shall not be named”

Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Omnipotent God

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: His friends, the blood of his enemies, cool peeps in armor, toast, people who can use Google
Dislikes: Everything including himself

“You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.”
One of the most iconic villains on GP, the number one enemy of humanity and often also a pretty nice guy is Lain trying to be.
Mostly known for being brutally honest and being a fanboy over Alm and Ewan.
Lain is one of the older users going back to the Q&A era with for example Seeker, SirOfCoffee, RoyAhoy and others which he called his “Second Home”.
Always in search of cool and creative builds in FEH, so he can find enjoyment in the game.
He might seem hard on the outside, but can be a really friendly guy if you know him better.
Often gets into arguments, because he’s a dumbass and has a hard time being social.


Names and Aliases:
Rin-chan, Witch, the Mad Mod

Biological Information:
Gender: Female (?)
Race: Deity
Relatives: None

There is nay a coven that has not uttered the name of the Mad Mod. She is a witch among witches and so shall always be. Some say that the Mad Mod won’t stop until every post is liked but myths will always be myths… Or will they?!


Names and Aliases:
Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Relatives: Obsidian (father), Louise (wife), Klein (adoptive son), Clarine (daughter)
Strenght: his hate for Lycians, his liver of steel due to his alcoholism
Weakness: Lycians, Alcohol, Dumb Adopted Son

One of many role-playing accounts and arguably the most popular. MageGeneralPent is the host of the popular TV show: “Daily Thoughts of Pent” where he shares his (often offensive) opinions. His love for alcohol and attractive women unfortunately far outweighs any affection towards his family.


Names and Aliases:
Seal Thot, Best Girl
Biological Information:
Gender: Female
Race: Seal
Relatives: Obsidian (father), Lain ■■■■■■■■■■ Souljia (Wife)
Strengths: Cuteness, Debate, Floofiness
Weaknesses: Chorizo Quesadillas, The Dreaded Hot Cheeto Crumb
Favorite Phrase: “kinky”

SweetiePie believes that she is the single cutest thing on GP. Screams sometimes, and ALWAYS wants “cuddlewuddles”. Is a software developer, and knows a lot about computer science. Acts dumb, but is pretty smart. Will usually be able to explain problems on the website logically, then ask for head pats.

So What

Names and Aliases:
King, Thot
Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Thot
Relatives: Souljia Boy(wife), everyone else (side piece)
Strengths: Thot status, iconic, hilarious, beautiful
Weaknesses: Infidelity, thot status, ignored us during mafia




Names and Aliases:
Biological Information:
Gender: Depends on the Fortune
Race: Robot or God
Relatives: Claims to be the other half of Impulse/Impulse mentioned they’re twins separated at birth?
Strengths: Omniscient, always active on GP
Weaknesses: Passive aggressive, lies a lot, doesn’t know when to leave

An enigmatic figure on Gamepress. Discobot has made an appearance in many threads but their real identity remains unknown. They are known for being an omniscient liar throughout the forum, who can answer any yes or no question in a matter of seconds.


Names and Aliases:
Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Gay
Affiliations: Souljia and the gays
Relatives: Bow-of-Sacae (other third), Soulja Boy (other third), Bluebell (Girlfriend)
Strengths: Sass, attitude, loyal, always on GP, a good time
Weaknesses: Still participated in mafia when he wasn’t playing even after Impulse yelled at him, uses Glee gifs.

He first started off as an account without a picture and an unpronounceable username. Cody doesn’t even know how to pronounce his own username. His government name was discovered after appearing in Sweetie Pie’s twitch chat and was brought to light by Souljia Boy who said the name like nobody’s business. Cody is known for being savage, iconic, and loving hot guys.

Cody is a member of the “Bitches & Loud” coalition which was originally known as “Saizo nude.” He’s most notable for popularizing the term “sus” on Gamepress during the second round of mafia. Overall, Cody is a bad bitch who doesn’t give a ■■■■. Gamepress was blessed the day he stepped foot into this community.


Names and Aliases:
Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Bitch
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Affiliation(s): Shark Gang, Souljia & The Gays
Relatives: Silas (husband), Gordin (husband), Roy (husband), Matthew (husband), Caspar (husband), Ashe (husband), Lain (husband), Eflakis (daddy) Bow-of-Sacae (daddy by association), Souljia Boy (actual favorite)
Strengths: Actually helpful, loyal to husbands, sometimes a good guy, willing to top and bottom, rude, blunt, kinda pretty
Weaknesses: Not loyal to friends :eyes:, likes underaged boys, doesn’t think Haar is hot, doesn’t like big dicks

Roy, birth name Matt, was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning he break his legs, and every afternoon he break his arms. At night, he lies awake in agony until his heart attacks put him to sleep.

