The Most Versatile Mons

This is something that was touched on briefly in another thread, and felt it could be an interesting topic of discussion. We currently have four different modes of battle in Go: Raids, Gyms, PvP, and Grunts.

Typically we rate Mons based on their DPS performance against raid bosses, and use that rating to determine how useful they are. What doesn’t get quite as much attention, however, are Mons who are strong (if not downright amazing) across all four of these different modes of battle. While these Mons may not be the absolute best picks for every scenario, their versatility in being effective and competitive picks in all four areas gives them a unique premium value, in my opinion.

So, which Mons do you believe have what it takes to bring it in all four battle types?

Tyranitar. Decent in Master’s, excellent in Raids, great to attack Gyms with (not so much to defend), and I used them to beat Snorlax Grunts because they were packing Lick. Only thing i had that could beat 'em.


I was also thinking about a PvE tier list that would consider:

  • Gym offence
  • Gym defence
  • Tier 5 raids
  • Tier 4 raids
  • Tier 3 raids
  • Rocket Grunts

Pure PvP is a lot more difficult to take into consideration, due to the three different leagues. Although Grunt battles technically use PvP mechanics, they are a lot more similar to PvE in that we know in advance what we will be facing.

Metagross excels in both gym offence and defence. It has the highest DPS^3*TDO against all six legendaries (across all generations) that it is super-effective against. For Grunt battles, it is the best counter to Dragonite, as Mamoswine is not that bulky (but SD Tyranitar is a better counter to Snorlax, which may have Lick).

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i would say things like mewtwo and metagross as well as swampert and flygon others include lucario raikou moltres tyranitar scizor dialga and some many more


I’ve had a ton of crossover success with my Rhyperior bringing Mud Slap/Stone Edge/Surf.

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This is very true, though you still end up with a select few Mons that can be top performers in any league in which they are eligible. Giratina and Dialga, for instance, are top picks for both Masters and Ultra, and would potentially even see Great League play if we had the ability to obtain them at a low enough CP (Giratina can get there once its added to research breakthroughs, though you’d need to trade research Origin Giratina and tank the IVs to get it under 1500).

To me, the fact that only a handful of Mons meet this selective criteria is what places them in an elite category when it comes to their performance versatility.

Mewtwo, Raikou, Metagross, Moltres, Dialga, Tyranitar, and Swampert I can definitely see having this type of versatility. However, I don’t think Flygon, Scizor, and Lucario quite make the cut. These three are a bit too squishy for grunt battles, are typically lower-tier picks for raids, and struggle to clear full gyms given their lower-end base stats and available moves.

The first one that springs to mind is Dialga, but most of the other big dragons should also qualify. Possible exception to Rayquaza who can be bit fragile.

If Moltres is included, then I’d say Ho-oh qualifies as well, with its varied moveset and access to hidden power making it fairly well-rounded. PvP is where it’s probably the weakest, but it’s still serviceable and a new move or two could really improve its performance.

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Metagross. Starting with raids, since thats kinda the baseline for great attackers. ITs one of the best neutral DPS attacker in a game, only thing’s faster are either glass cannons, rayquaza, gengar (set dependent) and ramprados or are shadow ball mewtwo for the most part are all great neutrally for raids. All have their specific raid wins and raid losses, and the more glassy options fall off when nothitting super effective or resisted damage is being taken.

The grunt battles kinda automatically kicks out Rayquaza, Gengar and rampardos, too glassy to really stand up to attack jacked up grunt battles while they already struggle in regular masters and ultra (All do poorly in GL, aside from metagross who itself isnt the greatest, but does have its niche, while Gengar’s outclasses by its prevo, the legendaries are unable to get low enough and Rampardos….theres just so many steels, fighting, grass, waters and grounds that are great intop of glass cannon stats, so because all are relatively not good, this matters little), while metagross’ steel subtyping provides more reliable resistance than mewtwo, so without knowing what the rocket stop is, metagross is your best option for reiability.

