The most definitive Fates character tier list

So yeah, now I’ve made one. Here’s my list. And remember, I’m the Fates expert who defends the game to the ends of time itself. So you should consider this list to be only the most definitive of tier lists for this FE game.

So yeah, here it is. And yes, I placed everyone on how they rank in a specific category so if someone is above another, I think that x person is > than y person and so on. Now lemme explain a few placings cause I know Ill get flack for placing certain people.

-Yes I know Forrest is a boy, I placed him there for the jokes. And even then I love him enough to put him in the technical S tier of this list.

-Peri is in ‘Decent’. Now, let me say I fully agree she is not a good character and probably deserves to be at the very bottom, but I like her enough to mercifully placed her at the very bottom of that category. Mostly because of her missed potential, I felt she could have been a great mental illness/awareness character if done better. But unfortunately, she was just a phycopathic one note. She borders on the second lowest tier, but I’m sparingly her of that because I like her.

-Azura and Corrin are also in ‘Decent’. Again, I can fully agree they are not the best, maybe two of the worst characters in Fates. But, with the existence of Heroes and Warriors doing some much need patching on their character, and the fact that I love the missed potential with the two of them, they are at the very bottom of ‘Decent’. In fact, I think they’re both great characters in their own way. But not for the writing of Fates. But I think they have had some great redemption for the post Fates years, but they still have a long way to go to be a definitively ‘good’ character. Maybe they’ll never reach it at all. But my point still stands.

-I do like Rajaht. But for being a blatant clone of Tharja, it takes a lot of points off. Not because I don’t like Tharja, but because it’s just lazy. Same goes for Caeldori and Asugi but I don’t like them as much as Rajaht.

-I actually dared to put Camilla in ‘Actually well written’. Why? Because she does have good writting to her. It’s the oversexualized fanservice that gave her the label she has today. Seriously, if you think she’s ‘nothing more than fanservice’ and don’t care to read anything else into her, you are dead wrong. But… I can’t let her get off scott free. The fanservice isn’t really her fault, she was kinda designed for it. So she’s in the dead middle of the technical A tier. Let me state that there are bad things about her I don’t like and that she probably doesn’t even deserve that spot. But I think her good far outweighs her bad (my exact opinion on Fates as a whole, funnily enough).

-I know I’ll get flack for it but Kagoro is down there because I honestly don’t think she’s all that great a character. In fact, I think she’s straight up boring, one of the most boring characters in Fates tbh. So boring that I’ve never even bothered to read into all her supports because the first ones I viewed of her were so boring I didn’t have the motivation to read her others. I’ve never even used her to end game, something I’ve done with literally every other Fates character. I just really don’t see the point in her. But I wasn’t too harsh on her, I put her high in her placing. But that doesn’t mean I like her.

Kk I think thats all I got to say. Now go, judge my list! I await feedback!

Forrest is best Waifu.


Straight up facts

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Atleast you’re honest with yourself.
And Shiro being high on a Tier List again, cool cool.

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Here’s the format I used if anyone else wants to join the fun for this specific FE game.

Forrest predicted Special Spiral Ophelia


Is it bad I didn’t even blink when I saw Forrest in best girl tier?

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It’s probably either because it’s a predictable joke, or you genuinely forget he’s made to look female.

Did I guess correct? :eyes:

Second one

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But where is Anna?

Yes knew it, absolute galaxy brain guesses here, ladies and gents

she wasn’t there '>_>

Where would you put her?

I made one, note that I haven’t played these games that much, and some of the children(Mitama, Ignatius, Hisame, and Kana), I only know from their paralogues, and some others I just don’t know very well personality-wise

Oh, and there is no order within the tiers

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Probably in Decent between Benny and Effie.
Anankos wasn’t there either. Shame too, I’d put him at the absolute top of Actually Well Written.

