The Largest Material Costs: Are they worth it?

This came up a while back, I just had to compile some information before starting a thread specifically about this.
The basic question is that aside from favorites, how much do material costs weigh in on the decision for which skills to level? In most cases the material costs are pretty reasonable, but there are extreme cases where they might affect your decision for who to prioritize skill leveling.

~ Gold rarity materials all cost at maximum 10-15 per skill except for two exceptions:

  • Hearts: Jeanne and Amakusa both require 20 hearts per skill
  • Dawn Cores: Qin Shi Huang requires 20 Dawn Cores per skill

So basically some 5 star Rulers are the exceptions here. :fgo_jeannu:

~ Silver rarity materials all cost at maximum 20-24 per skill except for again two exceptions:

  • Seeds of Yggdrasil: Arjuna, Iskandar and Tamamo-no-Mae require 30 seeds per skill
  • Knight Medals: Maybe due to not many servants requiring them, several requre 30 and 40 per skill
Knight Medals

The format is the total per skill, and then in parentheses the amount needed at each skill level.

40 (Lv7:10/Lv8:30) - Brave Liz, Summer Okita
30 (Lv6:10/Lv7:20) - Arthur Proto, Summer Artoria Alter
30 (Lv4:10/Lv5:20) - Artoria Lancer, Astolfo Saber, Bradamante, MHXA

~ Bronze rarity materials are where the really extreme examples are, the maximum per skill varies from 48 to 72 depending on the material. I’ll list all the ones that cost 30 and higher since 90 for all three skills is a significant amount.

For all of these the format is the total per skill on the left and in parentheses is the skill level the materials are needed, if split between two levels the cost is shown for each level.
They are listed in order of highest total followed by highest amount per skill level followed by highest skill level.
The basis for this order is basically how much the material cost serves as a barrier and how essential it is to use your materials on that.

Dragon Fangs

Amount per skill:
59 (Lv7:15/Lv8:44) - Summer Artoria Alter Rider
48 (Lv8) - Beowulf, Lancelot Berserker
48 (Lv7:12/Lv8:36) - Artoria Lancer Alter, Gawain, Halloween Liz, Nero, Summer Kiyohime
36 (Lv6:12/Lv7:24) - Artoria Lancer, Artoria Saber, Mordred, MHX, MHXA, Quetz, Semiramis, Sigurd
36 (Lv4:12/Lv5:24) - Francis Drake, Okita, Summer Artoria Archer
30 (Lv6:10/Lv7:20) - Artoria Saber Alter, Brave Liz, Elizabeth Bathory, Li Shuwen Lancer, Martha, Nagao Kagetora, Siegfried
30 (Lv4:10/Lv5:20) - Artoria Lily, Artoria Santa Alter, Atalante, Sieg

The only thing more powerful than a maid is a maid with a whole bunch of dragon fangs.

Evil Bones

Amount per skill:
72 (Lv7:18/Lv8:54) - Altera, Vladzerker
60 (Lv8) - Nitocris, Rama
60 (Lv7:15/Lv8:45) - Carmilla
48 (Lv8) - Inshun, Paracelsus
48 (Lv7:12/Lv8:36) - Geronimo, Hundred Personas
44 (Lv6:15/Lv7:29) - Cu Alter, First Hassan, Francis Drake, Ivan, Jack, Li Shuwen Assassin, Scathach, Shuten Assassin
44 (Lv4:15/Lv5:29) - Raikou, Tamamo-no-Mae
36 (Lv8) - Leonidas, Phantom
36 (Lv6:12/Lv7:24) - Fujino, Halloween Liz, Summer Ibaraki, Suzuka Gozen
36 (Lv4:12/Lv5:24) - Emiya Assassin, Fionn, Fran, Gray, Nobu Archer, Shiki Assassin, Shuten Caster
30 (Lv6:10/Lv7:20) - Fuuma, Jekyll/Hyde, Jing Ke, Okada Izou, Serenity
30 (Lv4:10/Lv5:20) - Billy, Boudica, Kiyohime, Lu Bu, Mori Nagayoshi

I guess it’s fitting that the servants with the most evil bones are a vampire and a civilization destroyer.

