The Kazumi Event is over and I didn't level up Umika

I’m not sure what to do now. I don’t have the books to awaken her even if I do level her up. Is this a lost cause?

i mean tbh, you can just use gems to lvl her at any time, thats not an issue and as long as you max slot her, aka have 4 slots

she functions fine at lvl 60, as a support or for events when you need memoria slots

awakening is only for megucas you really like or for completion sake
dw about it

when they do give her a doppel and awaken her to 5 stars, theyll probably do a rerun then
so theres also that

I mean then again, jp already reran the azalea event, and both hazuki and ayame are still 4-star capped

so who knows how they even plan this stuff out

yea but who cares about ayame and no one but me likes hazuki especially when light has a million other better options

mellisa on the other hand got 5 star capped so im guessing crossover events do get that treatment

konoha did enough to fuck everything up completely for everyone in her circle multiple times

even skipping most everything, I was able to get that much from what little bits I did read

yes, thats the point
shes just a foil to nanaka,
paranoid and care about their team but goes about it in very different ways