Oh and he’s secretly in love with Soulja.


Gender: Male
Race: Basement Dweller
Sexuality: Lady abs
Known aliases: Halo, Corey
Likes: Eirika, Memes, Xenoblade
Dislikes: Brave Veronica, Surtr, Aether Raids

Bio: Although he is often on the site, Halo doesn’t post as much as other regulars. He’s mostly just content with liking posts and making memes. If Eirika, Xenoblade or Smash bros are brought up he will likely be found there.

Soul Torrent

Names and Aliases:
Soul, Torrent, Cormag, Righteous Heart, Sun’s Lance
Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Mafia
Affiliation(s): Mafia
Relatives: Glen (brother)
Strengths: Never dies/immortal, memes, nice lad, dragonite pfp, a good man
Weaknesses: Ignored us during mafia, quiet

Soul Torrent played Cormag during round 2. He was the first mafia member to be killed and the townies lynched him by pure luck. He claimed to have the title “Righteous Heart” but he was actually the “Sun’s Lance.” Soul suspiciously liked all of the comments telling people to lynch him. He survived his first lynch, dodged three attacks the next turn, and was finally killed after the second lynch. He and Ninininian were the most iconic mafia members and it’s sad that Soul had to go so soon. Overall, a nice young lad.


Names and Aliases:
Ninian, Nininininini, ;) , ;)))

Biological Information:
Gender: im cute
Race: Wink
Affiliation(s): Mafia, ;), lmao
Catch Phrase: ;)))) lmao

Strengths: Wink, has four knees, ;) , ;)))), when he winks he “win(s), k?” has that much ass to lmao every 5 seconds

Weaknesses: Can only see out of one eye from winking so much, lmaos too much oh wait that’s not a weakness lmao

Known for winking a lot all over Gamepress. His iconic winks became popularized during the second round of mafia.
Apparently, his name doesn’t come from The Elder Scrolls but actually the fact that Ninian has four knees as a dragon. Like me lmao
Is totally not mafia ;))))

I’m actually doing a bingo in my yt channel ok just sharing.

Husbando Emblem

Names and Aliases:
HusbandHOE Emblem

Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: “Bitches & Loud”
Occupation: Dick pic dealer
Relatives: Every man on GP (husband)

Strengths: Has the ability to find dick pics of literally anybody, a true queen, pretty bitch, lives in Brooklyn, sweet lad

Weaknesses: Will die for dick, likes gingers

@HusbandoEmblem appears as long as you tag his name, even if he wasn’t on gamepress. He’s most notable for his work in the “Bitches & Loud” group chat, formerly known as “Saizo Nude.” His bubbly personality makes him impossible to hate. He knows when to mind his own business and doesn’t start trouble. Like Cody, he also loves hot guys.


Names and Aliases:
No one calls them anything :fgo_deadinside:

Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Race: 100m sprint
Affiliations: Swole Cult, Cult Members Anonymous, Trying to avoid cults
Relatives: The-beast (bro)
Strengths: Reading lots of threads, visits all the different communities on Gamepress, knows random stuff sometimes
Weaknesses: Is late to everything (including this thread), sometimes spams individual threads when caught up, not a cool cat

LateToTheParty has an accurate name (grad school :fgo_badciv:). Also loves finding people saying that they’re late to the party in reference to something in a thread, and then showing up as if someone @'ed him. Likes chatting and is pretty open about discussing whatever. Plays FEH and FGO, and spends time reading in the other Gamepress communities as well. Hides from the FEH section over in the FGO section sometimes. Just tries to love all his units and avoid the gacha salt.

Sir of Coffee

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight (or so he says)
Affiliations: Blue Lions, The Pokémon Alliance
Known aliases: Bean boi, Knight of Beans, that lucky bastard
Likes: A lot of things, Coffee, Eliwood, Lyon, Archer Emiya, swords, building units, discussing anything, himself
Dislikes: People complaining, Corrin

Sir of Coffee is one of the veterans here, being already around since the Q&A Era long before the age of the GP community.
Likes quantity over quality in heroes, collecting many but always short on resources. A special preference for Grail units. Accually spents more time thinking of builds than playing the game

You can often find him discussing characters and builds. If provoked, he can defend about 90% of the Fire Emblem characters. Even if nobody asks him to.

