The most satisfying thing that's happened playing FGO

So, I wanted to know what the most satisfying/cathartic thing you’ve done/experienced since you started playing FGO. I would preferably exclude rolling your favorite servant since I’d think that’s a gimme but if that’s what it is then that’s what it is.

For me, I’d say it was a few months back when I was completing LB2. It was the final fight with Surtr and he’d just gone through an entire team of Archers. I thought I’d have to restart or just use Command Seals but, lo and behold, Mash is at the very back. Suffice to say, Mash’s new first skill came in clutch (especially since I remember the crit chance on her buster wasn’t high) and it felt pretty damn appropriate for the fight.


In no particular order:

  1. Pulling your targetted SSR
  2. Beating Goetia
  3. One shotting an enemy servant with a crit
  4. Taking zero damage from a boss’ attacks
  5. The Tiamat fight
  6. Clearing the Gil Fest EQs. The lack of CS revives makes them way more challenging and therefore more satisfying to clear. Also, they only cost 1 AP so there’s not much loss to keep trying.
  1. Getting Raikou.

Both times were a fantastic feel. I had just 120 quartz for the Shimousa banner 2, got her on my first 10 roll. Recently i got her on the KYOMAF (Shuten campaign, but really KYOMAF) banner on my second ticket, i was ecstatic.

Seeing her dealing 400k damage to one wave is so great.

  1. Beating Anastasia with Quetzalcoatl.

I had one goal in mind during LB1. Solo every Anastasia fight with Quetz.

It was a breeze until the final one, because of Quetz’ poor survival/bad luck with crits (wouldn’t be a issue with CCs butthose weren’t a thing) she just couldn’t finish Nastya’s 3rd barm

So i did a pseudo solo, withy frontline consisting of Mephistopheles (Poster Girl), George (Bond CE), Leonidas (Merciless One) and backline of Shakespeare (Poster Girl) all to guarantee Quetz would have smooth sailing through the fight.

And i did it. I beat Kadoc with no Command Seals used and with my Sun Goddess against his Ice Princess. It was really satisfying.

  1. Getting Skadi.

Me and my mother were awake at midnight, i decided to start rolling for Skadi and, 120 quartz into the banner, i left my mom take a shot at it, because she wanted to see what she would get.

Skadi and Circe in one 10 roll. I was really happy and so was my mother for helping me. She tried another 10 roll and she got Martha.


Quite a long time before pulling Void Shiki & Fujinon I thought.

Managed to trigger a borrowed Gramps NP instakill vs Altera in her memorial quest… after around a dozen reset (or more probably? I lost count tbh…) My roster was so pitiful, and I haven’t encounter GP yet, then… I locked that friend, forever won’t let go :fgo_columbuswink:

  1. Getting my waifu to lvl 100, NP2, 10/10/10, 2k/2k. Still working on bond though.

  1. Rolling my 5th KScope, and subsequently my 6th. So I could MLB it finally for farming.

  2. Getting Arial Drive to lvl 100. My first level 100 CE, and it goes well with aforementioned waifu.


For me it was this past JP summer event. On banner 1, I had 90 quartz for Illya (Archer) and summer Kiara. On my first 10 shot I got 2 Kiara’s and in a couple single ticket pulls I got a third. I thought luck like that was a myth until that point. Needless to say, she’s my new best friend.


Oh God.

  1. Getting Ozy and Void Shiki off a ticket.
  2. Getting Waver, Raikou, and Archuria in less than ~10 SQ.
  3. Getting Dantes, Cu Alt, and Skadi after saving for them.
  4. Getting Scopes and 2030 early on when I didn’t know how important they were.
  5. Opening 180 boxes and seeing 100k QP jump up to 800 Mil QP even after skilling and levelling up my servants.
  6. Finishing CQs without Seals, especially the MHXA one in Gilfest.
  7. Getting Mash, Cu Alt, and Skadi to 10/10/10.

Those, so far, are the most satisfying experiences in the game.

Runner ups include:

  1. Soloing with Cu and Cu Alt.
  2. Soloed a Salem Theatre quest with Merlin that ran for 60 turns.

Found out “Reverse QP Hell” no longer exists.


Summoning summer BB in just 2 tickets of my waver fund after failing miserably to get skadi.

Killing two crit happy riders in the summer 3 CQ boss rush with a full caster team. WFD=waver foxy domination, hahahaha!

Managing to clear the nasty king hassan EQ last year on my first attempt. Iri, nero, herc had just enough guts to stall before sanzang come out to smash KH who never used buster evade on me.

Back to back super success on ce bombs full of Valentines ce fodder. Fastest bomb I ever filled.

Clearing a CQ without CS revive for the first time. I think it was the second round of the salter memorial quest.

Getting a great success leveling Ozy from 98 to 100,


I fear this may be long. I’m so sorry feel free to scroll over…I text bomb so sorry :frowning: . But even though I’m not as late game as you guys I have a lot of satisfying moments and many of them…made me not only appreciate but prefer my low rarities.

