The King of Thracia is almost complete + other progress

The biggest thing this update brought for me was the addition of a special someone to the grail shop:

Now I only need to wait for his revival for the final copy, rather excited for that. I’ve also made him my lead for the time being :feh_legion:
On the topic of other merge projects, I have finished merging my Merric not too long ago. Still needs Dragonflowers and better A and B skills, but other than that he performs nicely.

Winds, yeet me

Also managed to grab a merge for my Deirdre thanks to the update. She’s +5 now, and I’ll see if I can manage to complete her when she comes back on a banner. Would be cool having a 5 star exclusive +10, although my luck hasn’t been stellar lately, so hopefully she won’t appear soon…
Hope everyone else’s merge projects are going great!

The Jugdral Notification Squad



This killed me more than it should’ve :catroll:

Though it’s always fun seeing a mage with an actual Def stat. Good work. :feh_arvisboneappetite:


So you’re extra dead?




That Travant is absolutely terrifying and I love it.

Also congrats on getting Deirdre to +5! I just got Leanne to +4 completely unintentionally. She just really likes being free summoned


Literally just a flying wall, he’s great fun
Also thanks! All of my Deirdre expect the last ones were pitybreakers too, and at this point I’m just like “why not finish her?”.


Can’t wait for the Wyvern version of Pegasus Flight

Wyvern Flight

"At start of combat, if unit’s Atk ≥ foe’s Atk-7, inflicts penalty on foe’s Atk/Def during combat = 50% of difference between Def stats (unit’s Def minus foe’s Def) before combat. (Maximum penalty of -7.)


But wheres the SS for Finn


Before this day Travant was only +2 so he surely needed it more. But I might just switch it back by now :thinking:


Good good, character loyalists need to stay strong


I made it into the Jugdral notification squad at last , yeee

That Travant is truly beautiful and Merric’s looking pretty fine as well. Also it’s great seeing your Deirdre get to +5, give it a bit of time and I’ll be able to get Lewyn to +5 from the codes myself. (I’m also praying he doesn’t show up again on a banner anytime soon, I’m not ready aaaaa)

Great work as always :feh_flaynsmile:

Now game please let my man +10 Deirdre when she comes back, don’t screw him over thanks

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Thanks Chip! I saved up quite some resources to get him to +9 on this very day :feh_hridexcited:
I’m actually able to get my Lewyn to +3, so I’m not that far behind you. Even though I’d rather merge his son


Good job! Now you only need to wait ~6 months for his revival…
Mine is only +2 atm because DK is the grail unit I’m merging atm, but he is still one heck of a wall! A shame he doesn’t have a prf…

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It still hurts
Just gotta make the best out of what we were given

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Yeah, Maybe in 5 years when he’ll be absolutely outdated IS will give him a prf…

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To be fair I wouldn’t mind merging Ced myself or actually pulling a copy but I’d ideally want to give him a much different build than the one I have on Lewyn :thinking:

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I use Ced as a reverse Lewyn. Get him into Desperation range and I would argue he’s better than his father. The only thing Lewyn has on him is Special Spiral but with the attack bonuses from him tome and a Brazen, he doesn’t need a special proc. But his Icebergs are impressive.

Odd coincidence, both of them are currently +2