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What was supposed to be preliminary thoughts on OP, now a wall of text:

  • is this based entirely off of character writing? Any consideration of stats? Also, is dlc used for evaluating the characters?

  • Judging from your S Tier, we have very different tastes (and that’s okay!), so bear that in mind for the following comments and I’ll do the same.

  • Most of A tier looks good, I would maybe move down Velouria, Soleil and Setsuna. Xander’s writing supportwise is pretty good iirc, but his story decisions are so wack that I’d also move him down. Glad to see Subaki make it into this tier, he could go even higher imo.

  • Now to B tier. I’m one of the few who likes Azama (at least his localization), so i could see him moving up. Orochi, Ignatius, and even Rinkah could be low A tier imo. Lilith doesn’t need work, she needs a total rework imo and should be in D tier. Flora, for similar reason to Xander, could be lower as well.

  • C tier hurts, as it contains a couple of my favourite characters. I will grant Kagero is a little blasé, but her weird art actually opens a lot of doors for supports (also, her friendship with Orochi is that good stuff). Hinata always struck me as a cool character because he trains like crazy, but his stats and growths are not very good. His optimism adds to this, and the fact that he makes a lot of mistakes (and apologizes!). Finally (and this is probably the most surprising opinion I have), Asugi is a pretty cool character and I’d put him low A tier. I hate that they stuck him into a Gaius reskin, but the fact that he’s a child gives him a lot of doors that Gaius didn’t have. His relationship with Saizo is great, and his support with Shiro is exceptional. Besides liking candy and nicknames, he’s really not that much like Gaius imo. Also his platonic S-supports are cool.

  • No complaints with D tier, Hayato is yikes.


I see my list as objective and in terms of the characters writing as a whole. I tried to put as little bias in as possible, except for the S tier of course (even though I’m still very adamant that those characters are the best in Fates).

I put Xander in the very middle because it’s kinda the same situation for Camilla. Hes a great character, but for entirely different reasons.

I actually really like Azama, he’s objectively my favorite male character in Fates, if we’re talking non-children. But, I know he gets on a lot of people’s nerves so I thought he’d deserve that spot. But that’s exactly why he’s very high in his category. In fact I’d say the first 5 in that category all derserve low A tier but I obstained.

I of course love Subaki, he’s one of my favorite male Fates characters as well. But I personally think he’s at the very low end of A. He’s very good, but not the best.

I can agree with your lowerings and risings. We all got different opinions. And let me say, I don’t deny that the each one of the characters I placed there aren’t good or don’t have good aspects about them. But for one reason or another, I just didn’t really care much for them. Not any less that ‘Fucking Ew’, I think they have a much greater point than the peeps in that category. But I still just don’t really care much for them. Not ‘i hate you with all my soul’, I just think they’re… Meh.

Yeah, thanks for the feedback! I love other people’s opinions over mine!

What’s your reasoning on Charlotte and Nyx? Charlotte I kind of get, but back when I was really into Fates I never saw a lot of hype about Nyx, interested to hear your thoughts

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Well Charlotte is obvious. I could probably just @LuteTheGod and let him take over that rein tho. He explains a lot better than me.

But as for Nyx, it’s because she’s tragic but in the most perfect way. See, she’s accidentally put s curse on herself that never allows her to age in appearance. But the thing is, she thinks she deserves it. But at the same time she just wishes she could die. She actually gives a lot of depressing, self conscious, and slightly suicidal comments from what I can remember in her supports. She thinks that no one will like her for who she really is, and it’s just really sad. But I don’t think she’s overly excentric about her concept. She’s not all doom and gloom, she’s still got a slight sense in humor and actually gives a lot of wisdom to the people around her. But through these interacts, she learns that just because she has a bad past and a rocky present, it doesn’t mean that people will always resent her or take her appearance for granted. Idk, it’s hard to explain. But I really do love her and she needs to get into Heroes soon. Her and og Charlotte. I stand tall when I say they are the best Fates characters.