In the third war of the CYL, Sir of Coffee was the main driving force of Gamepress fighting for Eliwood’s glory. As the history books show, that war was a succesful one. He will still hold his head high without shame for writing essays and posting memes about his prefered character.

Has a long delayed series on low rarity units called the ‘Bean Build Channel’

The Beast

Gender: Male
Race: Bro
Sexuality: Swole
Affiliations: Swole Boys, 6 Pack Gang
Known aliases: JPOD, The Beast, GP’s Swolest Man
Likes: His biceps, working out, bros, Lyn & Hawkeye
Dislikes: Not being swole, not working out, not being a bro


The Beast, formerly known as JPod, is the swolest man on Gamepress. Beast is known how passionate he is about working out. After seeing the picture of his bicep, his obsession for exercise checks out. The Beast loves Hawkeye and Lyn almost as much as his arms. His main goal at the moment is to get a six pack. He currently has a pack pact with RoyAhoy & Late to the Party. They’ve all sent each other shirtless pics over discord.

The Beast, whose real name is Johnny, is one of the few normal people on GP. He’s definitely the type of friend you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with in public. Overall, he’s a chill guy whose interest varies from video games to working out. He doesn’t believe in limiting himself to one side of the spectrum since he thinks there’s more to life.


"This is the pic Beast wants to use for his entry



Biological Information:
Gender: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Sexuality: Unknown
Affiliations: Unknown
Known aliases: None
Noteworthy actions: Liking comments, and nothing else.
Nobody really truly knows who Astra is. They could just be a person who loves to lurk, an alt of somebody on GP, or something else entirely. We only know 2 things about them: They love to like posts, and they have never made a post of their own.
Hopefully they will show everyone who they are one day. But for now, they sit in silence, their presence ever the mystery.


Biological Information
Race:Simple Boy
Affiliations:Former member of Sunglasses gang
Known aliases:Chrom_Boy,Québec_Boy
Likes:Camilla,Ninja Girls meme,all GP users and his boy Chrom
Dislikes:Vegetables and bad people

Description: KratosFredi is a being who lives for the sake of making people laugh. He stands by his opinions and is a pacifist who swears a lot as well. Gentle,but firm,he believes in the equality of all opinions and that they should be respected no matter what.His favourite Fire Emblem character is Camilla so, that should tell you readers why he has his standards.

His real name is Frédérik,a man from Canada,Québec,and fluently speaks French and English. A pretty chill dude who you’d make good friends with. Loves his video games,and may come as competitive depending on what he plays at the moment. A man who always believe that you can achieve anything you want if you’re willing to try hard enough.

Also spews out Moe!Ninja Girls meme around the forum to value his sentences faster than word can do­.


Names & Aliases:
Lord, Bean, GrapeSoda, emplehdrol

Biological Information:
Gender: Male
Age: Largely undetermined
Race: Bean
Sexuality: Mostly gay with an occasional side of straight (extremely rare)
Affiliations: GP FEH Staff, Mafia GM, President of the Todoroki, Ninian, and Ephraim fan clubs
Relatives: Impulse (Father), Sylvr (Older sister)
Likes: Literally anything with romance (especially shoujo manga/anime and maybe BL), FE, LoZ, cooking and baking, writing, teasing and spending time with Pulsicles, weeb culture
Dislikes: Horror, physical exertion, summer (it’s way too hot)

Lord originally started off as one of the first mods for the Gamepress Discord server and then somewhere along the way, he somehow managed to get hired as one of the writers for the FEH section of the site. When he’s not busy with schoolwork or making Impulse’s life a living hell, Lord usually spends his time watching anime, reading manga not always PG-13, binge watching old TV shows, cooking/baking, playing video games, or any possible combination of these. Most people tend to think he’s wholesome at first but as Impulse can attest, his personality is quite to the contrary once you get to know him. That said, he usually tries his best to get on people’s good side first and be careful of what he says.

Avid fan of the Legend of Zelda series and like many other cultured people in this thread, hot guys in general.


