The Most Versatile Mons

I have to agree. Lucario’s typing is unique and has plenty of resistances. Hariyama is just a worse machamp (yes, I know is bulky) and breloom is ok, but squishy. Don’t make me wrong, they are good too, but i feel lucario is a step higher.
PuP been a 3 bar move gives lucario a good time sweeping low motivated gyms (like latios DB + DC for the ones that don’t have legacy dragonite). And shadow ball is godly.
Of course, if you think of raw power, machamp is champion. But this does not mean Lucario is bad. It’s just a frailer (and faster in some situations) contender.

Toxicroak, blaziken, as you’re running PuP, Heracross.

and interesting thing of note, despite machamp having lower attack than Lucario, machamp actually has a smidgen higher DPS when both are running C/CC

thanks for that info

garchomp is sooo hard to get though

Until we get the eventual community day.

Ease of access doesnt really contribute to what makes pokemon versatile, its really only the preformance numbers that matter. And Flygon itself isnt the easiest thing to get, if we hadn’t had it in eggs so long with such a high relative hatch rate, it’d be hard to get too

Toxicroak is cool but PVP only for me.
Love my chicken man but he dies way faster than Lucario, and despite Focus Blast being a cool as hell move that’s extremely satisfying to nuke an opponent with, it takes forever.

Heracross is locked in the closet, waiting for better moves.

While you may not prefer them it doesn’t change the statistics, they do preform the roll of fighting types better in gyms, which is KO’ing blissey.

Blaziken is also bulkier than Lucario, since both are neutral to dazzling gleam, (Lucario has 3 extra defense, but blaziken has 18 more HP), which is what defense blissey run.

The only advantage power up punch has is its faster, but even still its damage output is, from a statistics POV, inferior blaziken.

Similar to toxicroak, while less bulky than Lucario in the neutral setting to a DG blissey, it makes up for that by having dynamic punch, one of the ebst moves in the game with only a minimal drop in bulk.

Giratina-O is, of course, a top-tier legendary raid attacker, but also excels in some Tier 3 and 4 raids (notably Alakazam, Claydol and A-Marowak). Its bulk is also useful for less common gym defenders, like Slowbro and Drifblim. Since it is an absolute beast in PvP, I would certainly rank it among the most versatile species.

Dialga does not belong in the same ballpark because Draco Meteor, as a one-bar move, is far from ideal for gym offence, while Iron Head is simply weak. Its use in Tier 3 and 4 raids is also much more limited compared to Giratina (and\ Metagross).

Dialga’s moveset isn’t exactly the most ideal for gym offense, but it can easily still get the job done. The one I use has the second charge move unlocked, so I’ll use IH on Weaker Mons and save DM for the bigger tanks. IH is also advantageous, as it deals with Togekiss/Gardevoir that would otherwise wall it. Now, I typically won’t pick Dialga for most gym battles, but when I do, it does a fine job. :grin:

Also, technically, Origin Giratina has its fair share of shortcomings in gym battles as well. I know you specifically mentioned that it does well against less common gym defenders, but you’re bound to run into some Normal-type tanks as well, and they wall Giratina hard if you’re not running DT/DP.

That said, Origin Giratina is absolutely a top pick in that it fits the criteria of performing well across multiple modes of battle. Which reminds me, I should actually start using it more often to beat up on Grunts with Psychic lineups.

I actually use Lucario for attacking gyms… Why? Because I want to, and it’s actually really fun. PUP is easy to get off numerous times, and I practice dodging a lot when using mine for attacking. I have a Lucario built for Ultra League that works perfectly fine for gym offense. I also have one for Great League too. Lucario’s moveset is PVP orientated for sure, and Lucario is VERY GOOD in all PVP leagues.

But, overall versatility, I agree, Lucario is not making any waves in PVE at all so it’s far from being one of the most versatile mons.

More DPS, and the dodge glitch has been fixed so you get more TDO too… Breloom over Hariyama all the time.


I read through this thread and I’m surprised no one really went into depth about our beloved Mewtwo… The OG supreme generalist, and while generalists have been phased out by specialized counters, Mewtwo is still the MOST versatile mon there is out there.

Raids: Mewtwo has 4 charged moves that make it viable for raids, 5 if you count Shadow Ball being legacy. Ice Beam makes it a top 5 Ice attacker in terms of DPS^3*TDO. Flamethrower, although not great, can still be used in a pinch. Mewtwo with PC and Thunderbolt sports a DPS that is only 2DPS lower than Raikou, while still holding decent TDO. Now with Psystrike coming, it’ll be cemented as the best Psychic type in the game for years to come, even though it’s such a niche use. Now with Shadow Ball, it becomes a top tier neutral DPS, it’s one of the best counters to itself, any psychic type, and it’s a great counter against ghost pokemon. It’s a supreme pokemon for raids.