  1. London- kiyohime my shining star there. Looking back i know it was stupid bringing mostly aoe to fight a demon pillar but that was all I had and kiyo was my only max accend zerker then. But thanks to borrowed merlin . Supercharging her and giving her stars to make those busters 100% right before he fell. Made kiyo destroy the last of its health with pretty ridiculous numbers. It was enough to make her my first grailed and shes since never left my party. I’ll never regret grailing her nor regret bringing her for everything after. Kiyo deserves more love and she gets it. Best girl, my precious little dragon was my first satisfying moment.

  2. America chapter
    Sasaki soloing cu everytime. Tsking out medb and taking out the demon pillar by himself was so satisfying. Seeing hard work of grailing, fouing, leveling skills of a servant pay off. Words cant describe how great of a feeling that is. Number 1 husbando just for that and hes going to 100 with no regrets. Tsubame gaeshi everything. Special mention discovering how monstrous penth is…i think she thought beowulf was Achilles…poor fellow.

  3. Atalanta alter soloing demon pillar in summer event. And finishing off kiara. It made me really like her a lot and aside from kiyo , she’s probably my favorite beserker .I honestly should just grail her at this point …

  4. Zero re-run. Nursery rhyme. 100 faces . Anastasia clearing all the “farming” parts. But most satisfying was kojirou and 100 faces making Darius absolutely nothing.

  5. Chamelot. Euryale killing gawain in one shot with her np was nothing short of beautiful. Archuria soloing mordred made me so happy to have her. But the funniest but satisfying nonetheless was mash making final blow on lancelot both times. Special mention for bb msking those bs mix mobs less nerve racking… those raider knights can still bite me though. Still few more bosses to go and I’m sure a few others will give me more moments but those were hard to top for me.

  6. Last goes for gilfest. Such a fun event and it was great to finally use penthesilea to do what she does best. Kill achiles. Grudge match penth vs Achilles was 0____0 holy shit. Nothing was more satisfying than seeing that 1mil.

  7. Another gilfest but…Lancelot…you were so worth the hell your mats are. . It was such a good feeling trying out who all those medals and most the exp cards went to. Using him with salter and a certain member’s nero bride was too much fun. The lancer node killed my cell battery…I’ve never farmed one node for that many hours just because I was having fun Critting things to death. …I need a life.
    Man gets bonus points for being able to farm his own damn gears to.

  1. After waiting so long for him, getting Cu!Alter on the Chaldea Boy’s banner last year in what little Quartz I had. I know he’s not the romantic type but it felt perfect that top husbando came home that way

  2. JP '19-20 New Year’s week netting me 3 F2P SSRs

  3. Obtaining Santer, my favorite welfare Servant, knowing I would have missed her if I was still on break from the game at the time

  4. Getting Scath and Jalter in 5 or less Tickets each, with them being my first SSRs

  5. Sanzang’s Lostbelt Assassin massacre. I usually don’t like facing Assassin nodes because of how poor Caster’s offenses are but it’s been a blast, well, blasting them away with my spook queen. I hated her event (mostly its grinding format) but love her character so I’m glad I have a good excuse to use her

Runner up. F2P NP5 Tamamo Shark. Runner up mostly because she wasn’t even my target


Endless stars never gets old… Never. And now both of my Lancelot crit lord variants are bond 9…


Getting Moriarty on 7-10 last year on the GSSR… And then getting Sherlock on 7-10 this year on the GSSR.


Zerkalot says that in my head everytime i use him

  1. Getting karna from 1 ticket roll on story on my birthday
  2. Max grailing both versions of ishtar
  3. Getting servants on yolo singles or multi

As for gameplay

  1. Whenever I get the 10 % crit to hit .I don’t know for some reason it just feels good that rng goes your way

Happened a week ago during the Touta EQ, my Scathach Gae Bolg Alternative-d his ass to 5mil damage.


Win battle after 2 hour fighting modred on camelot(last) with 2 mash , its extremly satisfying because my first time win with unique tactic

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  1. Getting Okita on her last banner. The first and last time I ever got excited for pulling an SSR, mostly because she’s the only one I actively saved for.

  2. Getting Herc (my starter) to Bond 10. It felt great. Solo’d Goetia with him too. Felt like I had gone through an entire character arc and journey with him as my partner.

  3. Getting an NPQQ brave chain with crits on both quick cards on my okita solos, especially when I have her 1st and 3rd skill up. That lead up to another NPQQ with guaranteed crits is so cathartic.

  4. Completing challenge quests. Started out thinking I would never be able to beat those, but now that I’m able to I feel very satisfied.

  5. Maxing all three skills for the 1st time for my first servant, i.e. Mash.


Getting Merlin in 8 tickets on my B’day last year.

Getting Kiara on my first multi 2 days into the game.

My first maxed skilled servant (Merlin).

Finally getting CasGil from the last SR ticket and maxing him out, skills and all in 2 days.

Beating my first CQ (last year’s X-mas one).

Grailing my Ryouma and seeing him melt Casters.

Grailing and maxing my Emiya (my tutorial SR, whom I re-rolled for).

Grailing my Bedi.


Annihilating each of the Battle in New York challenge quests save two with Mordred was awfully fun. Though there was a moment of “WHAT THE HELL?! THATS AWESOME!” In Saber Wars. Me getting Bedivere to do 4 million damage on Argentlam on Lancer Alter. Holy crap XD