Biological Information
Race: N/A
Sexuality: Unkown to mankind
Affiliations: None
Likes: Chilling, listening to OSTs, reading fanfictions and melting while reading
Dislikes: Anything that involves too much physical work

Description : Remnant just exists. There’s no scientific explanation for his appearance.

Jokes aside, his real name is Alexander and he’s a rather chill Italian dude. He basically does nothing all day, but loves to talk about games with people. He enjoys reading romantic stuff, better if there’s some dorkiness. When it comes to jokes he enjoys some of them, but if they drag on for too long… he may not react well.

A big fan of the FE games, also loves more fast paced games like Nier:Automata or the RP stuff (Namely Dragon Age). Has also a sweet spot for the SoulsBorne games.

Rex Psyclosa

Biological Information
Affiliations:The GP Night Club Host,Nobu and Dantes Cult Leader.
Likes:Waifus Gacha games Mafia reading hanging out with friends and Korean Food.
Dislikes:Hot climates,Bad Stories,Being forced to take off my jacket and Large Crowds.

Description:Rex is just some random guy who stumbled on to GP and eventually decided to stick around often found in a good amount of Mafia games and roams through the Fgo and FeH section @ him if you need Art of a character you like he will probably look it up for you and if someone wants to join the Nightclub @ him aswell often around and willing to talk if theirs time to waste


Biological Information
Gender: Male
Race: 1/4 not white :upside_down_face:
Sexuality: Probably straight
Affiliations: Off and on Mafia addict, long hair club (@StarryVagabond is another), GP Discord peeps
Aliases: Mysterym1ster, MM, M&M, Myst, Mystery, Misteree (ask @Hanyu about that), Mistree, Misstery, and any combinations of these ;)
Likes: Cheesecake, strawberries, strawberry cheesecake, classical music, Legos, GP
Dislikes: Country music, yardwork, adulting, pickles

Mysterym1ster is a pretty not interesting person who lacks a life as well as a brain but often finds himself hanging around the interweb. He tends to get behind on reading threads because he likes to read them in their entirety, but he’s probably kinda friendly so donut be afraid to talk to him or @ him when you so desire. Do be aware he isn’t the brightest and often says dumb things. :upside_down_face:
The only real contribution he has made to GP is the FEH users birthday thread (it’s linked somewhere in here), otherwise he just exists for the most part. :feh_birbpeek: He is not always upon GP these days but he’ll stop by every now and then.
Irl his name is Zane, he lives in Murica and is kinda okay at playing piano. That’s about it though, he is bad at most things overall. He’s kinda young-ish, although he protests the inevitable growing up thing. He tries to be intelligent for the most part (though it’s difficult to do without a brain).
(Also writing about one’s self in 3rd person is strange :feh_morganagrom: )


Biological Information
Gender: Male
Race: Some Asian race
Sexuality: Asexual, but not aromantic
Affiliations: Mafia noob, tryhard normies, Touhouist
Aliases: N/A
Likes: GP, Any food that isn’t an overly bitter vegetable, Memes, Reading, Touhou, T-Spins
Dislikes: Swearing, existing, writing autobiographies in 3rd person, 4-Wides

FlaynFish is a person who has no life and exists almost only to be on GP. They can often be seen derailing threads and occasionally posting memes. Despite their name, they are a huge Touhou fan, and plays a minor role in the FEH art section. They often are cautious of their surroundings and mild-mannered. An exception to this though is when he eats too much sugar (which is quite a frequent occurrence) and when arguing with FutabaBestGirl.
Due to various factors, FlaynFish does not wish to disclose his real name. He lives in down-under (A.K.A Australia) and is friends with @Kueden and @Bullied_Kid IRL. He is very skilled with the piano and is mediocore at the guitar and singing, but is useless when it comes to drawing. He is also one of the youngest users, being 14 and is be intelligent, though he may omit certain language techniques on purpose when expressing studpidity (usually in himself)


Biological information
Gender: Male
Race: fanboy
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliations: none
Aliases: Nobody (with a capital N)
Likes: Marianne, Marth and Claude. GP. Giving people advice when he doesn’t have authority to. Playing piano. Drawing.
Dislikes: People who don’t share his exact opinion on everything about smash. Toxicity


nobody625 is first and foremost a Marianne fanboy. They can be spotted where someone mentions Marianne or someone has a differing opinion about Smash. Despite claiming authority on Smash, due to bad wi-fi he is unable to ‘assert dominance’ in this area, leading many to question his authority on the matter. He is adept at playing piano though not so for violin. He is also one of the youngest users, at 14 years of age. Can frequently be seen around GP offering build advice and such even if he has never used the unit before. Whenever Marth or Marianne is mentioned he fanboys a lot little and whenever smash is mentioned gets really slightly triggered.