Fool's Chains

Amount per skill:
72 (Lv7:18/Lv8:54) - Napoleon, Quetzalcoatl
60 (Lv8) - Tristan
60 (Lv7:15/Lv8:45)- Queen of Sheba, Summer Anne&Mary
48 (Lv7:12/Lv8:36) - Bedivere
44 (Lv6:15/Lv8:29) - Dioscuri, Enkidu, Ozymandias
44 (Lv4:15/Lv5:29) - Ereshkigal, First Hassan, Hijikata
36 (Lv6:12/Lv7:24) - Danzo, Emiya Alter
36 (Lv4:12/Lv5:24) - Nitocris, Vlad Extra, Wu Zetian
30 (Lv6:10/Lv7:20) - Columbus
30 (Lv4:10/Lv5:20) - Mandricardo, Serenity, William Tell

I get that the chains are to hold back Quetz’s crazy power, but what does Napoleon need them for?

Hero Proofs

Amount per skill:
72 (Lv7:18/Lv8:54) - Karna
60 (Lv7:15/Lv8:45] - Heracles
48 (Lv8) - Alexander
48 (Lv7:12/Lv8:36) - Cu FSN, Cu Proto, David, Diarmuid Lancer
44 (Lv6:15/Lv7:29) - Achilles, Arjuna, Astolfo Saber, Bradamante, Hijikata, Kintoki Berserker, Musashi, Napoleon, Summer Musashi, Super Orion
44 (Lv4:15/Lv5:29) - Arthur Proto, Artoria Saber, Gilgamesh Archer, Iskandar
36 (Lv6:12/Lv7:24) - Artoria Lily, Beowulf, d’Eon, Diarmuid Saber, Emiya Archer, Emiya Assassin, Gilgamesh Caster, Lakshmi Bai, Lanling, Miyu Edelfelt, Vlad Extra
36 (Lv4:12/Lv5:24) - Brave Liz, Edison, Nagao Kagetora, Summer Raikou, Valkyrie, Yagyu
30 (Lv6:10/Lv7:20) - Bedivere, Caesar, Fergus, Geronimo, Gilles Saber, Hektor, Mori Nagayoshi, Ushiwakamaru
30 (Lv4:10/Lv5:20) - Hektor, Tawara Touta

Does Karna really need that much proof that he’s a hero?

Mystic Gunpowder

Amount per skill:
72 (Lv8) - Anastasia
60 (Lv8) - Nightingale Santa
60 (Lv7:15/Lv8:45) - Atalante Alter, Lakshmi Bai, Summer Ibaraki
48 (Lv8) - Avicebron
44 (Lv4:15/Lv5:29) - Napoleon, Xiang Yu
36 (Lv6:12/Lv7:24) - Sakamoto
36 (Lv4:12/Lv5:24) - Calamity Jane, Summer Osakabehime

Does Anastasia even have any guns? Is her spirit creature made out of gunpowder?

Poison Needles

Amount per skill:
59 (Lv7:15/Lv8:44) - First Hassan, Ivan, Li Shuwen Assassin
48 (Lv8) - Chiron, Gilgamesh Caster
48 (Lv7:12/Lv8:36) - Lanling
47 (Lv7:12/Lv8:35) - Diarmuid Saber
36 (Lv4:12/Lv5:24) - Moriarty, Semiramis
30 (Lv6:10/Lv7:20) - Chiyome, Shuten Caster, Summer Carmilla, Wu Zetian

Kinda surprising Semiramis isn’t the highest on this, but those that are do make sense.

Spinal Fluid

Amount per skill:
72 (Lv8) - Moriarty
72 (Lv7:18/Lv8:54) - Hijikata
60 (Lv8) - Fujino, Summer Carmilla, Summer Fran, Wu Zetian
60 (Lv7:15/Lv8:45) - Nezha, Nightingale Santa, Yan Qing
48 (Lv7:12/Lv8:36) - Asclepius, Columbus
36 (Lv7:9/Lv8:27) - Salome
36 (Lv6:12/Lv7:24) - Summer Nobunaga
30 (Lv4:10/Lv5:20) - Red Hare

Help Moriarty with his back surgeries! Not sure what Hijikata needs it for though.


Amount per skill:
72 (Lv8) - Ereshkigal
72 (Lv7:18/Lv8:54)- Sima Yi/Reines
60 (Lv8) - Diarmuid Saber
60 (Lv7:15/Lv8:45) - Circe, Fujino, Summer Carmilla, Yu Miaoyi
48 (Lv7:12/Lv8:36) - Okada Izou
36 (Lv4:12/Lv5:24) - Ashwatthama, Caenis, Queen of Sheba

I guess Vlad isn’t the highest for this because we haven’t had a new version of him since stakes were introduced.

