The man, the myth, the legend, has finally entered his final form

Started playing a month or two befor he first got released. Back then I looked into how was the best dancer, always enjoyed the freedom and hit and run strats it opens up in FE games. and found out ut was L!Azura (thanks gamepress) so since feh is a gasha I decided to not spend any orbs until then, (yes I am masochistic like that) luckily for me L!Leif got released for that banner. And he has been my main use unit ever since.
And finally I got the last two merges for him. Took some time, after all his refine should be out hit in a year.

And whit plenty of toys for him I am exited to release one of the four housemen onto the world.

main build

most commonly used, plenty of firepower, one dancer, and then Njörun’s zeal lets me snipe a third target, or set up a hit and run. And vantage for convenience of just leaving him in range of the rest of the enemies after the main threats have been dealt whit. and the recoil from close salve and three combats puts me in vantage.

pure PP created devastation

can run JDA and quicken pulse as well depending. QP lets me kill one unit, trigger Njörun’s zeal, trigger canto and run back to safety. but a dancer can in some cases/teams replace the need for QP.

for when devastation is not enough

sometimes you just need as much firepower as possible, and just like Batman, given enough time and preparation he will win over anything.

summoner duels

given the lack of extra Hp and stat from mystics not as much firepower is needed, and the recoil puts me in vantage after one combat. making the action based combat in summoner duels demanding me reaching vantage ASAP. and as a ranged cav it is often possible to snipe all the melee, and vantage sweep all the ranged units. and therefor at times, but by no means always, winning the entire match all by himself


But really. Hes lovely. The only horse in the game better than reinhardt.

As pretty as he is tho, id say youre much prettier and hung better than both him and the horse. :feh_stoopidkempf:


what do you mean? rally atk is clearly the best assist there is
PP do create alot of devastation


Yeh. I bet it does, I was pretty devistated after I left sweden I suppose. :feh_deirdrehappy:


Congratulations on finishing L!Leif he is still one of the best legendary units, also a good character and one of my favorite lords.


thanks, and ya he is definitely one of the best legendary units. to my knowledge he is the oldest non refined legendary how is still tier 1, and before the refines happened all legendaries how are now refined where not tier 1, and don’t even think any of them where tier 2, L!Hector might have been. so he is definitely one among the best aged units, and it feels surreal that he is likely to get a refine within a year.


Misterbogen refine:

Add HB4, inflict -4 Atk/Def and guard on foe.

Boom. Game ender.


to this day leif is still my favorite legendary he just looks so good

congratssss :fgo_gaooo:


0/10, dogshit builds. This is how you really build him

Fr tho, congrats! He’s still pretty damn strong, all thanks to brave weapons being busted af


Thanks. I have that build, but it is far to strong, i cant release that onto the world again.


Slaying over HB and we got a deal, remove guard if that is to busted. Or give me slaying and HB to really have the world burn


Just give it desperation and nfu. :feh_fayeshrug:


Why NFU?


Cant prevent quad. :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

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I guess, but the average user isn’t going to think that deeply about Leif so I doubt IS would think that hard either.


0 :e7_smugbell:

And thats to bad. Hopefully olwens refine is desperation nfu. Reinhardt would neeewvvere be fast enough to use a spd nfu based refine.

what could possibly go wrong? :feh_reininherit: