The last GUDA-O


Despite me nearly emptying the shop out of the constant grind I’ve been doing, I still dont have a 5th copy of GUDA-O. Understandably even if i did get it MLB’d i have better CE options but a part of me really wants to MLB it.

I got this dumb idea and im hoping for some feedback on whether or not it’ll work.
The boss unit is the one that drops the CE right? based on this assumption i do this:
Step 1: Attempt the last node for the best drop chance
Step 2: Render okita to a near death state (sounds kinda cruel)
Step 3: disconnect from the net
Step 4: kill her
Step 5: once i finish the node the game will say no connection
Step 6: if she dropped it then ill turn the net back on and retry connection, if not i close the game turn net back on and reconnect wherein hopefully it will return me back to step 2 where i will repeat until GUDA-O drops

Dumb plan right? :fgo_deadinside:

Edit: thank you guys for telling me it wont work so i never attempted it. Finally got the last copy though, was actually losing hope


Not sure how well that would work out.

I could be mistaken but I remember someone asking this on the old Q&A section. The answer they got was something along the lines of the drops being determined at the start of the fight.


Drops are determined at the start of the battle, and do not change unless the battle is finished or you withdraw.


Iirc, if you disconnected while waiting for the rewards, logging back in will begin with the rewards screen.


The last Guda-O? Drake give me 1 after almost 20 tried, all depends on your luck


My luck on Gacha is awfull, but i got 7 Guda-O,two on Maha, and none on avici. Also, i got more mats on the quests than the shop( and i only have the claw left to buy)
P.S. I only started getting Guda-o after bought en all.


I feel just a little bit dumber for reading that.
My mood is much happier though, so thanks for that.

Let me ease your pain with 3 simple words as to the practicality of what you just suggested.




I do wish you the most sincere of luck getting that rainbow chest though. Nothing more frustrating than not being able to MLB an event CE.