The Main Page Calendar

Hey all, have a quick question for you.

If you look on the main page, you’ll notice that we recently re-added the old calendar, which has strictly been on the events page for some time now. However, the calendar is also a bit larger than it used to be due to the sheer number of events that we have now vs. what we had to deal with back when it was initially made. Wanted to see if you all like having the calendar on the main page, want it hidden/accessable when clicked on, or just left on the events page.
Thanks in advance!


In my opinion it is good as it is now😀.


The trade range increase is wrong. It ends tomorrow, not 47 minutes ago

The time format is wrong as well, it should be Xd Xh Xm and not Xd XX:XX

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I like it as it is now, hidden but easy to get at. The game is seriously busy these days so an easy reference is useful and lets people know if they have any upcoming events to look up.


Yeah, I feel like having it hidden but accessible with a click as it is now is probably the most reasonable answer. Thanks for the opinions!

Is there no way to change the time format?

Go Battle League: Season 5 14d 23:02

This format makes it look like the even ends in 14 days at 11:02pm