The Magia Record Friend ID Thread

It’s lonely to be alone! Share your Friend Codes here.

Please edit in how many slots you have available as you make more friends!

homu is a banned name in MagiReco…


Full friend list for now, thanks, meguca!

pls i need friends

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I only accept people with full support, because of bug.

i have no fire or water Magical girls.
I save gems for Kyoko Banner

I just got irohas swimsuit and good lord the fbi must be on their way. :fgo_illya:

Masara training when.

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I also have Madoka’s and Moemura memoriams

Here’s mine. Let me know if you can’t add me. I can clear up some space for GP people.

tbh, I kind of don’t want to add any more people period. because of this annoying glitch

really hope they actually fix it soon


What glitch?

from my understanding, at least a part of the whole being forced back to the title screen issue has something to do with followed supports not having every slot filled


That… sorta makes sense. Game bugs out when there’s no Support where there’s supposed to be one. Still crappy that the game’s so buggy on release though. :sweat_smile:

Maxed magic Tomoe, feel free to follow

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Wow! Someone been grinding hard!

how many gems have you burned away to obtain this power

ps, nice homura

The leveling part was the easiest with the training event going on tho.

oriko is now 50 ish and homura is also 50 ish

think i replaced yachiyo with asuka

tell me if u cant follow me, cause idk whats the limit

According to GP’s page on Friendship, there’s no limit to how many people can follow you. It’s just how many you can follow that has a limit.