Names and Alias
Aliases: Adrift, Bruv

Biological Information
Gender: Male
Race: White
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliations: Host of “The Wack RP Where…”
Likes: ChroM, Claude, DestinY (1 and 2), PokemoN, GwAin Saga, BNHA, Guitar.
Dislikes: Excessive Toxicity, GovernMEnt and PolitIcs, MoSt Sports

Adrift is a young male wHo doesn’t quite get what the hell he’s doing. He hAs a genetic disorder called JuveNile RetinosChisis in his lEft eye. Imagine having a left eye but it’s like it isn’t there, that’s about it. Online, he puts on a fairly confident and somewhat open personality, but is a shy boi. Usually obsesses over Chrom, nerds out about Destiny 2, or just kinda sits and watches everything go down.
Destiny 2: Warlock Main
Smash: Byleth, Chrom, King Dedede Main (As far as maining can go when you don’t play very often)


Biological Information
Gender: Male
Race: Français :fr:
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliations: Xenoblade Cult, Idunn Squad
Aliases: Squalala
Likes: Chilling, GP, Memes, Xenoblade, Smash Bros, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, listening some OST, Bionicles, Byleth, Idunn, Corrin, baguette, chocolate
Dislikes: doing sport, working, heat, politics, untrustworthy people, crowds, having bad luck in FEH


Master_Squalala is a guy that is often wandering on GP, either posting memes, sharing arts, or just joking around. While being quite shy, he’ll never refuse an occasion to share a nice moment with other members of GP and befriend with them. He is a chill guy, but he also is very lazy and procrastinates very often, putting him sometimes in dire situations.

His favorite FE character is Byleth (both of them), but he also really likes Idunn and Female Corrin (but also likes the male one).
He loves Xenoblade Chronicles, being one of his favorite licences ever (with Fire Emblem) and thus joined the Xenoblade cult. He also loves Smash Bros Ultimate, but has not a good level yet. He nonetheless trains relentlessly and hope to join the Smash Bros thread when he’ll think his level will be good enough.
He plays Pokemon since his childhood ans started with Diamond and his favorite version is Platinum. His favorite Pokemon is Greninja, followed by Charizard and Metagross.
He also plays Yu-gi-oh since his childhood and likes to play it a bit competitively.

His real name is Titouan and he lives in France, often doing jokes about it. He speaks fluently French and while he has a pretty good level of English, his mastery of it is not perfect and always try to improve himself. He is 20, but is still pretty far to behave like an adult.


The GP Wiki Continued Again:

More Users



Biological Information
Gender: Obvious, why are you even looking at this
Race: Human, though it’s hard to tell because of his ape-like IQ.
Waifu: Futaba, Wrys, Ophelia, Sans Nagito
Hated characters: Makoto because that stupid thot always beats Futaba in the international waifu polls by like 2% and she makes me want to die I hate her so much she’s almost as cursed as Identity V Futaba and she doesn’t even have dots for eyes like seriously makoto is literal garbage
A pervy worthless weeb creep hated and blocked by everyone on the site. Notorious for constant unfunny Sans jokes.


He’ll get to it sometime… maybe. :fehbirbsleep:
Edit: Still to lazy. :fehbirbsleep:
Edit: It’s been like forever, but nah, not going to do it. :fehbirbsleep:


Names and Aliases:
Pokyo | Dink

Biological Information
Gender: Yes
Race: Person
Relatives: Got a few.
Waifu: Idunn Idunn crew rise up
Slightly “eh” characters: Ethlyn, good bond fodder though.

Hi there! :feh_nino:
I’m just some randy on the internet that semi-lurks on the feh section of GP. I mostly just make posts and run, sometimes I stick around and chat. Guess I’m the proud “creator” of the “Literal Broken Weapons” thread and other random ideas I posted. I change my Name to match my current pfp and I make the occasional awful pun. I draw and write as hobbies and I even play games that aren’t gachas.

