The Jugdral Thread Part 8: real Friege hours! :feh_lenewink:

Wake up, new fe4 banner just dropped, featuring

Two siblings out for blood

Finding a fanart of you without Larcei was way too hard

Guess who’s back again…with plushies this time?
Friege’s resident girlboss, soon to become a fan favourite punching bag

Ascended Ishtar is cool and all

But this chad OHKO’s her


Missed opportunity to make the thread Friege themed


It’s alive!

@WormMeHarderDaddy and I just spent like literally an hour trying to figure out pairings for our randomized runs


Would absolutely love a Yngvi themed banner in the future, especially considering base Brigid is currently my most wanted Jugdral character.

Faval was pretty great during my last FE4 playthrough. Interestingly, for me, he ended up being the one to kill Ishtar.

EDIT: On the topic of Friege, ready your Tailtius, everyone! Hilda is coming.


Double helswath


I’m gonna have like 3 units who can use it. Same for Mjolnir I think.

Also more importantly: double Naga


I haven’t been active these days, but it’s a fe4 banner so I want to make a post about my thoughts

Tine was the star of the banner, no surprises here other than her being a colorless tome. Disappointed they didn’t go with her other design

Arthur, my most wanted gen 2 character has been made a prfless 5 star…I’m fine :slightly_smiling_face: (the art is :feh_arvisboneappetite: tho)

Ulst…I mean Scathach was born the wrong gender lol. It’s a win for feh at least since he’s a sword demote finally

Ishtar, I love you but come on you just had your resplendant, Is needs to learn what pacing is.

Hilda I’m happy she’s finally getting official content, but I have to see the art first before I say anything else

Funny that going on reddit’s salt thread there’s a lot of people with Jugdral flairs…


Hey Shinx, I was making the thread with fanarts and all, you said it’s ok if we change it so I will(and leave Febail at the end)
I will revert it back if you don’t want to


The villainfucker in me is excited for Hilda more as I feel like Feh-chan hardly tried with this one. For example, Ishtar could have been deadlier and Ulster deserves more than a sword and dollar store trouble



I was so confident that the next FE4 GHB would be Manfroy and we got Hilda instead… At least I can kick her ass with Tailtiu but still. Honestly even Blume would have been a better GHB, at least he’s more important and he’s a Freege member by blood.

But he and Manfroy don’t have tits so screw them :upside_down_face:

4* Ulster is cool though, can’t wait to give him all the fodder (Looking at you Vital Astra) and merge him up into a unit he deserves to be.


Yeah Scathach seems to get shit on everywhere, but I have hopes for him
At least he’ll be a little differend that all the speed demons.

His atk is 42, someone on reddit calculated that.

It’s gonna be nice, was looking for a slow burn merge project accually so this is gonna be it.


The motto of IS

Maybe they only gave Larcei Imperial Astra and not Scathach because she takes after Ayra while Scathach takes after their father so he could still learn Astra but his wouldn’t be as strong as hers?

I’m trying to be nice to IS but it’s not easy


Shannan was able to fool Is because he had boobs


Okuma Yugo knows IS’s priorities and stepped in to save Shannan


New thread. :partying_face:

Poor Scathath. I’m hoping he’ll actually have 35 speed and superboon.

Yay for Tine and Arthur (Why didn’t give him a prf too. I hate it) for Tailtiu’s inevitable family reunion.

Side note: The Judgral cast must be the most gracious living in Askr since they can be reunited with their loved wars with little to no personal stakes on their part.

A!Ishtar is beautiful but just another powercreep version of her OG self.

And screw Hilda. Sadly I see her getting a prf because she’s the “unpopular character not many will build without a meta prf” like Riev and Iago.


It’s sad because she and Tine are probably the only non-disappointments so far

We haven’t seen enough with Hilda yet tho, so who knows

  • I love Arthur’s art but preferenceless five star is a fate worse than death

  • We don’t talk about Scathach

  • I honestly didn’t even think Ishtar qualified for an Ascendant compared to everyone else who got one so far


Aside from some awkward situations like Deirdre’s amnesia and every version of Lachesis still being in her ‘I’ll only love my brother’ phase, Askr must seem like a miracle to both generations. Most of the kids mention in Genealogy not being able to remember their parents or in Tine, Fee, and Ced’s case, their last memories of their mother are sad ones and Finn, Lewyn, Edain, and Erinys are the only parents that get to see their kids as more than just babies. Finn is the only first gen father that has the chance to raise one of his children and that’s only if you pair him with Lachesis.

Really wish we would get more supports exploring this. Altena’s S support and Erinys’s C support were nice but Larcei sharing one with Shannan and other random sword girls instead of talking to the mother she so desperately wants to believe is still alive in Genealogy is why my expectations for the upcoming Forging Bonds are low


I never considered her before, but then I saw her in the thumbnail and my first thought was “lowkey, I should’ve guessed they’d pull this shit”