The Harvest Festival did me dirty/'tricked' me this year, but the banners after 'treated' me right

Figured I should make this its own topic post because of how lengthy it’s become. The Shared Bounty aka Harvest Festival 2021 thread is older, so I missed out on participating in it, to the point the Spooky banner is departed and the new Ninja banner’s already been here for several days.

And since this is its own topic, I’m gonna use it to talk about some of my other summons from expired banners as well~ and whatever else comes to mind. Bear with me :pray:t3:

A word of caution

Very, very long post so, just lettin ya know lol. I’m bored with nothing else to do all day really, so I’m just watching recent Ttar (a Youtuber) streams I missed on Twitch while I let loose on this. So I just be writin a lot… but when do i not? So, yeah… Needless to say? I spent hours upon hours on this and… It’s a read and a half. :feh_nini:

Osokkata na/遅っかたな

I know I’m super late to the party, but I finished up on the banner like at the very very end, and also just haven’t been active, but logged back in a couple days ago ^-^

So I don’t expect this to be given the time of day by a whole lotta people, which is okay, you know. I just wanted to share anyway. Talk about it in a space where I can, since… I don’t have anywhere or anyone else to do that lol. And not just that, there’s no community quite like this one. But now to the topic at hand 🤌🏽😅

Well… If y’all haven’t seen, SothisPocus made a topic putting their +10 Harvest Festival Duo Sothis&Byleth (whom I dub Spoopy Sothis) on display, and SothisPocus spent around 1600 orbs for that :fgo_ereshshock:

If only I was half as lucky… :pensive:

It was kinda looking like Young Sacred Stones all over again.

I'm just sittin with a +3 Y!Lyon from that.

Well… +2 and then another one with an equally good asset that makes it hard to choose between the two and so I face decision paralysis and can’t seem to fuse either of them into the other.

The first summons~

I don’t remember exactly how much I spentー and I didn’t start 'Pokemon Snap’in stuff until much later on in my summons, butー I spent 1000~ish orbs without grabbing a single focus unit, 5☆ or not haha… Instead I just kept getting pity-broken out of my mind by off-focus units, mostly blue. But not all. But you get so many blue stones and it gives you hope, but then no.

More summons

A lot of really nice inheritable skills, tho!
Guinevere is already​:ok_hand:t4: :feh_tobinice:

I may consider ascending her attack stat when I get the new Laegjarn… But like… I also use Idunn a lot too… :feh_eirikathink:
I’ve given Lull Atk/Res & Joint Drive Res to Orochi which has been really nice ofc. I think I can wait to give her more merges since she’s still great atm. So I did

Yes, sadly not enough SP to learn them yet :pensive:

Also nabbed myself a second B!Eirika! She’s neutral so she would benefit a lot from the extra stats, but… instead I sacrificed her to Malice. Didn’t play her game yet and wasn’t aware of her existence, but my eyes lit up when I saw her and I was disappointed to see she had a push skill. Those are so boring and they’re oversaturating the game with it (like they do with many skills, so hey. It’s cool)
That said, I want to get as close to +10’ing all the CYL5 units as I can, but I’ll have more golden opportunities to get Eirika. I’d also rather wait for a +atk or +spd before I merge her.

Took me less than an hour to decide tbh. But I did have my qualms with it at first as well, as there are 100 others who’d benefit greatly from it. I gave her Galeforce too while I was at it haha.

Malice is the baddest and just from her Castle/Home quotes, you can tell she’s

real as they come

I have no idea who to give Hapi to, and she’s also +1m, +Atk, +4Df, already. I’ll just–

I wouldn’t mind +10’ing her either

I really want the Catch and Trace on someone, but I gotta wait for Atk/Res Catch 3 to come out on someone. They did it with Atk/Def Catch 3, so… soon? I already gotta wait on Def/Res Ideal 3 to give Pirate Surtr’s ass to someone, so I’m patient.