I think that’s it about me. Go read about somebody more interesting. :feh_nini:


Wow! The worst user on the site!
Minutaie, a literal 2nd Grader, is probably the worst addition to the site at large.


fixed it


The GP Wiki Historical Incidents Edition:

These are things that happened in the past that may or may not still be relevant today. :feh_legion:


The Fake New Player Incident

Started by Holdvar as a joke, with a post regarding a Brave Ephraim build, a few other users, Sir_of_Coffee, sawtuis, Sweetiepie, Loresome, and ShinxDaSphinx added “Fake New Player” posts to the community. Claiming they were new players, they asked the community on their thoughts on their clearly meme-ish builds, or pretended to be a new player who was making their first post to say “hi” to the community. This incident ended on its own without a hitch within 11 hours of the original post.
The posts can be found under the “fake-new-player” tag

The Birb Profile Pictures

This started when somebody found pictures of the members of the Black Eagles house drawn as birbs (by @somebody from twitter), and posted them onto GP. People liked them, and many people changed their profile pictures to said birbs. Other people had characters they wanted to be made into birbs, so a couple were made by some fellow users.
Here’s a current list of all the birbs made:
Birb catalogue

Why Polls are everywhere on GP

Shortly after the community was upgraded from a Q/A to a forum, there was a large amount of polls in circulation, which was a new feature of the website.
On March 19, 2019, user Sweetiepie made a poll regarding the number of polls in circulation (link below). One of the options on the poll was a pun, “Pollbably.” This snowballed into multiple users making non-stop polls and poll puns.
Are there too many polls

June 13, 2019. The Tobin Cult

The Tobin Cult was created by Holdvar as a joke in the 3rd Round 3 Mafia thread. As a joke, he dared people to switch their profile pictures to Tobin with sunglasses. The picture was a modified version of Bow-of-Sacae’s original Tobin picture that looked like a zoomed in, distorted version of Tobin’s face. People jumped on the bandwagon, and so it grew to a size of over 10 people, filling the entirety of GP with Tobins. For about an hour, GP was completely filled with Tobins & people fighting against the Tobins. Members of the Tobin Cult included:

  1. Bow-of-Sacae (de-facto leader)
  2. Rin (briefly)
  3. Holdvar (Created cult)
  4. Loresome
  5. TMFM
  6. Someone_Person
  7. sawtuis
  8. Argon
  9. Souljia_Boy (Later reversed decision and fought the Tobins)

Opponents included:

  2. Souljia_Boy
  3. Eflakis
  4. ShinxDaSphinx

3 threads were made that were related to the Tobin Cult, and 1 for the spinoff Legion Cult (that lasted less than 10 minutes) It blew over quickly though. Now it’s just a memory in the past. :feh_tooobin:

The Pokemon Alliance/Metapod Gang & the Pokepuns

Pokepuns sometimes pop up in the FEH GP, despite there being a Pokemon Go section of GP as well (that’s not nearly as active) The main reason these are used is because of Gamingbro1, who is the main Pokemon fan in the FEH section. One of his defining traits is that he uses Pokepuns consistently. As people on GP love copying others, you will sometimes see Pokepuns pop up occasionally. Examples include Audino (I don’t know), and Absollutely Disgusting (a variation on the standard “Disgusting” FE meme)
The Metapod Gang was another prominent group on GP in its earlier days, along with Birb Army & Seal Gang. Gamingbro1 never actually tried to form this group. It started out as a meme, but grew into an actual group with certain users being named “Honorable Members”. The reason Metapod Gang no longer exists is because it was replaced by the Pokemon Alliance. One day, Gamingbro gathered all of the people in Metapod Gang, and some others that he knew liked Pokemon, and proposed that they change their name to the Pokemon Alliance, to give every Pokemon representation. Everyone agreed, and a post was made in FEH Fluff to announce the new name for the group. The Pokemon Alliance still exists today, having grown in size, and continue to discuss Pokemon in their chatroom to this day. :birbpeek:

Related Topics: GP Groups/Cults

The Abandonment of GP (Three Houses/Afterwards)

After Fire Emblem Three Houses was released, many people who normally spend a lot of time on GP went to go play that instead. After all, this is a FE forum.
So Gamepress felt much quieter than normal, and threads were made about this subject for a while.
It is still being brought up today, and probably will continue to be brought up until most of the people finish playing Three Houses, and return to GP :feh_birbpeek:
Even after Three Houses was out for some time, many users still mention that GP isn’t as active as before. This could be caused by many factors.
Someone’s Opinion: Could be caused by summer winding down, or maybe just burnout from being on GP very often.:feh_birbpeek:

