The Lerian Project

A thread made for me and whoever might be interested to see my progress as soon as i progress in this.

What is the Lerian Project?

It is an alternate account in which i decided to do things that i’ve never done in my main account + some restrictions on the servants and such.

In short, these are the rules:

1- Use Mash Always. In each battle, no exception. And who knows me, knows that i have never used her

2- Use another master uniform (in my main account, i’ve always used only the default one)

3- Pick Hessian Lobo as Free 4* Servant

4- Use only Welfares or 4* / 5* servants. 1-2-3 star servants are locked.

5- Remain 100% f2p. Even during GSSR

6- Never use Medea Lily

All in all, it’s a f2p experience in which i must rely on Welfares, Mash(i really do not like her…) and on rolling wisely (since i can use only 4* or 5* servants).

First of all, let me show you todays EX-LUCK!!! :sweat_smile:

Gotten 2 good servants with only 3 Tickets!

My Starting Servant:

My party

My first objective is clearing as soon as i can Orleans, so that i can partecipate in Halloween event and get my second Gold Saber (Bathory).

Then, i have to clear London singularity, so that i’ll have earned enough SQZ and Tickets for November Banner.

In that Banner, i must pray that i can roll Jeanne. My party will need her.

That’s all for now.


Have fun, I just blitzed through JP from Fuyuki to London in 1 week with all the free quests cleared with a Summer Musashi (Aoe arts NPs are broken with her second skill active, I looped her thrice in 3 turns solely dependent on her and Support waver) I put it aside to try out a new gacha game with better rates and auto farming.

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Seriously, that EX Luck of 20 minutes ago was really, really helpful.

Considering that i can’t use servants of less that 4* rarity, these two girls not only are good, they are also strategic:

1- Saber Alter is a good offensive Saber, to pair with a friend support like Merlin

2- Ibaraki is a defensive Berseker that has a NP that strips a enemy of his buffs: since even Hessian Lobo can do that with his skill, i’ve got 2 good servants that can debuff enemy servants.

To be fair, I used only Emiya, Waver and mash/support DPS during my early days, I remember Waver being stuck at 70/70 for 1 month due to me experiencing pages hell. Ah, fond memories :fgo_deadinside:

My good Dog is still a pup, as you can see from the NP Damage :sunglasses:

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Good luck, and have fun with your project :fgo_umu:. I remember getting as far as London chapter relying on NPCs as supports since I was too shy of befriending people. I don’t always use Mash, but when I do, she’s borrowed from friends :fgo_umu:.


Does the star restriction also apply to supports, i.e. no Euryale support in Camelot?

If you need a Euryale for Camelot , I can put my lvl 90 maxed skilled Euryale on the friend list for you .

Yes, else it would be too simple.

Friend support can’t be 1* / 2* or 3*

Have fun with your new run. Hope you continue to update your thread and tell us your story.

I remember my waver being stuck at lv70 and emiya at lv60, because you literally could not farm gears at all

early fgo was a blast, and our version was still better than japan’s


does this mean you quit after that thing in solomon?

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I’ll simply change the rules. Maybe since game force me to not use Mash, i’ll add a rule that i can’t use 5* friend support servants, or no Merlin/Waver…or i’ll let people think about another restriction since i won’t use Mash anymore

Cool project dude, and gl there.
Also, I should say that: Salter is OP as heck and Mash is gamebreaking. Mash is pretty much one of the best servants in FGO period, so I’m sure you’ll have much fun with this project.
edit: I’d like some opinions about your experience with the doggo.

Who here harps on my new Medea Lily? She is Level 79 now, and I just need to farm Gems to get her skills up to 10/10/10.

Level 80~ Had to use some silvers. I am now officially BROKE.

Need Dust, Lanterns… those two things, and ALL the Caster Gems, which are at least easy to farm. Hearts are fully stocked up due to never needing the things…

I got 10 Billion QP to my name. I have been on a farming streak collecting embers, thanks to Saber Alter appearing. Need Dragon Fangs and Evil Bones. On the other hand, my stock of SR Servants needing leveling has dropped to near 0. Only a few remain from last ascension.

Well, anyway, good luck. Also, you aren’t allowed to use a friend support during your battles with Solomon in any of his forms in the final singularity. Pick a level 1 taunt servant instead.

Here you stand alone, so face him alone. Good Luck with that though~

That was the exact predicament, thanks I think I confused gears with pages. I also remember reading about how Waver was a bad unit in the early fgo JP days.

oh yeah. I wish there was archived data, but to my knowledge, he didn’t have the np charge on any of his skills originally

not sure of any other differences though

early fgo, when shop mats weren’t just a convenience, but a necessity

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Ahh, that was also mentioned, waver without NP charge huh, I would have used him regardless but that’s a huge blow to him.

I remember getting into the habit of clearing all the mats due to that, it felt weird when I didn’t clear the whole shop in nerofest to prioritize petals.

also, on the subject of early fgo, anyone remember the dailies?

no, not those dailies. yes, those dailies

knowing we started off slightly better than japan just really drives home how much an absolute miracle it is fgo survived its launch

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I wasn’t around for the launch of JP version, how bad were they exactly?

It’s obviously due to people loving the fate franchise a bit too much.