Void Dust

Amount per skill:
48 (Lv8) - Cu Alter, Scathach=Skadi, Vladzerker
48 (Lv7:6/Lv8:42) - Benkei
48 (Lv7:12/Lv8:36) - Gilgamesh Archer, Kintoki Berserker, MHX, Moriarty, Musashi, Orion(Artemis)
40 (Lv8) - Emiya Archer, Chiyome
40 (Lv7:10/Lv8:30) - Anne&Mary, Artoria Saber Alter, Atalante, Danzo, Gray, Ibaraki, Lancelot Saber, Li Shuwen Lancer, Summer Helena
32 (Lv8) - Babbage, Boudica, Diarmuid Lancer, Jing Ke, Lu Bu, Robin Hood, Romulus
32 (Lv7:8/Lv8:24) - Billy, Darius, Gilles Caster, Kidgamesh, Paracelsus, Serenity
30 (Lv6:10/Lv7:20) - Altera, Anastasia, Okita, Shiki Saber, Tesla, Waver
30 (Lv4:10/Lv5/20) - Jack, Osakabehime, Scathach

We might need to set up a ‘void dust’ rehab, those aren’t looking like healthy doses and a surprising amount of servants are in this extreme range.

Feel free to discuss who you think is worth it and who you think the material costs are a decent case for not leveling their skills past a certain point for a long time or possibly at all.
Or you can just lament how many materials you need for your favorites, that’s fine too I guess.

Starting out the discussion, I think Benkei’s costs are a very good reason to not level his skills past level 7 based on his kit and the sheer amount of Void Dust he needs for skill level 8.


Depends on the Servant and skill really.
Keep in mind that the most Material expensive requirements happen lvls 8-9, so skills usually aren’t this high unless they are going to be maxed or just aren’t mat hogs
But some general common consensus is as follows:

  • Attack and NP gauge buffs are always worth the materials to max level. Same with Buster ups (for Buster NP Servants).
  • Heals, Quick/Arts effectiveness up are always very good to level up, to both decrease CD as well as increase skill/card effectiveness.
  • Guts/Evasion/Invincible aren’t really worth lvl 10. But at least get them to lvl 6. Same with skills that increase debuffs resistance or remove debuffs on your Servants.
  • Enemy NP gauge down, enemy debuffs are situational. Skills that increase NP bar fill rate, Defense ups, taunts also fit this category.
  • Increase Star drop skills are kinda iffy, and should only be levels if they’re on quick-oriented Servants or in a Buster-crit comp. Otherwise, lvl 5 is fine.
  • Star gather skills don’t need to be lvled up much, as even at lvl 1, it’s still gonna take all (or most) of the stars. Should be easy to get them to lvl 5 if you wanna make sure anyway.

Must get…all servants… to 9/9/9. Send help… sanity fading… ■■■■ bones


This could be interesting but right now I’m just past the peak(except feathers and gunpowder) so I don’t feel that much of a need to lament but the horrors of bone hell is engraved in my memory.

I haven’t considered raising Benkei’s skills that high as it is a major investment for such a low boost.

There are two servants that comes to mind that don’t require maxing one of their skills.
Altria Alter’s charisma. The ,6% increase per level is mostly unnoticable and at least for me the CD reduction wouldn’t be of much use as I don’t use her in longer battles.

The second is Lancelot(saber)'s Eternal Arms Mastery.
His star weight is already high so it has less of an impact than his berserker counterpart and it has a one turn CD lower than his other skills so even at 6 it can sync well.

She is one of my favourites but Ecchan’ also qualifies until next year.
She is a Berserker without any survivability and unless there is a dedicated healer or Merlin the scaling of her first skills doesn’t significantly improve, it is a measly additional 1k healing+30% healing received.

Forgot to mention Lambda, she is cheap to raise but depending on the servants and CEs owned it can effect how high her battery should be raised.
In most cases level 6 is more than enough.

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There are always some exception, for example i would say that maxing Nito battery isnt worth it as at 8 lvl it gives 100% np gauge and using 60 bones for something that wont make difference in most cases isnt worth it.

Carmilla skill also use many bones and while they get something with upgrade, i would say that the scaling is too low compared to mats cost, especially as she have one of those weird 27% batteries

And bones hell is bad civillization

Especially if she’s only NP1, there’s no reason to level it further until you get her NP2 or higher.


