The most definitive ranking of every FE game

So yeah, ShieldOfWind has become a tier list addict. This is my life now :p
Yeah so, here’s my ranking of every FE. Well, all the ones I’ve played at least. It’s my opinion, deal with it.

Now I’m gonna explain myself because reasons.

-I shouldnt have to explain why FE7 and Conquest are that high. It’s obvious. But, as for NMoTE, I really like it. Like… Really like it. It’s Shadow Dragon but better. And that’s all that it really needs to be pushed up there, since I already like SD a lot.

-Let me say this. Binding Blade is very close to moving up a tier. But I held restraint. It has a lot wrong with it, mostly because it’s pretty dated. But that’s it’s charm. I like the cast, it’s villian is great, the story is a lot better than most FEs, and I really do like it. If they say, remade BB, then I think it’d move up to the highest tier no problem.

-And as for Shadow Dragon. People. It’s not that bad. The story is much better than people give it credit for, the cast has some of the most iconic faces of FE, and you really can’t give it all that much flack. It was the first remake in the series, of course it’s going to look dated, of course it’s going to play dated. That’s no exuse for calling it ‘bad’. Because it isn’t. In the slightest.

-let me clear something up. I’ve never played Awakening. BUT. I’ve seen a lot of it. That why it’s in the middle. I know all the important details and what goes down so I think I have a good opinion on it. But that’s all I can really say on it. But it’s more I can say for the ones in N/A, which I know little to nothing about in terms of story. If anything, RD could hold the same opinion, but even then I only know about Micaiah and Sophe so :p

-i know I’ll get flack for it so I’m just gonna say it. I don’t like Sacred Stones. I like the cast, I like the story. But there’s just… Something about it that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know what it is, but it just does. I haven’t even gotten halfway through it. I haven’t played it since the boat map. I don’t know why. But I’ve just been unmotivated or unintrested in it since. Maybe I’ll reset and come back with a fresh opinion, maybe not. But as of now, SS is surprising my least favorite FE out of all the ones I’ve played. Which truly is a shame, I so do desperately want to like it…

So yeah, there’s my trashy opinion. Off to lurk some more, see you on my next post whenever I make it lol


This list is actually pretty similar to mine.

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Oh also, Cain is now my pfp because he’s a good boy.

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B-but Florina?!

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Sees Blazing Blade at the top

Love ya, dude.

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puts Shadow Dragon above Awakening

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She has had her time :pensive:
But doesn’t mean I don’t still love her. I think I’m gonna try and build her along with Cain when I get back to Heroes, whenever that is.

My man :sunglasses::point_right:

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Also, I disagree with all of this, just because it’s the first remake doesn’t mean they couldn’t add in supports, almost all of the “iconic faces” have little to no personality

But if you see something in that game I don’t, then more power to you


Aww man Sacred sturnez is my favorite
Either way why is conquest so high?

I think its mainly because of the story and how ridiculously hard it is.


Because I have a shitty opinion.

It’s mostly because I love Fates, but I think it’s the best route and has the better cast of the two sides. The story is an interesting take on being the ‘bad guy’ (though it’s still held back by Fates crappy writing), and I thought the Takumi twist at the end was great. That, and the absolute satisfaction I had for beating it on hard mode. Conquest was only my second game in the series after Birthright, which I played on easy because I was a noob. So playing and beating Conquest on Hard, which was said to still be one of the more challenging things to do in the series (not as much as Lunatic but still) made it one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in gaming. It made me really love Conquest, and Fates as a whole really.


I mean, I played Birthright but I also watched Conquest gameplay as well.
The story’s ok to me actually.

Everyone in the comments:


Here’s my tier list:


I feel like if you like Fates in any shape way or form, some people just be like that. I wish it wasn’t that way, I’ll personally defend Fates as a whole until the day I die. But still, kinda wish I didn’t need to defend it in the first place

Guys, as a community we should respect every opinion and-




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Fates isn’t my favourite Fire Emblem, but it is kind of annoying whenever I see somebody begin talking about Fates characters/gameplay/story in a discussion and everyone just spams them with “lul Fates is shit go play a REAL fire emblem game hehe” or something like that.