The highest my lift has ever been in AR

and probably the highest it’ll ever be. I’m probably gonna end up losing lift on defense and going down to T25, but just the fact that i made it to T26 at all is huge to me. Here’s hoping my defense can pull through especially now that, on the last day, i remembered to add the bonus structure.


How much lift have you lost already by your defense?
Also, this week I didn’t try so I’m pretty low only 24.

I’ve lost 184 lift on defense this season. Not many people battled me though so that isn’t really saying much.

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I don’t know how the cap of lift loss works with mythics sadly (I have none) I don’t know if it still caps at 240.

Interesting. :feh_legion:

I could’ve gotten near that much this week if I didn’t lose two consecutive battles when my Escape Ladder is already used up. :feh_notlikethis:

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Or forgetting to put your Escape ladder on. :feh_legion:
I guess that was beneficial today as I skipped the first one because I wasn’t feeling it, used my last ladder without thinking much of it, and got a much easier one after that and wiped them.

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