The Lack of Logic in Salem...?

~As this is my first time posting, please do forgive any mistakes~

NOTE: I have not yet finished Salem. Also, I have tried to remain as emotionally neutral as possible, so do forgive me if there seem to be negative or positive tones.

So Salem was recently released and a new chapter of FGO has come out. I have been progressing through the story and really like the idea of the setting, however, a thought I have never had before has come across my mind. This thought was that the actions that our protagonist takes make no sense whatsoever.

The place in the story where I’ve started having these thoughts is when the hangings in Salem started. Over the course of many singularities, our protagonist has had his/her personality defined and molded and there are certain beliefs that I believe our hero holds that is crucial for the character to be consistent. However, with the hangings that I have read up to so far(Mata Hari’s), the protagonist’s approach to the situation does not align with how he/she would have acted considering the history. It feels incredibly out of place for the protagonist to simply let his/her friends, servants, and innocents be hurt and abused when there is a clear way for them to intervene. Not only that, the main character doesn’t even make an attempt to act against the current force of oppression, Hopkins.

When Mata Hari goes through trial and gets found guilty, we literally just watch the sentencing without doing anything all the way up to her execution. Wut? The character that would literally risk their life to help save Ana in Babylon would do nothing. The character that fought against the Lion King for Bedivere’s redemption would do nothing. Literally nothing. Sure there are hints that something bigger is happening and Mata Hari doing her silent lip artistry is there, but it’s not consistent with what the protagonist would be doing.

What bothers me more is that there are clear ways they could have fought back even with the reduction of their abilities. The servants aren’t regular people with better stats. They are all legends. Nezha alone could probably wipe the floor with her martial arts against a bunch of random 17th-century guards. It’s mind-boggling to me how the personality and actions of the protagonist are so unbelievably different that it’s actually turning me off from finishing Salem. Frankly put, it’s pissing me off.

Am I misunderstanding something about our main character or the situation? Is there an explanation for why the main character acts so OUT of character? I really like FGO’s stories, but this the first time I’ve felt that the story was horribly written or rather written without thought (I don’t remember much of Septem since that was ages ago).

Anyways, if someone can help me out or provide an explanation without spoiling past Mata Hari’s execution that’d be great!

Hope the Gacha favours y’all~~

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Salem have an effect that make most people started to gradually losing their mind.
Robin also theorized that there might be an entity or something controlling Salem, recreating the Witch Trial, so if they don’t play along the entity might btfo them out or worst.

This is also Meteo (Salem writer) first time writing an FGO story.

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Da Vinci mentioned this in the Prologue before our Rayshift: “I’m glad you realize by now that pointless self-sacrifice isn’t the only way to go anymore”. This is an important detail; Ritsuka’s reckless tendency to rush in even when it would lead to nothing but their death has got them into trouble many times in the Singularities, and they’re starting to learn something from it.
Another thing you seem to have missed in Mata Hari’s hanging scene is also important and makes their character entirely consistent. When Mata Hari is led to the gallows, he/she initially tries to fight their way through the guards to reach her in true Ritsuka fashion, but then Mata Hari mouthes “Trust Circe” to them. At that point Ritsuka realizes that fighting against Hopkins’ guards would be more detrimental than anything else and stops, choosing to trust Circe having arranged something to save Mata Hari over recklessly rushing in.
Similarly, trying to attack Hopkins would make the entire situation worse as it might turn the whole village against them, as the party mentions multiple times. Ritsuka still has issues sticking to this and insults/accuses Hopkins on the spot multiple times, but luckily this never has any grave consequences.

So to summarize: Ritsuka isn’t acting out of character at all. He/she has grown from their experiences and tries to act cautiously because the entire situation is incredibly dangerous for everyone involved, even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance, but their true character still shines through regularly when they “explode” and do something reckless, before being held back by the party and cooling down enough to realize that this approach is very likely to make things worse.

Add to all that what @Waifu69 said; Salem basically has a persistent hint of insanity permeating everyone who is inside the Singularity, distorting their perceptions and memories and affecting their decision making, coupled witrh the fact that they’re forced to reenact a stage play set up by some powerful entity (they’re theorizing that there may be something more powerful than the Demon God Pillar behind all of it, and the Pillar is just one of the many actors).


The Lovecraftian feel is strong in this, and everyone know not to mess with anything Lovecraft

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about servant not using their power

  1. their power was weakened and become almost human like. As a certain Faker would said " People die if they get kill" now applied to these servants too

  2. if they use their power that will furthermore compromise their investigation since they will be on the run most of time… special power = sorcery = witch craft. People in Salem already been brainwashed to hate witches.


I’m still wondering what kind of power Hopkins’ has/had. When Sanson was protesting the executions, Hopkins told him to rebuild the gallows. And he did. Why would you rebuild something you are protesting? It leads me to believe that no one can act outside the script.


I’m still annoyed by the servants following Hopkins’ every word as, thought he has authority there in the time, this is still a group of Chaldean servants and a very proficient mage. He’s not going to win the fight.

I guess it just goes back to Sanson (and the rest) just not wanting to fight too hard against those in charge. I think it’s silly, and Ne Zha has had the right idea all along, but whatever.

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If I remember correctly , Salem in general was actually an example of mass Hysteria, So its somewhat accurate how the sentencing played out.

As far as what could’ve been done too stop it, they were trying to be as covert as they could in order to figure out who /what is causing the abnormality.

Its a very delicate situation .


Seeing as we are clearly dealing with some Lovecraftian shit here, I’ll rather be covert than charging in full throttle


Yeah, that’s certainly true. Funny how it more or less repeated itself in the United States with the Red Scare a couple centuries later. Some parts of humanity never change, despite what advances it may make.

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