I mean, even Mozart’s Aesthetic Appreciation has helped me survive AOE NPs and that’s basically the worst skill in the game

Every skill is worth leveling if you use that servant


Depends on who, what the skill is, and who else is competing for the materials.

Waifu / husbando, doesn’t matter, I’m going to pay it.

Nitocris, staying 10/8 /8 because the other skills just don’t need the boost and I can do a lot with 120 bones… Might change later if I find it valuable to reach 200% charge by herself with kscope, or trying to reach 500% with DB but can’t bring Edison :woman_shrugging: (yes I have her np2)

Circe on the other hand, might get 9/9/9 simply because I literally have NO ONE ELSE who uses stakes, not that her oc is necessarily worth chasing, but the cool down might.

Fair enough, I’m not really making a case against leveling skills, it’s more a discussion of priority.
Basically, is a certain skill good enough to warrant all these materials right now, or is it better to use those on two or three other servants for now and then come back to those skills later?

In Benkei’s case (pretty mediocre skills and NP, clearly needs strengthenings), I would say definitely for all three skills, none are worth 42 void dust unless you have nothing better to spend it on.

The question is whether the same concept applies to other servants that also have notably high material costs. Is a 5 star servant’s skills truly worth 72 of an item per skill when you could use them elsewhere first?

Whatever floats your boat I guess :fgo_mhxastare:

Better gear up for Xmas then. This years Xmas event has bones in the box.

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Better to have 1 Servant VERY good at it’s job, than 2-3 Servants somewhat good at their job


Are you sure about that? Some 4 stars are in the 36 cost range, so you could potentially max two 4 stars’ skills for the price of one 5 star’s extreme material cost… :fgo_mordredthink:

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But if I’m a Benkei main, I’m leveling those skills

I mean, yeah there’s a discussion to be had with, like, Nito’s Guts or Hijikata’s Disengage or Suzuka’s Charm but

It really comes down to how much of a priority they are.

One of the benefits of Clairvoyance EX is that we know what’s coming so if you’re not rolling any servants who need large amounts of dust (or if you’re going harm in the upcoming lotto which dumps dust in your lap), why not level Benkei?

Feel this about sums up anything of relevance and anything I might say yeah. Character loyalty (or that plus utility) ultimately wins out, and if you’re interested in bang-for-your-buck than IME the flow chart for this is terribly easy in its own right (hello, 8/8 Paracelsus on my alt already).

If this is the case, then it always comes down to who will you use more? Or who will do the better job?

Unless the 4* is NP2+, 90% the 5* will do the same job better, and is thus worth the investment.

For me it’s mostly a matter of the following.

  1. How useful is the skill? NP Charging will always be leveled, for example. Those like Waver, Merlin, Tama, etc who have plenty of utility will definitely have their skills leveled. So basically skills that are generally useful will likely be raised earlier and with less hesitation compared to more niche skills like debuff resistance and the like.

  2. How often will I actually use this Servant or skill? This one is more of an “I have these two who perform similar roles, who will I be using more often?” That sort of thing.

  3. Is the growth value worth it? If the increase in say an ATK buff is only 2% then I’ll likely hold off if the mats are scarce or if I don’t need that small increase in ATK. There’s also the CD to consider such as moving up from 5-6 or 9-10, though the latter does pose the additional question of if the skill is worth a Lore.

  4. If I love the Servant that much then forget the above and just get them to 10/10/10 ASAFP. :rofl:


The crazy part is that even with that I’ll probably still need thousands more given that I need 4082 now lol.


This is me and alters lol. Okita Alter will be 90 and 10/10/10 right after I NP5 her. She will also be my next 5 grails as well.


Huh, I thought this might spark more debate, but I guess we’re already at a consensus of sorts.
In that case, I guess we could swap discussion over to personal experience.
How are you doing for these crazy large material costs? Anyone in this group that you’re prioritizing over someone else out of preference, and if so is it due to gameplay or favoritism or both?

also I kinda expected someone to comment on the quips I added to the end of each bronze item section, hard to tell if anyone actually looked through the material costs or just skipped ahead to the discussion :fgo_grampsnani: :fgo_mordredthink:

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Inb4 you don’t need to think if your waifus/husbandos/ones you like are the meta/strong :fgo_coffee: