The inevitable "Sheba CQ is too hard" thread

Ara ara, here’s a thread for all those inevitable cries for help. Post your plan or lineup here so scrubs like me can get our bums ready for some spanking by 3 moogles after failure to pay off our debts.


So long as one of them is named Mog I am fine with this!



Can’t be as bad as the Taiga one.



I’ll probably try this with a support Ozy and normal 2030 instead of the MLB one, and find a replacement for the Carp CE.

“F2P” set-up though:


I have seen a (np5) melt solo, but the hardest EQ of this event has to be MHXA.

Every video I have seen of the sheba EQ is to leave the white suit guy alive and kill off the biker with a sub damage dealer (time to put those extra grudge match drops to work :fgo_illya:) since that grants a taunt to the servant that dealt the killing blow. Then after you break sheba’s 1st bar she will summon in a 2nd white suit and they do nothing but charge sheba’s np by 1 except when their own np gauge is full, so you are only taking 1 hit per turn most of the time


The long arm of Sallie Mae

We’ll never survive this one


Quetz’ time to shine has come.

Well, she and Merlin’s, but mostly Quetz’s.

I’ll share my team after i beat it.

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That NP5 Kintoki though… I wonder if I can sub him with Ryouma. Or borrow a Melt and use my own Ushiwaka instead

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The flavor of this fight is nice. On paper the fight itself doesnt look too dangerous either. Will try this but if it doesnt work might change marie with hans. Shame there’s no mystic code with multiple heals

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Hi Hi. Just here to post this stuff, even tho people will make their own threads just like always lmao.

A few disclaimers. It’s titled easy clears, but some of the solos are rng. Sheba included. But it has an f2p system to beat Sheba, and not the Honako high rng type of f2p clear either, which is really hard to replicate. Here, it doesn’t take more than 3 servants, and won’t rely on the mash or merlin to die, except in the last turn or so. Also, stick a prisma or something on Memelord if you’d like, from friends.

Edit: If someone could actually list the gimmicks Sheba has, that would be great. Wikia doesn’t exactly help figure out what “Paying back the loan” is. Do I hit her with a crit when she inflicts a crit buff?



Paying the loan is exactly what it sounds. Got a crit buff? Crit. Got a NP gain buff? Use a Arts or Quick card. Got a Invincible? Get hit.

It’s very RNG. The video has a list of all “loans” Sheba gives.

People mentioned making individual threads for each challenge quest but no one ever really did it til now.

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Thanks for linking the vids! Hopefully people would try to read this thread before starting their own asking how to do this fight :fgo_badciv:

Compared to Taiga, Sheba is probably easier for some harder for others. This fight relies on having good luck getting the right “loan” on the right servant at the right time.

From what I’ve read, these are the buffs Sheba can give

From the start (1–2 buffs per turn):
Crit dmg up — you have to crit with that servant, so you better have generated enough stars to crit!
Star Gen — Use Q or B
NP Gain — Use A or Q

After 1st break (3–4 buffs per turn):
NP/Q/A/B Up — need that exact card (Sheba has a QAABB deck, so Q might be OK to leave untouched if needed)

After 2nd break (5 buffs per turn):
Atk Up — That servant will have to attack
Def Up — That servant needs to get hit

The only consolidation with the crit dmg buff, even though it is relatively hard to satisfy, buffs her NP and debuffs your NP, so as long as it’s on a support servant (cough Merlin cough) you can leave it up for as long as you want and just evade/invul her NPs as they come until you get the stars needed to crit.

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this fight reminds me of how lostbelt 1 and 2 feels extremely easy compared to camelot.
Taiga kicked our ass and now all we gotta do is have some crits to use the crit dmg up loan

This CQ actually looks kind of fun. When I first watched a video of this CQ, I didn’t understand the mechanics and I was overwhelmed because Sheba was getting a lot of buffs? And your Servants are buffed? Now they’re not?? What is happening???

So yeah, my planned lineup: Mash, Ridertoki, Sanzang, Skadi, Melt, Alexander

Kinda strategic. Have Sanzang with Poster Girl take out the leftmost mook since he actually does damage every turn and could be fatal to Ridertoki. Mook will use target on her when he dies, which doesn’t change anything hah, get her to be knocked out, and then Skadi comes and does her thing.

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I have a plan but I can’t execute it yet. Why? I’ve had a ton of CKT drops but barely any GMs.

I’ll mostly likely shelve this until after the next node opens and I go ham on farming again.

I’ll trade you TTuTT I’ve gotten so many GMs but only 2 CKTs
I’m not that mad, its given me lots of CQ options and I’ve still opened plenty of boxes but… at least one more would be nice.

Maybe borrow a Kintoki from FL and use your own Ushi. Also Np2+ Melt should work.

NICE. Thanks mate

This is the plan

I just hope it’s less RNG than Taiga’s quest