The LostBelt: the FGO Off Topic Thread Part 2

He literally just stole Okita’s line

stole okitas line

When battles end, he said “Astolfo-chan daishori!” and some more things afterward

yes because thats totally an okita exclusive thing :roll_eyes:
and not an already existing trope in japan cute genkii girls used
or also not just a totally normal thing for people to say anyways
totally stolen from okita

like how brandamate stole napoleons french word down to even when they both use command cards

yep totally
dw is a hack that cant think of anything confirmed

Astolfo is a thief. An unoriginal rabbit. Lets sue him. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Good thing that he is limited, and cant spook our rolls.


Weren’t Okita too? :fgo_rinlaugh:

Gameplay-wise, he’s still seem to be suck imo. 1st skill gives NP/turn and another buff I still don’t know (prob debuff clear), 2nd skill has delay stun or so with a 2-hit/3 turn Evade, 3rd I’m seeing it’s the worst, ATK up + crit dmg up but increase star absorpt on Buster cards but he only has one, not to mention the NP gain rate is somewhat still like his Rider form (and also, medium ATK stat)

That’s being said, I saw a lot of people went gay on Plushie’s stream lul :rofl:

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Um, I dont see anything special about him. Lol. So 3 out of 10 for me.

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The only thing I see here is that he got a bunny costume before Scathach get one her own in the game :rofl:

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Have you thought about chilling out, fren? Dunno what’s got you all worked up but this is not the way to go.


Dude, calm down. I just told my own opinion. Not everybody likes Astolfo, so what? Not everybody likes Gilgamesh, but you dont see me bad mouth the whole community.
I really hope you know this was a really not mature way to handle this situation. You cant just go off the handle, because someone does not like your husbando.

Hey. By the way. There’s a reason why we have the filter. Chill out. You want to start that again with the attitude you have you’re getting silenced. There’s no reason for it.

We did not badmouth Astolfo. I just said my opinion about his design. Jinkis. BTW every popular servants gets their own share of hate, grow up and move on.

I just gone like half a hour and a mod already presented here :fgo_mordredthink:

Some people just cant take a chill pill.

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Waiting for mangadewakaru episode for guda reacting saber astolfo day 1

I dunno the entirety of what I just missed, but there is an argument to be made about not arbitrarily rating a servant you don’t even like. Literally just putting more negativity into the community for nothing. I’m pretty sick of this shit in general here, so I can perhaps understand Scarlett’s anger.

At this point, Riyo needs to keep planting more and more memes so they become reality.

I guess, but he behaved very rudely and said things that should not have been said even in their anger. Besides, now some people are targeting Eresh, should we cuss them out? No, of course not. Let trolls be trolls and dont come down to a lower level, where you wish they were aborted or died, or whatever, etc.

Not saying they didn’t, nor am I saying that such behavior should be tolerated, but I still understand the anger regardless, even if the method of going about expressing it was wrong.

The only options here aren’t the extremes (cursing them out or ignoring them). They need to be publicly shunned and encouraged to change their behavior. Negativity and elitism in general just need to ■■■■■■■ stop.

I don’t understand what it is people get out of denouncing a character outside of the smug satisfaction of not liking something that other people do. And that’s pretty sad.

rulartoria does bunny girl much better

though i’m fine with him too

Not sure I can argue there.

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