The long journey of Micaiah

Finally! She’s +10! :feh_hridexcited:

She’s been a staple for my account for so long. It was back to CYL3, in 2019. I already played FEH a bit, but not very seriously. I barely taken the game more seriously at the time. My barracks was still pretty weak, and I had the crucial choice to choose my free pick.
I almost took Eliwood (his PRF looked so busted for me at the time), but I ended up choosing Micaiah instead, as the double effectiveness looked very strong… and also she looked cute, not gonna lie (I may have a thing for silver haired girls haha).
After that, I still wanted to get Eliwwod and his “busted” PRF, and pulled for him. I got instead two Micaiah merges. She was +2, and while it may not be that impressive, it was huge for me at the time.
She was godly for me, since I was still quite “new” to the game. The meta at the tie also had a lot of armored units, that she just destroyed. Over the time, I ended up getting more random merges, and I started to actually +10 her at some point.

I also discovered her actual character, and I started to like her a lot, even becoming one of my favorite characters in fact. She had rough experiences, but yet has a kind and selfless personnality, while also having some sassy moments that are quite funny.

While she carried me for quite a long time, she eventually started to fall off because of powercreep and her lack of auto-follow-ups. I’m so glad of how her refine helped her. It may not be the most busted or impressive refine, but it was just what she needed. Then she got featured in HoF, which allowed me to modernize her skillset to what she has now.

And then Golden Week came. I had 4 merges to get, and while it started pretty badly (I had very few green orbs), it got better towards the end and I managed to get all copies I needed. I’m so glad that one of my longest staple unit made it to +10 and became so powerful.

I hope now that Mia will be the next one to finish her journey to +10 (and if not her, then L!Sigurd should do fine instead).


Congrats!! :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:

She’ll be a force to be reckoned with in SD-Book 3 and prior.

If you ever manage to summon a S!Inigo and you care about arena, I can assure you she’ll make your arena experience way easier! With her debuffs and double effectiveness, there’s almost nothing that can survive her.


Congratulations Squalala I havent played the Tellius games but I choose brave Micaiah as my free pick because armored and cavalry units were a pain to deal with, she is amazing, has been a reliable unit from day 1 and is not only a nuke but also a tank, she was able to tank and kill with ease winter Lysithea on her lunatic maps, same with winter Bernandetta the year prior, she even killed legendary Nanna on her GHB.



I’m quite sad that I hadn’t summoned an S!inigo now. I would love to use her in Arena. I have to wait for so long before he returns…
I would love to use her in Arena. Even with the Duel skill, she stil has a lot of Atk. I hope she won’t be powercrept too badly before I have the opportunity to bring her there.


Congratulations on your newest +10, this was a nice read about one of your favourites and she still stands a powerful unit with the help of her refine and dual effectiveness.

Mine is still stuck at +1 +att and unfortunately I don’t have any fodder to revamp her kit but I’d love to revisit her someday, I do like her for similar reasons as you too.


The only way I can think of for her to be powercrept in Arena is in score. Her usefulness is certainly her strong point because having double effectiveness is such a huge boon that she’ll be sure to survive the test of time.

She scores 785 thanks to her Prf B skill but next year infantry melee units will be scoring 790. The score ceiling won’t particularly go up because of this, but it will go up because whales will try to +10 the new duo units, scoring 205~210.

So at least for this year I have a moderate certainty that she will help you raise your score and possibly help you climb the tiers.


As someone who’s used OG, B!, and BB!Micaiah competitively she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, even if I don’t use her as much as the other two Micaiahs.

Forced doubles is a deadly combination on a unit with good Atk and Res. Decent enough Spd to bypass slower units with disabled follow-ups. Combine that all with effective damage on half the movement types the game has to offer and she’s very effective and killing and potentially tanking many units.


Congrats! She looks great and I’m happy you were able to finally finish her :catclap: :feh_micaiahsmug:


Congratulations! May she continue to serve you well!


I feel like BMicaiah especially is kinda slept on a bit nowadays but she’s looking very good

Definitely a PP Menace :fgo_sthenosmug:


Congrats on your +10 Micaiah! :catclap: :feh_micaiahsmug:


Congrats Squalala :smiley:

Welcome to the +10 Micaiah club :stuck_out_tongue:

When will you have some times for duels? xD