I mean…she still needs DFs, but the hard part is over with! The Wolf-Wife and her fancy kimono are fully merged! :grinning:

I could also stand to Ascend her, but I’m not sure whether to go +SPD, +DEF, or +RES. SPD or DEF, most likely.


Wouldn’t Bonfire be better than Luna? Stacking all that Def just ta tank seems like a waste.

I’d argue Spd or Res would be best traits to go with. If you’re adamant in keeping her away from magic dealers then Spd(A superboon too) would probably be better to give her more doubles with the rising powercreep on Spd. Also helps deny more doubles and with NFU there aren’t many that can naturally double, most of which are physical.


It’s specifically for burning F!Edelgards, which I find Luna much more consistent in doing. As long as she’s within range of her partner, she one-rounds F!El.

I’m leaning more towards SPD for a different reason. If I can get the proper fodder for it, I can give her a Distant Stance build that lets her function as an omnitank with 70 SPD (albeit with 69 ATK. Could use a different Solo seal for +6 ATK instead of +6 SPD). That would give her more general use potential without ruining her current AR-O build.

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DS would definitely be something to give Velouria if you plan on running her in AR. Too many mages and on the rare occasion(Rare for Light/Dark at least) dragons.

If Luna works, it works. Just a bit wary of other speed demons that Luna is hardly going to do a thing on. Least with Bonfire it’s consistent.

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What you see above is her AR build. Distant Stance would be for more general usage. Currently, she’s my physical wall in Light season, I have someone else covering magic damage tanking. Velouria’s there for threats like F!Edelgard and L!Sigurd.

Typically speaking, she just outdamages speed demons and doesn’t need her Special anyways.

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