The journey is over (for now)

we’ve finally done it men (and ladies)

after $200 and THIS


we finally got the flora merge

here she be in all her greatness

both copies i got were +HP so i wasn’t able to get a better boon, but i guess HP isn’t really all too bad is it? it helps with her overall bulk so i’m not too torn up about it.
also i need a better C skill but then i realized armors only have shit C skills.

I don’t think that i’ll try to pull for her or felicia when their debut banner comes back around, i have them both at +1 currently and for how much money i spent on this banner for flora and the legendary banner that felicia was on (which is more than i’d like to admit) i don’t think it’s worth it.

now come on edelgard, i know you’re the legendary this month, just fuck my wallet up already, i’m prepared


She looks great!



Excellent girl. +HP isn’t a bad boon at all, it contributes to overall bulk and in combination with a blessing (and maybe even HP Def 2 seal??) she can easily avoid Aversa and Sudden Panic effects which is really solid.

Now is when they reveal Legendary Edelgard and make us cry.


Everyone is talking about a possible legendary Edelgaed, but watch IS pull a reverse uno card and destroy my wallet instead by releasing Legendary Dimitri out of nowhere. (I agree with the others that it still might be too soon for timeskip alts as they might come with spoilers, but I need them already, aaagh)


better your wallet than mine

no just kidding, it might be too soon for them, but i’m not sure. either way i’ll be happy no matter what lord gets their legendary alt first because all three deserve to get one.
even though, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’re going to dominate CYL4


That sounded like a farewell to FEH,not gonna lie.

But congrats! Flora’s looking great. I got 3 Flora’s on my way to get 2 Lilina’s and she’s great :ok_hand:


Is that really how big our rib cages are?


Amen, if Dimitri wins CYL4, it’ll be much easier for me to +10 him with the freebie. Though I’ll be tempted to pick up Edelgard if she wins as well, hmm…
I look foward to it either way!


beautiful flora :ok_hand:

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It’s honestly very hard for me to decide who I like better: Felicia or Flora. :feh_notlikethis:

But I give a slight edge to Flora.

I have a thing for big sisters.


i’ve never figured out who i liked more, i feel like we didn’t see much of flora in fates outside of her supports in conquest, which were nice, but i also like felicia’s clutsy personality.
both are great though honestly


I always alternate which I like more, but overall I think I’d give it to Flora as well


Flora is best :blue_heart:


Armor March is really good on her since she has a bigger rage to initiate combat
Btw really you got her, that would have been so disappointing if you didn’t get her at all :feh_luci:

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it is a good skill for her, the only problem with it is that i don’t use her on an armored team so it’s only going to be useful in certain situations. i might just switch her team around a bit though because i think ill for sure be using her whenever rokkr sieges comes back, and i always use armors in that mode

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real nice and you got good fodder out of it too
really happy for you that you got a merge out of it


She only need a single armor ally to activate it

This is my Flora, and believe me when I say she dominates player phase
All she needs is my main Grima (M) always around


thank u

i have many a plan for the lilinas since she has a lot of good fodder, at this point idk what is best to fodder off of her anymore lol

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very nice very nice :ok_hand:
i might pair her up with winter ephraim and see how they work out together

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Umm… winter Ephraim isn’t actually the best pic since he fights with solo skills
Anyone else?

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