The lovely kitty



Hi there! I would like to have some of your advice and return about this little one that I love so much and who blessed me with two versions of him!

Personaly, I think that solo spd/Def could be just a great option, as with an attack boon and his prf weapon, he could strike pretty hard, but maybe am I totally wrong so, what do you think of him?


Great build! Wish I had Ranulf…


I’m fuckin’ jealous your Ranulf is great (mine is +atk -spd :frowning: )

Nice to see another French speaker btw :+1:


Ill just go over MY opinion on it so maybe itll help.

  1. You should try to never have stat seals with few exceptions. He’s not really an exception in this case so there may be a better seal (or not if you cant pick one). Heavy blade is needed for a one round bonfire so that can be considered. We also have Brazen Atk/Def which will add a lot to what he’s trying to do. Bonds are out of the question ofc.

2, The B slot is good, but it does have risks. If you go the brazen route I think this is an even safer choice of a B slot. Desperation is too niche for him so the chill works well. And you picked one of or if not the best chills for him. Atk works well too and so will speed.

  1. The A slot is solid. Solos work well on him and hes one of the few who will take advantage of Spd/Def Solo to the fullest extent. All of the other fast defensive cavalry units dont exist for the most part. Its good allocation and making his B slot and preferably his seal slot make up for the fact his A slot adds no damage. There are alternatives for this approach, but the only one I think that matches its use are other solo skills (Atk/Def or Atk/Spd)

  2. Pivot is not what I would recommend. I think its decent on galeforce, but on a unit like him Im not a huge fan. Reposition will just be better pivot in every scenario I can see this in.

  3. The special itself bonfire. Now the main issue is that he cant apply it oneround. Obviously you want to though because his defense is so high and his attack is just pretty much just ok. Like I mentioned theres a few ways to play it. You can just accept that he wont do it on one round, which is fine. You can switch to moonbow which will give it to him on one round. Ignis may be on option if you just what to balance when it applies. Heavy blade is the only way to make it go off on the first turn and its a little risky especially with a non-attack boosting A slot


FYI Pivot in French is Reposition in English
Weird I know


Then I guess now they know not to use Pivot? Im wondering what Pivot is


We use “Traversée”, it’s litteraly “crossing”


Thanks for the answers! Happy to see that I’m not the only French here! (and yeah, pivot is the French reposition, a curiosity of the French traduction I guess)

I will try some other seals then, but I can’t give him heavy blade, ‘cause in his team there’ s a Lethe who need it badly for using galeforce. But I will try a brazen seal then to see the result.

As for the special… I have to test it I think. It’s sure that activate a special in one round is good, but I’m afraid that Moonbow will not do enough damage, with the prf weapon lowering the defense of the opponent. Maybe Glimmer could be an option… Anyway, thank you so much for the analysis, I will try a few things to make it work even better!