The knights of Silesse

Ok, this is the thing… I don’t like too much the old pegasus characters. Clair, Cordelia, Tana, Palla, Est… I know some of you love them, some times they have decent tiers, but to me they are not good enough. Their stats are so bad. Tana can reach those 50 attack easily, but most of the rest hold the 40-47 without a lot of merges. And it seems like a waste, when there are so many good characters that fly so much further if they are merged.

But I thought that Dithorba would be different. Her stats seem like an improvement over those characters, and I can get more copies with grails so… cool. Right? Right?

It’s not working, she is not good enough. Melee characters with high resistance pretty much ASK for distant counter, but she doesn’t have enough attack to take full advante of it, not to forget that her low defenses mean she will be killed not only by archers, but by daggers too.

I got one Erinys and one Annand and both of them look better.

Annand seems quite generic too but she has some powerful skills, so being so poor as I am, at least I won’t have to break too many characters to inherit skills.

Erinys looks really really good, but I am surprised, despite her great attack (mine has 63 I think without merges, thanks to her A skill), and hitting x4, despite having a good defense (30 with bad iv in defense), she dies quite a lot. I have to protect her too much, and I am finding that she can’t kill a lot menaces. I mean, 63x4, I thought it would be better.

What do you think? Does some of those character actually worth our time and effort? Do they deserve to be trained without merging? And how bad Dithorba is, actually? Maybe I am misjudging her…

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All three are pretty much good units, just gotta either invest in them more or support them right


Dithorba is non-prf Lance Flyer number something, so she was always going to be mediocre.

Same with Annand but sword flyers are a bit more unique.

Erinys is like a slightly weaker, but easier to use Duo Palla in the permanent pool, like how Duessel is to Pirate Veronica.


Idk how Dirthoba doesnt have enough attack to use DC when I use Sigrun with DC and she has 6 less attack, its a matter of perspective i guess, but my Sigrun murders people left and right


Any unit can be made great with investment. I have Cordelia at +10 and with Galeforce, Heavy Blade 4 and Dive-Bomb, she can destroy even fairly bulky greens. Admittedly with the advantage of having a prf but she is a launch unit too.

Really it all comes down to liking a unit/character. Merge them up, give them the best fodder you’ve got and they’ll be worth it, regardless of age. If you’re looking for a flying lance project, Dithorba being new means more BST which is good and she’s an easily mergeable grail. Could those with prfs be better? Of course, but new units with prfs are usually 5* exclusive so harder to merge and get with perfect IVs which is the big advantage of the 3/4* units. You just need some fodder for them which will likely appear in due course as off focuses or free summons.


Melee characters with high resistance pretty much ASK for distant counter

If they’re specialized toward having high RES, they’re going to want Distant Ward instead.

but she doesn’t have enough attack to take full advante of it

Again solved by Distant Ward.

not to forget that her low defenses mean she will be killed not only by archers

She’s a flier. She doesn’t want to tank bows to begin with .

but by daggers too.

So really, all four of your complaints here sum up to “I want to use DC, but she can’t tank physical attacks.”

Your solution is Distant Ward.

That said, Díthorba is a F2P lqnce flier that you can easily get multiple merges for. Of course they’re not going to make her godly from the start.

You're going to have to invest in her.


Can you show me your build? I love Sigrun, I mean, her appearance, and I used her in Radiant Dawn, but her stats seem so underwhelming… If your build doesn’t require to destroy too many rare units I could try it, I’d like it.

Correct me if I am wrong but it is true that only Brave Edelgard has distant ward? Are you telling me that there are people so spoiled that actually break their brave edelgards to make slightly better their… well… Dithorba? Is that realistic? It’s not for me… I there is an easier way to get that skill, it would be great…

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More stats do not make a unit inherently good.

It’s all about how you invest in them and the team they’re on. I have a Catria on my Abyssal clear team (no units post gen 3) and they have yet to fail to clear one.

In the regular pool yes B!Edelgard is the only option for Distant Ward. NY!Selkie and Ninja!Laev also have it though.

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Correct me if I am wrong but it is true that only Brave Edelgard has distant ward

No, there are a few units who have it. It’s not as plentiful as DC, true, but it’s not exclusive to a single unit.

EDIT: Looking it up, it’s specifically Ninja Laevateinn, Brave Edelgard, and NY!Selkie. I don’t think the Ninja units have been rerun on a legendary/mythic banner yet, so they should return shortly. If I’m wrong about the timing, then both Laevateinn and Selkie will return every now and again on special banners.


I’m pretty sure people are loaded with NY!Selkie from them chasing NY!Plumeria.


Whereas I’m loaded with Plumeria chasing Selkies. I love Selkie and Velouria but got 3 sex dream fairies, 3 Duo Alfs and not a single beastgirl. Lady Luck can be fickle.

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I said this on a different Dithorba topic, but Sigrun (and Dithorba’s) power lies somewhat in their hidden tankiness and hidden attack power. Take this build I’m trying out now:

Weapon gives +5 Atk/Def if within 2 spaces of an ally
A skill gives +5 Atk/Res against specific enemies
B skill gives +7Atk/Def/Res against units with 55 or less Spd and 36 or less Res
C skill gives +4 Atk/Spd

So on EP with everything active against a mage or dragon, for example, she has 73 Atk, 52 Spd, 52 Res, and guard.

Against a fellow lancer with everything active she has 68 attack, 52 speed, 46 defense, and guard. Provided she is within 2 spaces of an ally.

Dithorba functions similarly to Sigrun - her stats are just a little different. But costs a lot less grails than Sigrun. So neither are bad, they just require a lot of investment, like most units.

The problem with Flight skills is the double check they do. It won’t activate against speedy units, and against slow ones they won’t win the Def/Res check. If it was an “OR” instead it’d be somewhat viable.

I recently acquired both her lance and the rein, before I used Atk Smoke and Guard Lance

Sure Distant Ward adds +5 Atk, but thats still one less than Dirthoba would have with the same level of investment, so theyre not that different

55 or less visible speed isn’t that difficult of a check.
Even if the enemy has 40 visible resistance, it’s still -5 Atk/Def.

In my experience, it hasn’t been much of an issue to get decent benefit from Pegasus Flight.


Probably. Hell, I have two NY!Selkie manuals, myself, and I was going after Velouria.

It won’t activate against speedy units, and against slow ones they won’t win the Def/Res check

I would disagree, actually. I have it on my Clair, and I’ve been using her to great effect in ARO.

Granted, it can’t just be slapped onto any flier, but for those with high SPD/RES stats, it’s incredibly useful.

I guess it made Phantom skills useful because they give loads of number for skill checks. But in the face of inflated PvE stats Flights are useless.

Back on topic, kinda sounds like you’re looking for a perfect unit, and those don’t exist.

Every unit has a weakness, but with enough investment most can be overcome. But you also don’t really want to invest, which leaves you with few options, like only using meta units with few counters (B Hector, Duo lyn–who still dies to archers, because she is a player phase unit).

Caeda, who you mentioned, has low attack, but also dual effectiveness and flashing blade. She can glacies nuke or galeforce easily. Glacies would take care of any damage problems with her resistance stat.

Other fliers can be built in ways that play to thier strengths and minimize weaknesses, but if you want…

Mininerva. Prf, F2P, Prf A that neutralizes eff. Vs. flying. Good stats (except res, but still in the 20’s and no unit is perfect).

Seteth. Prf, 4* pool (F2P), well rounded stats

Even so, both will only shine with max investment, same as any other unit. Even B!Edel wants DC instead of her native ward.