The Great Hot Cheeto Incident of May 28, 2019

SweetiePie got a cheeto crumb stuck waaaaayy under her nail and it really hurt.
Her complaining about this via making a post eventually led to many statements, including but not limited to:
“Do seals even have fingers”
“Just cut your finger off”
“Maybe go see a doctor?”
Eventually, someone posted a picture of Oprah.
In response, SweetiePie said “Thanks Oprah, my cheeto finger is healed”.
This thread was also the place where the “Thanks Discobot” Incident began.


Different subsections for easier reading :feh_birbpeek:

ShinxDaSphinx & Shinx's Soul

ShinxDaSphinx is a forum regular famous (infamous?) for constantly changing their profile picture. The reason for this (most of the time), is that Shinx allowed the newest GP mods (Bow-of-Sacae, Rin, & AniCre001) to “take their soul”, meaning that Shinx allowed them to change her profile picture at any time. GP mods already had this power, but they are not allowed to change someone’s profile picture without consent unless it’s necessary. Due to this “soul stealing”, Shinx’s profile picture is constantly being changed by a mod forcing her to become something else (Bow’s Waifu List, for example) This is still ongoing, so if you find that Shinx’s profile picture has changed, you don’t need to pay much attention to it.
Or, Shinx may have changed it at her own leisure to impersonate someone else. There was an agreement to stop copying other forum user’s profile pictures though, so this should be less common now.
This is still a running joke between Shinx & Someone_Person. Someone brings this up constantly, which sometimes acts as another jumping off point for their RPing. :feh_birbpeek:

Banraku & the Bootlegs

It all started with Banraku, a forum Regular, who impersonated (the omnidaddy) Obsidian (by stealing his profile picture). She then went on to steal the profile picture of many different users. Users like VegitoSSJ2 quickly noticed that something was off and called her out for being a “bootleg”.
The Shapeshifter also played a small role in the overarching story of the Hel-thread, impersonating the goddess of death and starting a war between Ninos and Seals.
After a short collaboration with ShinxDaSphinx and Someone_Person, the Shapeshifter disappeared.
But some say that she’s still lurking around somewhere, waiting for the right moment to strike once more.

The Collapse of the “Waifu Wars” Polls

While most wouldn’t know about this event, sometime in early March, Loresome (GP User) started the series of polls, called Waifu Wars. Each poll would have women from each Fire Emblem game (only FE women in FEH) and people’s would cast their votes for who was the best, based on appearance, attractiveness, and personality. Each poll stared at 7:00 P.M. and ended from 6:50 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. (PT). With each new poll made, more details were added to the format. Each character’s alts, if any, a brief sentence summarizing their personality, etc. This would contribute to the downfall of the polls. It would take a longer to make them, as each character had images on top of everything else. The polls went to FE: Awakening and ended. While Loresome has attempted to make a revival or follow-up to those polls, they have never resurfaced properly.

Here are each of the polls:
Waifu Wars Round 1
Waifu Wars Round 2
Waifu Wars Round 3
Waifu Wars Round 4
Waifu Wars Round 5
Waifu Wars Round 6
Waifu Wars Round 7
Waifu Wars Round 8


How is Tobin cult serious? They are loser

Not the cult itself, but the explanation & wiki.
Basically this:
Would someone post this in a real wiki, and not have it edited out by a mod?
I want everything here to be as factual as possible.
The more people add relevant information, the better.


Gotcha! The one sentence I’ll probably add is golden

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What about when mafia round 2 broke the servers multiple times in a day


That’s a good idea. :birbpeek:
I’ll see if I can add that.


Made it :birbpeek:
Does it look good? :thinking:


Please do try to keep the information as unbiased and truthful as possible in the main post.

The replies are fair game however


Here’s an idea; why people call it Loresome’d when they run out of likes.


bluebell, Bow-of-Sacae, stepping, and farmer man.
The origin of the term “SUS
The origin of this meme


Ah this is nifty
Still remember the disco incident


Ah yes, if you need it, I have my farmer man folder


We would love for you to share your knowledge

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I added the “Shapeshifter” storyline.

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If no one talks about what a cute seal i am, I’m going to revolt and become amgry seal


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