The Infantry Arden... Chrom!




Gets rid of Chrom’s Falchion



that’s a sturdy boi

this is mine


For that build yes. If I wanted to use my actual Chrom, it would be this build

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Sturdy Impact and Vantage with Savage Blow?

It’s definitely a new combination.

It needs updating. It used to be my “Steamroll through the story/paralogues to orbs quickly” build. I need to get him a player phase B skill.

Wow. That’s a lot of Defense. I’d say it’s way more than anyone should need unless you’re trying to tank Brave Hector or Winter Ephraim with him.

I much prefer taking advantage of Chrom’s Speed superboon. I have him paired with Legendary Tiki, so he still pushes close to 50 Def while having the Speed to block many doubles.

I didn’t know Chrom had a Spd Superboon. I never really thought to build it because it’s low, so I just ignored it for the most part.
But very nice build. I can see that being a pain to fight against.