The Magia Record Friend ID Thread

guuchi guuchi

I have six open slots (for mutual follows), looking for friends! :smiley:
This is my reroll account, so my girls aren’t as high as they would have been by now:

I also have a 4* Kirika Kure, but she’s not on my support atm.


@Scarlett come on man follow me back :fgo_jeannu: :catsob:

@navycherub @Lexi followed you guys

@OzaiSama may you humbly allow this f2p peasant be your fp slave :fgo_deadinside:

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is your name the same as here?
i have like 40 people on this list so gomen
if you dont mention it, i genuinely wont look thru it at all


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Feel free, I’ll add as well when I’ll see your name there

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I added you back! :-)
Dang, high level Madoka you got there lol.
(oh? and Homu(ra)! Nice!)
Mine are level 65 atm, but working towards that sweet sweet 80. :D

Friend Code is 1DGXQLab

Will follow back when followed, assuming I have room. Will unfollow if inactive for too long.

Managed to re-roll a Madoka+Kyoko account. Gonna need to basically start from scratch here but feel free to add me if you have space. Time will tell if I get into this as much as FGO but for the time being I’ll need some help catching back up, and you can always unfollow me if I go inactive.

RIP mirrors level and max Momoko/Kagami…

just follow us and if anyone of us has space, we’ll follow back
its not a 2 way system
you can use connect/magia as long as you just follow us

Following some here who look promising already. Would still like to become mutuals with accounts who have leveled girls

ill keep a lookout for your acc in the followers tab

IGN: Nero

Thanks y’all. Added @Namenless and @Scarlett.

Also added @SkyKawaii cuz I’m gonna miss leaving behind the Masara on my first account lol

Forgot to come check back up here, added a lot of people.

well I think I’m good and ready for now, so

just lmk if you add and what your ign name is, if it’s not immediately obvious

IGN: Nero

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Hey Nero, if you’re the rank 85 in my follow list, it’d be great if you follow me, “Winx” back. If you’re not the same Nero, that’s okay.