Gym Attacking: While it’s a hefty investment, a second charge move makes Mewtwo one of the best gym attackers available. With PC, you can run Shadow Ball + Focus Blast or Ice Beam to tear through defenders, and if you don’t have shadow ball, Mewtwo with PC, Focus blast + Ice Beam still will destroy most gym defenders. Basically, any charged move Mewtwo has is great for attacking. (Hyper Beam doesn’t exist, it’s a pointless legacy and lets act like it doesn’t exist :rofl:)

PVP: Well, it you maxed out a Mewtwo for Raiding/Gym Attacking, well you just got yourself one of the best Master League Mons in the game, especially if you bought a second move. With a League full of Dragons as the top tier mons to use (Masters), Mewtwo with PC, Shadow Ball, and Ice beam will do some serious damage. Again, if you don’t have Shadow Ball, Ice Beam and Focus Blast works just fine. PC allows you to gain energy quickly, allowing you to spam your charge moves. It’s not the best pokemon in Masters, but it’s very strong there.

Grunts: I don’t have much experience with the Grunt battles, but in my experience, my Mewtwo has worked perfectly fine against the grunts that I have faced. Feel free to add to this if you have more experience with Mewtwo in Grunt Battles.

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I have a maxed-out 98% Mewtwo, which gets frequently auto-picked for grunt battles because it’s my highest CP mon. Currently using it with Psycho Cut, Ice Beam, and Psychic (will probably TM the latter to Thunderbolt when I can replace it with a Psystrike one) and it performs reasonably well against many grunt teams, often able to solo the weaker ones.

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I run PC, Shadow Ball, and Focus Blast. Mine has worked perfectly well for me.

I haven’t used Mewtwo much in Grunt battles, but have either of you tried it with Confusion over PC? It’s much slower, but gives you the ability to farm down the typically weaker Mons earlier in the Grunt lineups, while saving charge moves for the stronger Mons in the back. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to test it out this evening to see how it performs.

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I love Mewtwo, but do not love spending so many CTMs on my perfect one (that cannot learn Shadow Ball).

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I only didnt go into depth as mewtwo’s best sets in each tend to be different, and compairing one pokemon running several moves (and cant do so simultaneously) does seem biased when compared to pokemon all using a simple pair as most generalist only go with a single set. If every mewtwo set was considered, it would be the most versatile, but individually its sets arent versatile, baring for the most part shadow ball

Isn’t this what versatility is though…? The ability to adapt/or be adapted for different functions is what it means to be versatile, and if I recall, a Charge TM (hopefully just one lol) can “adapt” Mewtwo to be useful in a different scenario, where others cannot.

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it can, but at the same time, a CTM can give mewtwo an over all worse move, so it not exactly guaranteed to be versatile.

Especially given how big its movepool is, and most of the time, you’re looking for one move, TM’s can really get eaten up fast.

I dont disagree mewtwo’s the most versatile because of its moves, but its versatility is conditional, if there are the TM’s to make use of it. Theoretically mewtwo is, yes, but in practice, not really, since mewtwo at full versatility has shadow ball so that will be the one looked at, meaning you have a 25% chance of getting the move you need. Even taking say 2 tm’s to get the move needed, those tm’s can add up and deplete fast, thus nullifying mewtwo’s ability to be versatile. If doing gyms, TM off X move to get focus blast, bringing mewtwo into master league or to battle rocket stops? Tm away focus blast for which move you need on coverage. Back to raids, need to get rid of the coverage move for the raid coutner move if they arent weak to ghost, then if going to clear gyms again, back to focus blast.

Even just the switching between gyms and raids when a nonghost weak raid boss is present can be beyond intensive on TMs, which over all would decrease mewtwo’s versatility since it wont be able to switch between moves, its not sustainable versatility.

either that or have multiple mewtwo prepared for every set, but then it isnt one mewtwo thats versatile, so it comes to down versatile in what way a single pokemon, a single moveset, or the versatility of however many individuals of a given species. Thats why I picked single set, since its not reliant on external factors beyond owning the pokemon. mewtwo (individual) cant be its maximum versatility without either TM’s being a factor, or mewtwo (multiple) all being powered up with each different set.

By the same token eevee could then be said to be the most versatile since it could evolve into different usage Pokémon, it all depends on how versatile is defined

With you on this. If spending butloads of TMs is considered reasonable, then Mew is the most versatile pokémon, period :smile:


spot on @kazlu