In PvP both metagross and mewtwo are heavy hitters in master league, good offensive stats and offensive moves, metagross possesses superiors resistances and bulk, while mewtwo’s got that swiss-army knife moveset which allow both to threaten some of the top of the masters tier.

Gym’s are where mewtwo sorta would drop off a cliff if only one mewtwo set was considered, that being shadow ball. Metagross kinda just bashes gyms in with meteor mash, considering two of the most common types of gym defenders are normal and fairy. If only shadow ball mewtwo was considered, this is where mewtwo would get ended just by normal’s resistance to ghost, but if considering multiple sets , metagross and mewtwo still tie one another because focus blast access allowing it to take normal down faster than metagross, while metagross takes fairies down faster.

So it’d say it’s have to be a tie between meteor mash metagross and Shadow ball Mewtwo, with metwo only able to stay in due to double moves. If only one charge move was considered for each pokemon Outside PvP, and a single charge/fast set compared across all formats, mewtwo would have lost in the gym match ups (as the set that gives mewtwo best neutral DPS and the set that gives it best gym coverage are different sets, because comparing every single mewtwo set to pokemon running for the most part only one moveset would be somewhat unfair if the comparison is only single movesets), but thats just my oppinion


I’d have to disagree with Lucario, its just kinda disappointing at everything it does outside beating steel/rocks in GL.

iits so glassy neutral hits, and even some strong resisted hits still sting, and its attack stat, despite being higher than machamp, is really unimpressive. Even machamp has a somewhat unimpressive attack stat at 234, its dynamic punch that really provided, well, punch to it.

Raikou’s good neutral DPS, but there’s other, better neutral DPS mon that also have more bulk, as well as some of those same pokemon are much more effective for pvp Masters

I had thought about Ho-Oh as well. Statwise, it’s very well-balanced, but I think it would need further moveset changes before it could be considered as a viable versatile attacker in all 4 areas. In PvP, it’s typically too slow to really make much of an impact and none of its moves really stand out much. In raids, it can make for a solid Fire or Flying team anchor (though Flying is pretty limited right now), but is reliant on getting HP Fire or Flying. Without the right HP, Ho-Oh ends up so far behind on DPS, that it really isn’t a viable factor at all for raids.

flygon because it tripily resists electric and has attacks that beat the crap out of electric

hidden power takes way too many tms to perfect

That’s just one typing it beats, in senarios other than that, its lags. Not to mention Garchomp say’s hello.

Each pokemon only gets one HP typing, TM’ing it off and on again doesnt change its typing.

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I don’t know how high I’d put it on the list but I’ve chewed through plenty of gyms with my Lucario at all levels of motivation. Yeah, it’s not too too tanky. But it has a lot of great matchups and a fantastic move set.

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Lucario’s moves are pretty bad, shadow ball’s a good move, but close combat’s slow for gyms and wastes a lot of energy, and power up punch is downright trash as a move, being weak and statistically significantly worse than the already kinda bad close combat. A lot of pokemon can chew through gyms, but Lucario’s not one of the stand outs. There’s just a number of better faster, stronger and more useful mon when looking at just fighting types.

Right now, as far as Ground attackers go, Flygon lags pretty hard behind Groudon, Garchomp, Mamoswine, Rhyperior, Rhydon, Golem, Nidoking, and Donphan. That said, if Flygon gets Earth Power if/when Trapinch community day happens, that will improve its overall performance.

Still, as far as elite versatile attackers go, anything Flygon can do, Garchomp does significantly better.

I have to say, I got a lucky Dialga lately and powered it up to 40…it’s a great 'mon. PVP, gyms, grunts, it wrecks everything. Severely underestimated how useful it is!


Thats because anytime dragon’s mentioned, most people only think of rayquaza.

Been working on maxing my hundo dialga without RC’s, worth every trade and stardust.

Absolutely, gonna pile on that Dialga love.


I’ll take it over Breloom and Hariyama all day every day. Not above Machamp in all situations, but what else is there? This is assuming second charge move is unlocked, btw. PUP may be a weaker move in PVE but I can get so many of them off it never matters.