The Love Cup

Introducing the Love Cup, which will run from Monday, February 8, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. to Monday, February 15, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. PST (GMT −8). In this format, only red or pink Pokémon with 1,500 CP or less will be allowed to participate. Legendary and Mythical Pokémon will not be eligible. For a full list of the Pokemon eligible see the link

It sounds interesting but I have some of the same concerns as the Little Cup. Will there be a Bronzor, a Pokemon that is far and away the “best.” Very few of the eligible Pokemon are already used in GL so how much will people want to invest in a Pokemon they might not use again. And will we have time to catch some of the meta Pokemon if they aren’t already used in GL.

Looks like PvPoke already has the cup in the Ranking list and GO Stadium did a meta analysis

Interesting that Alomomola is so tanky it can take on the Charm users. Electrode is sure to see a lot of play as a counter and safe switch. I’m hoping Charm doesn’t push all the Fighters out that we see time-out teams of Alomomola/Blissey/Chansey.

I already have an electrode and my Medicham is 1468…level 40 Chansey. I have Scrafty too. However, they might be making this be of average interest to distribute players to the other concurrent league options

I smell Charizard double charm.

Here I come alomamloma double fire type!

I’d love to use my Wormadam Trash but every freaking cup it’s in has Fire types. I still haven’t used my triple legacy Seaking either.

You shouldn’t have given me ideas… now I have to try that team out :joy: god that’s gonna be painful lol, the Chansey is going to be unmovable. Pvpoke’s got it ranked at 24 overall, I supposed with how tanky it is and how low its atk is it would prefer pound to fire off psychic more often.

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You’re probably correct about Electrode being a great swap. I didnt look that hard but nothing I saw has a ground type move. The worst matches you’ve got are grass types, which you can still get with foul play

Krookodile and Camerupt are pretty much the only Pokemon with Ground moves. Seaking has Drill Run and Kingler and Octillery have Mud Shot but are weak to Electric. A few Pokemon have Hidden Power Ground but HP is a bad fast move.

Electrode is not that great vs charmers as well, but it is anti flier and anti water, so anti anti meta :D
Thought about using it as well.
Crustle is also interesting again.
And magcargo is finally useful

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Or just run Magcargo and delete fire and fairy wholesale. :snail:

@Sir_Gwibbles I’m thinking there won’t be any steel-types in this cup TBH. Probably going to have lots of Charm, Razor Leaf, and Waterfall. Expect slow matches with limited shield use or baiting. Towards the end, people will probably experiment with some of the weirder picks like Whirlipede and Heatmor.

Haha, hail magcargo! Hail fire snail.
I expect the cup to be ok, but very centralized on charmers. Why slow? Guess it will be fast. Most tanks are gone (alomomola the only one, but many people don’t have it two moved i guess) charm fights are fast anyway. Except of course people will play chansey :o

Macargo is a dirt cheap double move as well. Might give that a try.
The only steel type is Wormadam, which will see play for sure.

@stativision electrode still represents a lot of damage to charmers. A safe swap isn’t gonna beat everything it’s just gonna be able to grab a shield or do a lot of damage to everything. It loses to counter users as well.

Yep, just wanted to add some of the other most difficult matches anyway. Grass is so rare. Thinking about using cherrim though…

Always liked the fire snail! Its got such a neat design and I love its play on words! :rofl: Been hoping for a spot for it ever since S1 and hoped the Ember buff would be enough. Looks like this is its day to shine! Just gotta get a Vileplume to cover water and we’re set.

Yeah same here in Cherrim. Vileplume could be something as well. Pretty high cost charge moves tho for a razor leafer…

I wanna play rotom wash too as I have a really good PvP one, but I think that’s just an inherently flawed mon. Expensive double-move costs can really make these cups hard to spice up lol

Slightly off-topic but the choice of which Pokemon are eligible is a little weird. Dwebble and Crustle are orange to me. Yanma and Ledyba are iffy to me as well. Solrock definitely isn’t red or pink. And how much of the Pokemon has to be pink or red to qualify? Gligar’s body is more of a purple but it has a pinkish tongue.

And I’m assuming Niantic can’t restrict shiny Pokemon so making a shiny team of Charizard/Electrode/Scizor would be a laugh as they are in no way red or pink.


TBH, I really like the idea behind this cup! Yes, I think it’s going to have a weirdly restrictive meta that’s may close it off to a bunch of players, but its also really creative! I’ve done similar things numerous times with family and friends (having the limitations be based on appearance) so seeing Niantic do it opens up possibilities for all kinds of fun things! And just look at what’s coming out on top, who would’ve thought there’d be a cup where Alomomomololoa (or whatever) and Slowbro are top picks?

I had that question too, regarding shinies. Would allow Gyarados, 'zam, Swampert, Ampharos, Dragonair, Crobat, and some others (not especially worth mentioning) if shinies were included.


I am also wondering why the following are not on the list.

and considering that milotic is eligible I would add zangoose as well

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Yeah that’s weird.
Granbull most of all. You can’t even argue that’s anything but pink!

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Gastrodon would be cool, but nope