The great fight for the Save skills and my armors

Hello first I’m going to flex all my armors

funny only two are the ones wearing real armor
With Henriette annoying me for trying to bang my Lif I will give this for making me suffer
The question is to who :feh_maethink:
I started to think and eliminated all the armors who I think it doesn’t fit and the melee ones have or will have DC don’t worry

Well except Idunn sorry
I want to know yer opinion first unit wise as I don’t have alot of time to flex the builds because there is a blackout and I didn’t charged my phone as the dumbassu I am

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Are you in a rush to fodder Far Save though? Given that Far Save is a really exclusive skill at the moment, if you don’t have B!Hector available, I would honestly just wait till the right unit comes along that can really maximize the usage. As has recently been repeated as nauseam in forums recently, B!Hector makes really good use of Far Save since his Prf A skill is DC built in with extra stat bonuses. He has one of the strongest EP in the game to make good use of the skill.

The problem imo with a lot of your units in your barracks is they don’t have innate damage reduction or anti armor-effectiveness (well, S!Idunn for one turn I guess) to synergize with Far Save.

W!Ephraim wouldn’t work, the skill cancel Siegmund effect, I would go with Alfonse, he has a good bulk in both sides

Brave Ephraim could be a well option for it as long as you keep him with some kind of bonus active on him

For an example of how I’d build him with it

As long as he has any kind of bonus active on him he ends up with
74 Atk
40 Spd
55 Def
52 Res
On top of doubling and healing on his weapon

And thats not even including actual buffs themselves or outside support buffs

Obviously this requires him to be maxed out… but even without being maxed out it would still work well… other than him Alfonse with an EP build