The Lostbelt Part 1 Roll Thread: Ana Chance for an Anastasia?

60 sq gottem



4 Tickets in and I have Avicebron and Cat.


And next ten roll

The cat came as a pair lmao

90 sq and I got all the servants that was fast


2nd 10 roll, Atalante Alter is mine! :smiley:
Edit: 4th 10 roll, Berserkerlot :slight_smile:
I’m on a roll with berserkers (pun intended) :wink: I think I’ll stop here though since I have Okita, Okita Alter and Scathach Skadi to save up for.

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First roll. Yay insomnia, I guess.


Got her in one roll. I hope I didn’t use up all my luck for future banners though. I promised myself, I’d only do one 10 roll on this banner and it worked out pretty well.

Can’t wait to get to using her


Well since every servant is a general pool servant I’m gonna stop now. Don’t want to whale much cause I’m not working as much because of current events

So 11 tickets got me my 1st Atalante; the rest was random junk CEs and Avicebron/other 3* Servants.

None of those CEs mean anything to me, but I got the prize in 120 SQ. Will stop for now but will probably try again when the shop reset is and I get more tickets.


35 tickets, 120 SQ later, and I have 11 Avicebron and nothing else. De nada.
Back to work.


Didn’t get any of the rate up servants except Avicebron


Got Anastasia and another Ozy with 90 SQ. I am happy, but Anastasia will now join the list of servants waiting for leveling.

Ugh, yes. I had very few embers stockpiled.

On the bright side, her animations are super pretty even when she’s gimped in level. Just need the next influx of embers from another event to get her up and running, and will have to pay attention to my gold gem stockpile. Nastya is great and all, but Skadi preparedness is no.1.


This is as high as she goes for now. Need to bum rush the story this weekend to start farming.

Atalante will get Fous with the shop reset; I can’t raise her skills past lvl 7 without Gunpowder either but Ana has priority so I’ll leave them all at 6 for now I guess because it’s a nice even number.

Avicebron can sit and wait; I have EXP cards in my present box but I’m not in a rush for him so those will stay there in nice large stacks.


Didn’t get Ana. ■■■■ I’m salty as hell. What’s up with the Eli-chan and Paraiso spooks anyway? Damn it. I guess I’ll have to settle with Atalanta…I’m still salty!!! Ana, why???


330SQ and 70tics NO Anastasia

See you all in the salt repository



I had. 420 q and 40 tics. Didn’t get her either. I feel you


It’s small-ish consolation, but at least there’s the potential for her to spook at some point since she isn’t limited or story-locked.

People are fond of pointing out how small that chance is, but I’ve had crazy random things happen. My first two copies of Jeanne came in back-to-back rolls when she wasn’t on any sort of rate-up, so…

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Honestly that small chance is why I stopped rolling at np one cause the chance while small is still there and I’ve had plenty of ssr spooks to this day so I’m willing to take it and save my whaling for the next limited servant which is a certain mammoth, sabertooth, thunder god hybrid


I think I’ve managed to talk myself out of caring about Ivan. I don’t need yet another Limited Servant to chase after. Have to save that whaling for more copies of SurfMo and Dantes.


I just want 1 copy of everyone I got Dante np1 and surfmo np2 so I’m not hurting for em to much Dante I do wanna try for but the normal summer servants take priority to me