Anyway… Yeah. So now I think 1100-1200~ orbs estimated total, andー after being off-focus pity broken anywhere from 3 to 5+% from start to finish, over… and over… and over… When, you know. It coulda been a Sothis multiple times lol, (also yes. It did get off-pitied back down to 3, like every time, No Sothis’s acquired. thanks for asking :D So the -1% “only” isn’t much of a consolation…) I finally- Finally…

got my first Spoopy Sothis!!! :tada::jack_o_lantern::dragon_face::jack_o_lantern: Hype!!! And I got her the day after my birthday! Summoned on Nov. 3, Bday on Nov. 2.
But here (the aforementioned topic) I see someone who spent not even twice as much and +10’ed her…? If I hadn’t gotten Sothis already, I may have been discouraged.
I just thought of it as duality and the two farthest apart points on the gacha spectrum I guess lol. Either way, I’m happy about it and happy for SothisPocus on their +10! Spoopy Sothis legion!!!

And you already know! I’m gonna get at least one more copy on the Double Special Heroes banner she’ll be on in April (;

And so like I said, those are just the summons I have of when I started SS’ing… It’s all pain before and in between ofc. . . Literally got her in the last week or less of the banner being up haha. (I skipped through the Feh newsboard to double check and it closed on the 7th. So yeah…) A serious clutch by a small margin… And at the end of the world when I summoned her, as you can see, I had absolutely fantastic luck and got some Lull Atk/Def fodder, and a Nagi merge. Literally the same IVs (+Def/-Spd) xD not mad, I prefer it. Also equal defenses.

-Spd is also fine, I know I can fix it later. It’s better than -Atk

There are no coincidences


So, funny story kinda. As I recall-- I didn’t spend NEARLY as many orbs but-- I also didn’t get Summer Freyja until joining up with her in Voting Gauntlet after taking the L. Coincidence, maybe… But it must be fate! I think it’s more likely to have summoned Sothis with way less orbs and at a lower percent, 3.0% even, than for that to be a coincidence. It was actually the same day. Just like with S!Freyja. As in the day I chose to support S!Freyja/HF!Sothis. And that’s colorless hell we’re talking about.

Can’t forget about this gift from Naga!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Pretty much the highlight for me next to Spoopy Sothis!


I almost gave her Even Tempest instead because she has Close Call already, and more importantly, she has Galeforce. But Spurn is so good and works with the new Distant Pressure, so maybe next time?

Mareeta really needed it and I recently gave her Distant Counter after putting so many other Heroes before her :sob: because she didn’t reeeally need DC and destroyed maps without it, tanking both melee and ranged, but it’s nice to have so she can slice and stab those mages and archers back too. And Distant Pressure has been amazing on her. I got Time’s Pulse from an extra Lysithea copy I think.? So she’s like super high investment and fully built, excluding merges, which are hard to come by even with fair spending on her focus banners… But thanks to this banner and Brave Marth. Bright side of everything! :sweat_smile:

Sothis Emblem, almost!

I might give Winter Sothis A/D Near Save since I summoned 3 Dedues, but I also kinda want it on Spring Idunn and maybe Nagi, Winter Hilda or Winter Tharja, not sure… There’s also Effie who is close to +10

Maybe I can break even with a few hundred orbs to get Sothis up to like +4 or +5 (:

At which time, I will make another post maybe? (much much shorter ofc)

Phew~ Finally done…

Now on to part 2! :D RIP everyone’s attention span… JK I’m kinda exhausted, too. So, I’ll just add the other stuff in the comments soon. Lol.
Thanks a million everyone who read this (: Replies are appreciated, and any tips or advice on anything you deem worthy of sharing are welcome!


Yeah, this banner did suck didn’t it? I also had some bad luck throwing about 200 ish orbs at it and getting nothing. Had to stop after that, since I was saving.


Good on you for stopping there, though that is still a value of like $133~ without factoring in the meh discounts IS has. Sorry about the wasted orbs TへT Sothis and Naga bless us


All F2P orbs. (Though the cost comparison does make it feel worse).


My bad I shoulda kept it to myself :rofl::rofl:


Good post. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised by your outlook on the whole situation. I would probably need to step away from the game for a bit if I got hit with that luck. Good luck on getting more copies in April!

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