The most silly NP in your opinion! (even JP)

I was curiuos.

Let’s do it this way:

If you have more than one, let’s do a ranking only for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. (And state what of the 3 is your favourite one)

For me:

1- Altera the Santa

2- Jason

3- Tamamo Cat (new JP animation)

My favourite is by far Jason NP. Considering that i absolutely like Atalanta…her kicking Jason to incite him to go fighting (or make himself somehow useful) is just hilarious

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I agree i love Jasons, it’s just so silly. Did you see the meme i created in the meme thread based on it? I suspect you’ll like Atlantae’s part in that.

No, if you could provide a link it would be nice


BB’s is pretty silly as well. She’s actually pumping Ascension materials into the enemy.

BB channeruuuu~★

And Summer Ibaraki punching the enemy into the stratosphere and then eating cotton candy as they explode into fireworks is pretty funny too.

Summer servant NPs have a lot of sillyness potential in general.

Definitely Jason imo.
He both has other servants in his NP, and is attacked in his NP.
Also because seeing it is cathartic after Okeanos, or pretty much any reference of Medea Lily.