The Happy Place - The Desalination Zone

Tired of seeing salt everywhere you go? Just want to share some good luck that happened? Want to brag without getting chewed out?

Maybe you got spooked by that 5 star you always wanted while rolling for a rate up 4 star. Maybe you just hit the jackpot while farming for mats. Or maybe you just don’t know how to interact with everyone in the Salt(ier) Repository because you have nothing to be salty about.

Whatever it is, share it here and fight back against the negativity that seems to be taking over FGO!

Gudako SQ

(Salt is prohibited. Please take to the Salt Repository instead. Thank you!)


Since I started this thread, I may as well start it off:

29 free Eternal Gears! :smiley:


Gears came at the right time for me.

When I started farming for the last 8 secret gems and gallstones my new penth needed for a 9/9/9, zerker training grounds gave me 3 gems in my first runs (8th took its sweet time though…) and the Arakawa field gave me 3 gallstones in my first 3 runs. It must be a sign that penth is eager to smash greek boys for me :grin: …or anything that remotely looks like a Greek boy if you squint hard enough through rage filled eyes. Can’t wait for her CEO costume!



YOLO ticket on the Setsubun summon, silver assassin which turned to gold, and it was Shuten. She’s not someone for whom I’d explicitly save but for a while now I’ve wanted to have her for utility/roster/aesthetic reasons, so it was a nice surprise.


One man’s happy hour is another man’s salt

Me right now after spending all of mine:

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Setsuban bones drop was a suprise to be sure but a welcomed one

But they put gears in the shortest month of the year :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather have eternal daily bones really. Good mats nonetheless. I don’t have anyone to use spinal fluids on though. :expressionless:

Did a random roll with 200 quartz for Shuten, didn’t get her. But got Waver instead tho, so i’m pretty happy about that. What isn’t happy are my heart and feather supplies.

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Yolo rolled a ticket during Setsubun. Spooked by Drake, which is a pretty nice grab as a f2p.

Also, I love avoiding salt. Just gotta coast with low expectations. All good things will come in time


Karna’s Interlude. :sunglasses:


So this is a place where E- luck salty players like me can never post :fgo_badciv:


I’m sure there’s something you can be positive about. It’s all about finding the bright side of things.
(If you need to get rid of all your salt first, please head to the Salt Repository across the street first, then come back. :wink:)


It’s not directly game related, but I just want to call out how friendly and cooperative this forum community is. I’ve been playing online games since the 90’s, and I have spent… Well, let’s just say probably a bit too much time on gaming forums. I’ve seen endless flame wars, malignant trolls, personal attacks, and 100+ page rants in my time, but absolutely none of that, here.

People go out of their way to be polite. They admit when they were wrong, and apologize if they accidentally offend someone. They make new players feel welcome and are enthusiastic about helping them learn the ropes.

In short, it’s almost like the majority are actually mature adults with empathy and generosity, as opposed to pretentious 12-year-olds with anger management issues.

It’s kinda weird, and it’s taken some adjustment, but I definitely appreciate it!


Floor 190, Bedivere vs Mama Raikou. Love how my silver knight does so much damage despite being a 3* servant (ok, ok, most of that is because he’s level 100 and maxed on everything but gold fous…)


I’ve yet to do that one, I just got him in the gssr alongside Mordred #4 (Cub loves me XD, maybe she’ll spook me with an np 5 one day). I’ll probably work on getting his bond up to do it since I’ve gotten Setsubun done and over with…along with the rank up quests I’ve yet to do :P